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, Nov19320 Partner of Choice Controllit AG is one of the partners in choice regarding business continuitymanagement. Celebrating their 20th anniversary in 2020, we caught up withMatthias Rosenberg who revealedmore about how the firm established themselves as being one of Germany’s leading business continuitymanagement specialists. Over the past 19 years, the independent consultancy and software house Controllit AG have engineered a vast number of integrative concepts and products for active business continuity management, IT service continuity and crisis management. Today, the firm continue to support their clients and also their enterprises with strategic, organizational and technical concepts to secure their business processes against any threats. For instance, natural disasters, attacks or the loss of important suppliers and service providers are events that occur somewhere in the world each and every day. Any one of these threats is capable of disabling a company for a number of days, weeks sometimes even months, and can even lead to a firm ceasing their operations. This is where effective business continuity management comes into play, as it can mean the difference between the survival and collapse of a business, as Matthias explains. “Business Continuity Management is the comprehensive method that helps to protect your company from risks, and to ensure that your critical business processes will continue to function even during outages or emergencies.” As a consulting and software company, Controllit AG work closely with their clients to develop strategies and solutions, which help protect businesses against any threats, and also prepare them on how to deal with the consequences after a threat has occurred. Enabling the firm to deliver this level of service, which is uniquely tailored to the needs and requirements of the clients they work with, is the experienced, hard-working and innovative team which forms the backbone of Controllit AG. When discussing the internal culture at Controllit AG, Matthias is keen to highlight the significant role the team play in the overall success of the firm. “Without our employees we would be nothing! In the consulting business, every single employee is an essential part of our overall success. Which is why, we are deeply grateful and glad that we have such a great and loyal team supporting us and our clients.” Having started the business in the financial industry almost 20 years ago, Controllit AG have expanded their customer base to now include almost all industries. The firm to date have already accumulated not only an abundance of accolades, but also a strong client base, formed of loyal clients who continue to choose to work with Controllit AG, as well as refer them to their peers. As for what the future holds for the firm, Matthias signs off by revealing that the team are hoping to build on the accomplishments they have achieved so far, as well as aiming to expand their global footprint. “Moving forward, we will start expanding into France and England in 2020. In these countries, we will initially offer our software solution and later add on our consulting services. Next year we will be celebrating our 20th anniversary, which we hope to surprise our customers and potential customers with many special offers.” Contact: Matthias Rosenberg Company: Controllit AG Address: Kühnehöfe 20, 22761, Hamburg, Germany Telephone: 0049 40 890 664 60 Web Address: , Keeping Calm in a Crisis When you’re in a crisis situation, the need for swift action is paramount. It can be difficult to cut through the noise and keepmanagement informed when the priority is solving the problem. What was originally an app for one company, has now grown to supply over 50,000 individual users with the security that they won’t be caught out if the worst happens. Curious about the development of this exciting business, we profiled them to find out more. An enterprise-grade mass notification system for the modern business, Crises Control is an impressive security net for those wanting to ensure their employees are kept safe and all stakeholders are kept informed during a critical event. Offering real-time information to incident managers and response teams, it’s possible to combine data to work out what has happened and how best to communicate accurate information to ensure an employee’s safety. Using a mix of secure messaging and incident alerts, it’s possible to coordinate a rapid response even if the mobile signal or social media has been suspended by the authorities. With the ability to deploy a pre- planned communication and task (checklist) response to an emergency call, such as natural disasters, evacuation orders or severe weather conditions, Crises Control places automation at the heart of the process in order to save time. In the case of an emergency, the incident response team are swiftly sent the relevant action plan and instructed to proceed in assisting employees caught up in the incident, and with oversight as to their potential position. This is done using Crises Control’s own communications channels, as regular communications Oct19569 systems can become less efficient or unavailable in crisis situations. The ability to respond quickly confirming or denying wellbeing in immensely useful in that sort of situation. The use of the intuitive PING is the name given to the mass communication engine that drives Crises Control. Encrypted and broadcast over five channels (Push, SMS, Email, Web and Telephone), PING messages are 99.9% certain to be delivered to an individual’s mobile device. With the flexibility offered by PING to send messages in text, voice or even video format, it’s easy for users to send an alert message in the most appropriate way given the range of communication methods people prefer and the time of day. The ability to utilize Employee SOS is another reason to invest in the leading provider of this service. As a manager, it’s essential that you make sure your staff are safe. Packed with cutting- edge features, each requested and suggested by clients, you’re getting a product that’s not only designed to be good, it’s also designed to work well in stressful situations. The new SOS buttons include a silent push, a tracking request and, when activated together, it means that Crises Control is planted firmly at the front of the field, ready to act when the need arises. With more efficient response time, Crises Control has garnered up to a 90% improvement in recovery time for organisations around the world. As dangerous situations are resolved more quickly, and with less panic, companies should be able to return to normal operations with less delay. Looking forward, the inherent flexibility of Crises Control could see it become one of the leading global players in the emergency mass notification system global marketplace. The intention is to build on the customer base that has made the company such a success so far, and expand through Europe, the Middle East, the Far East and the Americas. Not content to settle, the team at Crises Control are determined to lead the development of cutting- edge functionality, providing the customer community with the best in-market solution to protect employees and customers. It’s a natural market advantage. What Crisis Control offers is a system that puts wellbeing and awareness first. With this simple system, it’s possible to move forward with as full and complete information. Communication is vital in today’s workplace, and Crises Control ensures that it doesn’t go down when you need it most. Company: Crises Control Web Address: Telephone: +44 (0)208 584 1385 Email: [email protected] Corporate Excellence Awards 167