Corporate Excellence 2021

Nov20520 Issue 3 2021 19 through being open and transparent. This has enhanced the seamlessness and agility of Aqua Comms’ operations across the Atlantic - attributes that have rarely been so valuable as they are in the current climates of the global pandemic. Consequently, Aqua Comms has not only been able to maintain its existing standards but improve on them with the delivery of new services at this crucial time. Thanks to the minimal impact on its supply chain, the Aqua Comms network design remains robust, with restored terrestrial backhauls supporting the secure subsea cables. With the Internet taking on a more prevalent role in communications both professionally and personally than ever before, the networks that power this technology are crucial. The exceptional work of Aqua Comms and the carriers it supports is proving invaluable in ensuring the world is able to stay operational and connected in a time when we need it most. Company: Aqua Comms Contact: Nigel Bayliff, CEO Website: Corporate Excellence 2021 117