Corporate Excellence Awards 2020

, Nov19231 Searching for “The Better Idea” The one-stop-shop for the bathroom, kitchen, laundry and living, WENKO-WENSELAAR GmbH& Co. KG has been synonymous with quality for the last 60 years. Always in hot pursuit of “the better idea”, it is a leading provider of product solutions the length and breadth of Europe. Recently namedMost Outstanding Laundry Care Solutions 2020 – Germany by Corporate VisionMagazine, we take a closer look at this iconic firm. Not many businesses can claim to still be going strong after over sixty years, but since 1959, WENKO has gone from strength to strength in the marketplace. It is a household name, always pushing forwards with ingenuity and innovative power that is characterised by impressive user convenience and a fair price. This not-inconsiderable success has outgrown the company’s native Germany, with subsidiaries in France, Spain, Italy, the USA as well as in China allowing WENKO products to be found in more than eighty countries. The success of WENKO’s approach has allowed for the development of a comprehensive product portfolio. These products are not only customised to various target groups but are all available from one source. All channels of distribution are utilised, with physical shops, mail-order and eCommerce all having a role to play in the venture. An advantage for partners is the support of WENKO’s sales representatives, who in turn are supported by a professional merchandising agency. Similarly, an internal WENKO Category Management Team draws up target group- related and high-turnover modules and placings in close cooperation with these partners. The success of the firm is due in no small part to the sheer quantity of items that it produces and sells. Inhouse designers create unique and often rewarded products, with roughly 500 launched every year; of those 500 articles 225 are coming with legal protections. This is a credit to the business model of searching for “the better idea” and is proof of its highly innovative capacity. While having its own distribution channels, WENKO also serves other organisations. DIY stores as well as supermarkets, department stores, discounters and furniture shops benefit from its considerable catalogue, along with mail-order companies and online shops. Making contact with them at events such as the Ambiente Fair in Frankfurt is one of the most important ways of communicating with such a diverse group of businesses. B2B communications have become increasingly important, with the need to present WENKO as a brand to companies as well as customers a priority. The future presents a variety of challenges for WENKO to face. Sustainability is one of the main priorities, however. With almost 6,000 products in the range, delivered to more than 80 countries, the firm has no doubts it cannot be 100% sustainable, but it is making moves to protect the environment as best it can. Packaging is reviewed constantly to remove excess plastics, with a good example being the recent reworking of the wall mounted series range and the result of totally redesigned plastics in the packaging. Instead of wooden products, WENKO has moved towards using bamboo as it is both a sustainable and fast-growing resource. Products are made of recycled plastics. As part of the BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative), it is able to offer FSC certified articles. A sign of the way in which the company has pivoted as a whole can be seen in the three bee colonies which the company now own and are cared for by a voluntary team of employees. The clear success of WENKO cannot be overstated, with the need to come up with “the better ideas” pushing the company to continually innovate and move forward. Ironically, it is this approach of constant revolution that has allowed the firm to remain a steadfast force in German business, and that will keep it in a prime position for years to come. Contact: Saskia Dieck Web Address: , Nov19202 Ambition and Artistry Requiring just as much corporate excellence as it does creativity, interior design is a job that often demands the utmost innovation and dedication. Founded in 2008, RJ Interior Design is recognised in Corporate Vision as being The UAE’s Leading Interior Design Experts 2020. Pulling back the curtain on the firm, we highlight the success that has seen it achieve this accolade. For artistry to be fully realized, it often requires innovation, vision, and no small amount of ambition. RJ Design was founded by two such individuals; one that is still brimming with an unrivalled sense of artistic vision, whilst the other is considered to be an industry professional and leading entrepreneur within the United Arab Emirates. More than eleven years ago, these two individuals came together with the purpose of showcasing how corporate, residential, and retail spaces could benefit from an injection and application of vibrant creativity. Thus, RJ Design was born, and has since gone on to accomplish many things in creating spaces for a myriad of businesses, organizations, and industries. Headquartered in Dubai, from where it engages in local and international partnerships, RJ Design is a leading interior design firm with high flexibility and excellence. With a wide variety of services that include project management, concept design and development, design supervision, and consultancy, the firm is a shining example of corporate creativity. One of the most dynamic interior design firms in the region, RJ Design houses a culture of innovation where designers and professionals are encouraged to explore new styles to perfectly encapsulate what a client wants from a space. More than just another interior design company, RJ Design is a problem solver and solutions provider, specialising in doing so with creativity, innovation, and commitment to a clients vision. From the outset, a relationship of mutual trust is established. All parties involved are made exactly clear of what a space must achieve or evoke when it is finished. Design trends change regularly, but remaining at the forefront of those changes is a testament to the creative vision and corporate wisdom of both founders. Not content to simply offer outstanding services to just one industry, the team at RJ Design cover many different areas of expertise and encourage clients of all types to take advantage of that. Expertly delivering for six different industries, the firm works with spaces in F&B, corporate, residential, hospitality, retail, as well as exhibitions and marketing. Whether it is an elegant, luxury hotel facing the Red Sea, a quirky restaurant themed around an aquarium, or a slick office space for a pioneering television channel, no job is too big or too small for the team at RJ Design. Other clients that RJ Design work with include some of the biggest organizations in both the public and private sectors throughout the United Arab Emirates and the surrounding region. From the Armed Forces to the Dubai Electricity & Water Authority (DEWA), it does not matter to the firm how different each client is, there is still a job to be done. In doing such an excellent job for every client, RJ Design has cultivated long-term relationships with many clients in search of a firm with such an unsurpassed dedication to realizing a client’s vision. Whatever the business, organization, or industry, it is important to stand out. In the dynamic and competitive world of retail, it is vitally important for companies to find the right design partner; someone who can highlight strengths and encapsulate a service in the most effectual and striking way possible. It is similar for companies looking to attend exhibitions for marketing purposes. RJ Design can help ensure a space comes to life through innovative stand that are sure to grab the attention of any passers-by. Being a leader in any industry requires hard work, dedication, and a mastery of the business that few others possess. Ticking the boxes for all three, the team at RJ Design are some of the finest professionals currently working in the industry of interior design in the United Arab Emirates, an example to others of the perfect union between creative artistry and corporate ambition. Company: RJ Interior Design LLC Contact: Rami Al Khatib Website: Corporate Excellence Awards 169