Corporate Excellence 2021 A Passion for Programming If you love what you do, you won’t work a day in your life, so the saying goes. For Mark Rekveld, framework and development methods were a hobby that grew wildly out of his control over the years. Now in charge of Marvelution B.V., an organisation that connects Jira and Jenkins. It’s a passion project, which has been key to achieving success. We take a closer look to find out more.

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Contents 70. R3 Stem Cell Experts in Regenerative Medicine 72. Global Coach Group (International) Limited Global Greatness For Leading Coaches 74. D-Kode Technology: Decoding D-Kode 76. J4 Capital LLC Trading Made Smarter 78. Radislav Gandapas Leading The Way In Leadership Coaching 80. Gordon Tredgold - Leadership Principles Ltd A True Leader in Leadership Development 82. Conversocial: Connecting with Customers 84. Storage Made Easy: Powerful Combination of Privacy and Collaboration 86. Kastle Systems: Security of the Future 88. Triaxiom Security Optimizing Internal Resources 90. Fantastic Services One-Stop Shop for all Home Services 92. SCCF Structured Commodity & Corporate Finance SA: Forging a New Path 94. docs24 Ltd Ingenious Innovation From docs24 96. ADGS Computer Systems Modelling the Future 98. SEEK Social: UK’s Most Wanted 100. Lavandi Talent Simplicity and Transparency 101. Northrop Realty Helping Clients Find Home 102. Strategic Blue Streamlining Cloud Financial Operations 104. GCN Group Bringing Digitalization to the B2B Channel 105. Tibil Solutions Astonishing Analytics Firm Secures Success 106. Adventech LLC Efficient Industrial Motors 108. Congentis A Trusted Partner for Your Career Journey 110. Exom Group Srl A New Era for Clinical Trials 112. Zen Ex Machina Digital Transformation, Personal Service 114. Anthesis: Securing Sustainability Success 116. Aqua Comms ‘The Carriers’ Carrier’ 118. METCloud Ensuring Cybersecurity with METCloud 120. Pentera Cyber Readiness of the 21st Century 121. Inception Fertility Fertility Firm Secures Success! 122. Medgate Swiss Teleconsultations Go Global 123. Novatron Security Distribution SA Security Specialist Secure Success 124. Cympire: Fight for the Future 125. MNDFL LDR: Most Influential Executive Leadership Coach 2021 - Colorado 126. Venari Recruitment Elite Recruitment 127. Symphony Solutions BV In Perfect Harmony 128. Qonkur Media Dominating the Cannabis Marketing Industry 129. PentaQuest Pty Ltd Helping Organisations Thrive 130. Wholesale Mortgage Services Mortgage Marvels 131. Jashanmal National Co. LLC Historical Pedigree, Contemporary Retail 132. UNest: Saving For Their Future 133. KME Recruitment: Good, Honest Recruitment 134. Rigby Capital Ltd The Technology of Tomorrow, Today 135. Rook Connect: Reshaping How Businesses Implement Software Solutions 136. Russell Health Inc. A New Online Platform for Innovative Human Tissue Products 137. Tech Manchester: Technology for All 138. Paymerang: A Win-Win-Win Situation 139. Code Worldwide Marketing for a Changing World 140. Inspired Inspirations 141. Alma Real Estate: The Minds Behind Customer Facing Greek Real Estate 142. Cleanbox Technology Inc. Next Generation Cleaning 143. SocialClimb: Driving Practice Growth 144. Controlant: Stone Cold Success 145. Springbuk: Sharpening Benefit Strategies 146. Vulcan Consulting: Clearing the Way 147. Project Lifesaver International: Project Lifesaver Has Been Protecting & Rescuing Individuals With Cognitive Disorders for More Than 20 Years 148. FERIMMO GmbH Meet the European Platform for Greek Holiday Real Estate 149. Greenwich.HR: Innovation in Labor 150. Global Tax Network The Challenges in Global Mobility and Corporate Adaptability

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Contents 151. Flaxman Partners: Inimitable Industry Expertise 152. Jane Anderson - Inside Out Training and Coaching There’s Something About Jane 153. Cascade Cash Management Ltd Unique Online Portal 154. Law 365 Limited: Raving Reviews 155. RuListing: The Minds Behind Revolutionizing Real Estate 156. Vantage International Group Limited Leaders In Trade 157. Cydome Security Cybersecurity at Sea 158. Ghost Systems, Inc. Private, Trusted, Secure 159. Wire: Most Outstanding Secure Enterprise Communications Platform - 2021 160. Azucane Business Solutions Excellence From Within 162. Autopilot Leadership Lab Limited Shaping the ‘Invisible Leaders’ of Tomorrow 163. Veego: Bridging the Gap Between Provider and User 164. Vizbii Technologies, Inc. The X-Factor in Capturing X-Data 165. ABDA Aviation Sdn Bhd: Global Champion 166. SEVEN Career Coaching Creating Success in Career Coaching 167. The CTG Group Inspiring and Unlocking Potential 168. Wifinity: Making WiFi Great 169. PermiT-PROS LLC Professionals in Compliance 170. Data&Data: Data Driven Luxury 171. Smarty Social Media Best Social Media Marketing & Training Company 2021 - California 172. Vivantio Limited Customer Service At The Centre 173. Alphaletz wins ‘Best Global Cloud-Based Property Management Platform – 2021’ 174. Radix DLT Limited The Alternative Future of Finance 175. Apex BI: Champions of Technological Clarity 176. Spotzer Leader in Do-It-For-Me Digital Solutions 177. Comm100 Network Corporation Pioneering Fully Integrated User Engagement Solutions 178. mnAI: Data that Powers Decision Making 179. Gemma Angharad: Building Businesses with Indestructible Foundations 180. EV Chargers Ltd: The Greener the Better. 181. Z Consulting LLC Z for Zenith of Consultancy 182. Caburn Hope: Inspiring and Meaningful Employee Communications 183. Phonovation The Future of SecureSMS Systems 184. CPQi Group: Guiding Financial Markets Through Unprecedented Change 185. L&T Technology Services Limited Championing Worldwide Automation 186. Kaddra Pte Ltd: Entering the Digital Age 187. Tucker Moore Group The People at the Heart of the Law 188. Ivida Smart Technologies Shop Local, Shop Smart 189. SC Consulting: Encouraging Business Excellence Through Learning 190. Kiran Smart: The Future is Here 191. Tech Innovation Global Incorporated Collaborative Community 192. Optimal Workshop Optimising Success 194. The Change Shop LLC Committed To Change 195. Holloway Group, LLC Building Businesses with Authenticity 196. Frutco AG: Fruits of Labour 197. Premier Virtual The Leaders of Remote Recruitment 198. Astarte Capital Partners LLP 199. Concora: A Disruptive Force 200. NoA Connect A Data-driven Success Story 201. Globe POS Systems Inc Great Success For POS 202. Corecom Consulting Repeat Success For IT Recruitment Firm 203. Xiatech Consulting Filling the Technological Gap 204. LIME Painting Much More Than a Fresh Lick of Paint 205. TechR2: Revolutionary Data Security 206. CORE Data Centres Beyond the Cabinet 207. i3 Advantage The Heart of the Matter 208. LoanPro: Leave it to the Pros

A Passion for Programming If you love what you do, you won’t work a day in your life, so the saying goes. For Mark Rekveld, framework and development methods were a hobby that grew wildly out of his control over the years. Now in charge of Marvelution B.V., an organisation that connects Jira and Jenkins. It’s a passion project, which has been key to achieving success. We take a closer look to find out more. Marvelution is something a little different from the norm. It’s a company that doesn’t have a sales department. It doesn’t even make an effort to reach out to customers. It’s a business that has a staff of one who keeps the entire operation ticking over on an international scale. It’s an enterprise that prides itself on being open, on being transparent and on being thoroughly unique. While formally established in 2015, the origins of Marvelution date back to 2007. Mark started an open source umbrella project named Marvelution to host the open source project he was developing to hone his skills. In short order, his hobby became enormously successful, with one project, Hudson Integration for Jira, used by over 3000 Jira installations worldwide. Now it is known as Jenkins Integration for Jira and is under constant development as a result of its incredible success. The clients who use the products that Mark provides vary considerably. One-man hobbyists sit comfortably alongside large global corporations. Each has found their own way to apply Mark’s work to their own situations. Software is a form of technology that transcends borders, ensuring that the organization will continue to be in high demand for years to come. The software development industry has changed significantly since 2007, however, and there is new demand that Mark must ensure he meets. Cloud based apps are now the norm, and have become increasingly important to the way in which many businesses work. It’s clear, therefore, that Marvelution is no ordinary business. The aim is still the same as it was at the beginning, however. This aim is to learn new skills that can help develop better programs. As an open source operator, Mark has been able to learn from other passionate programmers, not to mention getting perspectives from around the world on how to improve the product itself. There are no plans to grow the company, but demand has continued to increase over the years. The Jenkins Integration for Jira Cloud app was released in 2018 and has become an invaluable asset to users. Ensuring that it is up to date and fit for purpose is always a priority for Mark, but it is also a challenge made more difficult by working alone. Should he decide to expand the firm, he now knows many people who could join him on this venture. These are people who, like him, have a passion for the industry as opposed to seeing it as just a job. This is what sets Marvelution apart from its competitors, and is why it is an astonishing success. 2021 is sure to be an enormous transformation for both Mark and his company, with Jenkins Integration for Jira now including automation by rules. The first priority then is to prepare the cloud version of the app in order to meet future demand. Atlassian has stopped selling new Jira Server licenses, and by 2024 it will completely stop selling licenses for Jira Server and any app license for Jira Server. As a result, customers will either have to upgrade to Jira Data Center, or migrate to Jira Cloud. It is expected that this will increase the demand of the cloud app significantly, and thus the app needs to be further prepared in order to meet this impending increase in demand. Passion makes all the difference with a small-scale operation, and Marvelution is no exception. With Mark at the heart of the firm, he has built up a loyal base of customers who can benefit from his years of expertise. We look forward to seeing where he goes next! Company: Marvelution B.V. Contact: Mark Rekveld Web Address: Email: [email protected] Jan21112 It’s a business that has a staff of one who keeps the entire operation ticking over on an international scale. It’s an enterprise that prides itself on being open, on being transparent and on being thoroughly unique.

Issue 12 2021 7 Corporate Excellence 2021 7

Finding New Life For FinTech Financial services is an area of the business world that requires lightning-fast communication. Currencies and exchange rates can change incredibly rapidly, and the necessity for technology that can keep up is becoming ever more present. So, we spoke with Stefan Ott at Confinity Solutions to find out more about how his firm is tackling this need. In doing so, it has been crowned 2021’s Most Innovative Global FinTech Startup. Discover more as part of our interview with Stefan about the work and success of Confinity Solutions. For five years now, Confinity Solutions has been changing the game and upping the level of excellence delivered in the financial technology and financial services sector. As has already been mentioned, the work of the financial industry moves at a pace that is significantly more rapid than many others, with split-second decisions being the difference between money gained and money lost. People’s very livelihoods hinge upon decisions that are made in very high-intense pressure environments. In these scenarios, it is imperative that those people making these crucial decisions have access to the fastest possible technology that allows them to keep up with what is happening out in the world of financial transactions. This is exactly where Confinity Solutions comes into the picture. Founded by Stefan following his decision to buy out software from IBM in 2016, the work of Confinity Solutions is focused around developing high-volume and low-latency messaging solutions. Perhaps the greatest example of this, and the firm’s key success to date, is Confinity Low Latency Messaging (CLLM), which is the successor product of IBM’s WebSphere MQ LLM. Having moved on from working at IBM to then founding his own business with a clear vision of what the future of financial technology should be, Stefan is a rare example of someone being correctly described as a visionary. His understanding of the industry and his desire to make the world of financial technology better has pushed Stefan to achieve bigger and better things with the software that he acquired from IBM. We at Corporate Vision had the privilege of being able to speak with Stefan about his role in starting the business, and how his involvement with the technology goes back many years beyond the foundation of Confinity Solutions. Upon beginning the interview with Stefan, it soon became abundantly clear that his passion for the technology and work of Confinity Solutions was seemingly limitless. “Confinity Solutions was established in 2016 to acquire the source code of two products from IBM, namely WebSphere Front Office (WFO), a market data distribution infrastructure, and WebSphere MQ LLM, a low-latency messaging software. Together with the products, Confinity Solutions also took over responsibility for the service and support of IBM’s customers using one of these products. Confinity Solutions was considered a FinTech start-up, but with two mature software products and an established customer base. I was working at IBM before, and was familiar with both pieces of software.” Unfortunately for those working with the IBM software, various decisions were made that meant the software fell into a sort of obscurity. Product strategies were bandied around, and new product names were created, but they were not names that Financial Markets’ clients and customers were familiar with. Not content to leave the software in the lurch, Stefan took it upon himself to found Confinity Solutions and created a brighter future for the two products and the Fintech industry. Now, almost five years on from the company’s inception, Stefan has engineered Confinity Solutions into a place where it is fully deserving of the title of 2021’s Most Innovative Global FinTech Startup from Corporate Vision Magazine. Stefan kindly elaborated further on the beginnings of the firm. “Initially, I wanted to call it Confinity as an amalgamation of consulting, financial, and IT. However, the founder of Paypal actually wanted to call his product Confinity, and still had the domain. Instead, the Solutions was added and Confinity Solutions was born. Since 2016, I’ve also worked with IBM in a partnership to ensure that they can actually still market and resell our two products, Confinity LLM, or CLLM, and Confinity Market Data System, or CMDS. This is all we do, and around these two products, there is also consultancy and other various forms of excellence. When I founded the firm, we were focused on owning the IP and utilising the knowhow to establish partnerships with a number of worldwide companies that could serve customers on a global basis.” Perhaps the greater of the two products that Confinity Solutions now offers is its low-latency messaging service, or the Confinity Low Latency Messaging (CLLM), which is the successor product of IBM’s WebSphere MQ LLM. Having successfully agreed upon a deal, Confinity Solutions took control of the software that IBM had allowed to fall into obscurity and die a slow death. Determined to bring it back to life and put it in the hands of those who would need and use it on a daily basis, Stefan built

his firm from the ground up to be an outstanding advocate for the good that financial technology can do. Upon speaking with Stefan, it quickly becomes a great deal more clear on exactly how much the importance of financial technology has grown in an era of lightning-quick decision making and financial transacting. “We have given these products a future, and started a major product renewal and overhaul. In November 2020, we launched our first FPGAbased successor product for Confinity LLM. Having worked in global organisations on a worldwide level myself, including with roles for Dt. Boerse, Reuters, and IBM, my focus has always been to be local to our customers. We listen to our users, having established a CLLM user group back in 2017, and always ask them to play an active part in the future development of CLLM. Together with our product strategy to keep CLLM as a top ‘state-of-the-art’ leading edge software product, and the latest CLLM 4.0 nicely underpins this.” Technology and financial technology services is one thing, but Confinity Solutions has had to work hard to ensure that the technology serves the client in the best way possible. Whilst they were still owned by those at IBM, both the products offered were traditionally targeted towards clients in Financial Markets, including those working in exchanges, as well as brokerages and other financial entities that work in the global market. CLLM in particular has proven to be a massive hit with clients all over the world as a messaging infrastructure that they can rely on. Due to its features and capabilities, the software allows customers to create a fair marketplace or stock exchange market by enabling low-latency messaging across the board. CLLM is undoubtedly best in class when it comes to reliable multicast messaging, and it actually boasts more than nineteen patents to ensure that it remains the king of this proverbial hill. The “predictability” of low latency messaging such as CLLM also makes it a prime candidate for Issue 11 2021 7 Corporate Excellence 2021 9

Jun21457 Trade Processing and Reporting Services Being ‘2021’s Leading Trade Processing and Reporting Services Firm’, Point Nine uses inhouse proprietary technology to provide an in-class solution to all customers and to meet regulatory reporting requirements. Founded in 2002, Point Nine collaborates with both buy- and sell-side financial firms, service providers, and corporations to help them ensure high-quality and accurate reporting to remain compliant with EU (EMIR, MiFIR SFTR), Australia ASIC, Singapore MAS, Switzerland FinfraG. Regulators demand that financial firms, service providers, and corporations submit timely and accurate data to trade repositories, approved reporting mechanism and national competent authorities. The Point Nine team understands the challenges that come with this process. It aims to help ease this burden and streamline the process with its reliable and efficient end-to-end service and cutting-edge technology. Point Nine’s inhouse technology is a scalable regulatory solution which is utilised by many firms. It has processed and reported more than 4.5 billion reports and has served over 100 legal entities to date. It processes data from various sources, covers all asset classes, translates and submits the reports to trade repositories in the required formats, and also handles acknowledgement messages. The Point Nine approach provides a fully automated solution, data enrichment, validations as per regulations, bespoke validations and rules, UTI generation/management, and much more. In an ever-changing regulatory landscape for companies that operate in the financial services, it is important to stay up-to-date and compliant. Point Nine strives to help fintech firms address increasingly difficult reporting challenges. The first of which is understanding report requirements which are often difficult or even impossible to understand. Consolidating data is another challenge, with FX brokers using various systems such as trading platforms and CRM bridges to meet their clients’ needs and gathering all of the required data being difficult. The data quality also poses a challenge, with inconsistencies, gaps, inaccuracies, and duplications making their way into it due to the way FX brokers store their data. Reporting errors can also be a challenge – when FX brokers submit their regulatory reports, competent authorities’ systems feedback will identify reporting errors. Knowing how to resolve those errors is an ongoing struggle for brokers. There is also the evolving challenge of regulatory updates and amendments which can come from a range of sources, including the European Securities and Markets Authority, trade repositories, national competent authorities, and approved reporting mechanisms. Another reporting challenge is instrument eligibility under MiFir, since what is considered a financial instrument under the MiFir network may suddenly change, therefore keeping up with these constant changes can be hard. File format can also be a challenge, as competent authorities use different systems which require reporting data to be submitted in different file formats, with an XML file being an example of a complex format to construct for most brokers. Lastly, audit trading is also a reporting challenge, as brokers need to keep a record of what has been submitted and accepted by the competent authorities. Point Nine has identified each of these issues and developed a thorough understanding in order to develop tools that simplify the complexity of reporting, making the whole process a lot easier. Point Nine’s mission has always been to be a trusted partner to fintech firms, helping them out with their compliance and reporting challenges, whether it’s in keeping up with the latest regulatory requirements, making procedures easier for submitting reports, or providing tools to improve their services, enabling them to concentrate on their business and core offering instead. Company: Point Nine Contact: Theo Mallas Email: [email protected] Website:

Issue 9 2021 7 Corporate Excellence 2021 11

BroadwayHD Recognised as Best Niche Streaming Service 2021 2020 was a challenging year for the live theatre industry, with productions shut down by the pandemic. However, BroadwayHD has been ahead of the game for years by championing the idea of live theatre digital captures. In other words, delivering a filmed version of the stage show, ensuring that the show can and will go on. BroadwayHD has been the leader in the recording, aggregation, and digital distribution of live arts. The trend of live theatre captures and making theatre accessible became even bigger this year with the debut of smash hit musical Hamilton on Disney+ and the growing live theatre content available on streaming platforms. Although live theatre will eventually make its return, digital captures will continue to play an integral role and BroadwayHD has been one of strongest proponents for film captures of live theatre, enabling theatre fans to stream their favourite Broadway hits anytime, anywhere since they launched in 2015. In 2007 when Netflix launched its streaming service, it was one of a kind. Today there are over 300 streaming services with new companies entering the field every day. BroadwayHD is a pioneering on-demand Internet streaming service, taking the Netflix model and applying it to live theatre productions. BroadwayHD’s survival is attributed to the owners’ significant investment in technology to ensure that streaming is a faultless, high-quality experience for subscribers and the company’s laser sharp focus on carefully curated and exclusive content: Broadway shows. BroadwayHD recently celebrated its 5th year anniversary and has cemented its status as a genuine niche OTT innovator with strong brand recognition and the future looks bright. In order to support its first four years of steady subscriber growth, BroadwayHD launched a new suite of applications, its next-generation Subscription Video-On-Demand (SVOD) service, across multiple platforms and devices, and introduced new high-performance business models, therefore enriching the user experience. The technology provided the platform with a robust end-to-end OTT video solution that accelerates growth by providing subscribers with a rich, personalised, and easy-to-navigate experience on any device. With a solid, customer friendly platform and a continuous flow of quality branded content, BroadwayHD was perfectly positioned to connect a globally underserved theatre fanbase to the art form that it loved when the COVID-19 pandemic hit. As the aggregator of recorded live theatre, BroadwayHD is the technological innovator for the restoration and digital transformation of the industry. Over the five years since it launched, the impact and reach of BroadwayHD has been widespread and significant. The global appetite for the platform is rapidly growing, and in the past year, subscriber numbers have tripled while the service is viewed in 124 countries across the world. It has helped promote unfamiliar or obscure shows by offering a global platform while enabling lesser-known producers and actors the opportunity to capitalise on an additional revenue stream. In addition, since 2015 the average age of a Broadway ticket buyer has dropped for the first time since 2000, indicating that BroadwayHD is having a positive impact and knock-on effect on audience members booking tickets to live shows. Giving back to the theatre community is a core mission of BroadwayHD. BroadwayHD is a member of the Broadway League, which means that in addition to being a theatre streaming company, it is a service business to the Broadway industry. With Broadway potentially dark until late 2021, fans are eager to view shows from the comfort of their own home. BroadwayHD is the global aggregator of authorised, professional captures of Broadway and Broadway calibre shows, and as a result, the platform is supporting this worldwide demand and reminding ticket buyers to stay connected and support the reopening efforts. BroadwayHD has been working with various charity organisations with watch parties, affiliate programmes and other efforts to support artists even before the pandemic. In a ground-breaking first for the industry, in 2016 BroadwayHD partnered with the Roundabout Theatre Company and broke the Guinness World Record for the first Broadway show to be livestreamed. The historic performance of She Loves Me was viewed live in real-time by audiences in over 84 countries across the world. On the day She Loves Me was trending on both Facebook and Twitter, while media and customer testimonials praised and lauded the live-streamed production. BroadwayHD has partnered with other theatres to live stream productions and has plans to live stream an opening night on Broadway in the future. BroadwayHD is amplifying the work of underrepresented artists to a worldwide audience through their Trailblazers category, a monthly curated playlist that highlights marginalised members of the theatre community, such as women, BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Colour) and the LGBTQ+ community, to help increase the visibility of their work. These curated playlists are tailored to the time of year. For example, to honour Women’s History Month, the catalogue featured the works of female theatre-makers. Show-stopping performances included an all-female Shakespeare Trilogy, Lady Day at Emerson’s Bar and Grill, A Night with Janis Joplin, Ann, Driving Ms. Daisy and more. Authentic storytelling through digital captures of stage productions inspires Dec20404 In addition, since 2015 the average age of a Broadway ticket buyer has dropped for the first time since 2000, indicating that BroadwayHD is having a positive impact and knock-on effect on audience members booking tickets to live shows.

Issue 4 2021 7 others to follow the trailblazers’ footsteps, creating a more diverse group of theatre makers and audience. BroadwayHD also has an educational distribution arm, ensuring the platform is available for schools and colleges to access at a significant discount. By utilising its extensive catalogue, students can study a full range of stage shows and backstage documentaries that highlight the intricacies of a production behind the scenes. Through BroadwayHD’s educational partnership, 4 million students have access to the service across 95 countries with ongoing layers of content and schools being added to the distribution network. The visionaries behind BroadwayHD are partners Bonnie Comley and Stewart F. Lane. It should come as no surprise that this married power couple have prominent theatre careers as a background. Lane is co-owner of the legendary Palace Theatre on Broadway and Comley is a former entertainment reporter for Nightlife TV on The Travel Channel. They have been awarded the highest honours in theatre including nine Tony Awards, two Oliviers and multiple other awards. They will tell you that their first love and passion is for the live stage experience and sharing that experience with others was the impetus for BroadwayHD. As a native New Yorker, Lane started going to Broadway as a child but Comley never saw a Broadway show until after college. Earlier in their relationship, she dubbed him “Mr. Broadway” for his deep knowledge of theatre and he subsequently wrote three theatre history books with her encouragement. Together they married her TV background with his theatre background to form BroadwayHD, a perfect blend of theatre on screen. Under the leadership of Comley and Lane, BroadwayHD’s extensive catalogue of pre COVID-19 recordings and their commitment to their customers to promote and preserve live theatre, will undoubtedly play a part in the recovery of the theatre industry and its subsequent impact on the national economy. In future, if audiences cannot get to a live theatre production, BroadwayHD will continue to bring streaming theatre to them. The formula is a win-win for the future health of Broadway and for global audiences who will never have the opportunity to step inside a Broadway theatre. Company: BroadwayHD Website: Corporate Excellence 2021 13

Issue 10 2021 7 Heralds of a New Era in Insurance Provision Jul21822 Rightsure, an exemplary insurance platform pushed to prominence by its President, Jeff Arnold, has made itself the ‘Most Outstanding Independent Insurance Agency’ for 2021 with its brilliant work. Empowered by the technologies of the future that allow clients access to efficient, constantly updating, and user intuitive insurance information, this company is changing how clients interact with the insurance industry for the better. In today’s world, attaining the right insurance can be a complicated dance to do. However, Rightsure is a company stepping up to the plate to make the moves far easier, being an award-winning tech-forward firm that represents clients and businesses across 42 different states with exemplary insurance guidance and services. Its unique, awardwinning, and technologically outstanding work puts the client at the very forefront of its operations every time, presenting clients with a wide range of insurance options and a seamless purchasing process that manages transactions safely and with discretion. Rightsure, in essence, grants its clients the peace of mind they seek to be able to allow them to focus on what truly matters – their business goals and milestone – whilst Rightsure remains staunchly in their corner to support them with all things to do with the contemporary world of insurance. With an artificial intelligence empowered insurance platform, it insures everything that a client could possibly wish to. ‘From pets to jets’, its multivariate rating platform replaces the need to shop around various providers and packages in favour of end to rate increases and the use of predictive analysis, algorithm-based coverage decisions, and other AI technology. By using these exemplary and front-running technological solutions, it has made itself perfectly able to beat insurance company rate increases by expertly managing insurance portfolios on individual and single-policy levels both; it has even built a process around offering the available discounts found across every state. In this manner, it has made itself an insurance company like no other. Furthermore, its focus on the individual insurance and on offering a myriad of different types by use of algorithms and artificial intelligence effectively saves people time and money, bucking the usual trend in its industry of insurance firms trying to get their clients to shop, switch, and save. Rightsure, in comparison, focuses instead on managing a client’s entire portfolio of insurance interests. By doing this, it is able to notify them of available discounts as and when they appear, giving them advance warning of better solutions should rates increase or circumstances change with their current provider. In this manner, its exemplary staff behind all of these processes are dedicated to making everything run smoothly, always ready with a friendly voice and a guiding hand to answer any questions, comments, or concerns that a client may have, with a management that has been focusing on supporting this team through the past year and a half regarding mental health and wellbeing. Due to the challenges posed by Covid-19, this has been needed now more than ever before, but Rightsure has pulled through by adapting itself accordingly. With a dedication to constant betterment and flexibility, and looking forward to beginning its first capital raise as it seeks to ramp up its growth based on an increase in consumer demand for its platform, Jeff Arnold – the President of the company – is excited to see where Rightsure will take itself and its clients next. Being a thought leader and global ambassador in and of himself, his efforts in the insurance industry have made him a global player that Rightsure has significantly benefitted from being led by, with his knowledge and expertise informing the processes and values that have made this company as much of a key player as it continues to be. Company: Rightsure Contact: Jeffery Arnold Website:

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Cloud Cover Companies have become reliant on new levels of flexibility, but maintaining that flexibility is often beyond their limits. With businesses focusing on what they do best, it’s down to teams like those at eStruxture Data Centers to deliver the goods. With an emphasis on providing reliable and flexible colocation services, they have achieved the remarkable throughout challenging times, and have subsequently won the title of Most Outstanding Data Center Services Provider 2021 - Canada. We dig a little deeper into the firm’s incredible achievements. Canada is home to many technological innovations, and one of its most renowned is eStruxture. With data centers that spread the length and breadth of the country, the team have been able to achieve truly remarkable results on behalf of their customers, and it’s a level of success that doesn’t look likely to peak any time soon. The company provides modern-day data center infrastructure for companies who require reliable and flexible colocation services across a broad spectrum of customers including network and cloud providers, XaaS, Fintech, Machine Learning, VFX and rendering, or other industries. If your business is dependent on IT services running smoothly, the team at eStruxture are your natural partners. However, there is even more exciting news for the firm beyond that which it has already achieved through Corporate Vision magazine. As of March 30th, 2021, eStruxture has announced that it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire all eight Canadian data centers from Aptum Technologies, a global hybrid multi-cloud managed service provider. Alongside this acquisition, the firm also takes control of all of Aptum’s customers and employees that are associated with its colocation business. The addition of these strategic locations complements eStruxture’s existing portfolio of six data centers currently located in the cities of Vancouver, Calgary, and Montreal, further strengthening the company’s pan-Canadian platform and adding key industry verticals to its portfolio. eStruxture will now be able to provide one of the largest amounts of immediately sellable capacity in Canada for companies looking to speed up their time to market. On top of this, the customers working with eStruxture will benefit from having access to two of Canada’s largest carrier hotels located at 151 Front Street West in Toronto and 555 Hastings in Vancouver. This will add over two hundred new network providers to eStruxture’s ecosystem including access to the Toronto Internet Exchange (TorIX) and the Vancouver Internet Exchange (VANIX). With the addition of these new facilities (five in Toronto, two in Montreal, and one in Vancouver), eStruxture will be fully in control of more than fourteen facilities across the entirety of Canada. As such, this increase in the number of data centers also means that eStruxture has expanded its total footprint to more than 600,000 square feet of combined data center space and a total IT capacity of a massive 100 megawatts. In acquiring this new wealth of data centers and technological capability, eStruxture is offering its customers both central and edge locations that are scalable, sustainably designed, and highly connected. The firm’s ability to provide the capacity, performance, and flexibility to run modern, demanding enterprise applications, as well as scale rapidly in response to unpredictable changes in business processes, is nothing short of outstanding. In short, eStruxture is a partner who can meet even the most challenging of demands. This capacity comes from the decision to play the customer at the heart of every decision made. Staff working at eStruxture have taken the time to research the Canadian data center market deeply, and as a firm that is rooted in the traditions of Canadian business understand exactly what is expected of them from customers. Having gained the support of prominent financial institutions, eStruxture is able to deploy large-scale projects with the smallest delays. When a customer needs to expand, eStruxture is able to expand with them. Having built a strong reputation within the industry at large, it’s little wonder that eStruxture has gained loyal customers, including carriers, cloud providers, media content, financial services, and enterprise customers across Canada. The team’s highly scalable solutions offer impressive high-density power of 30kW per cabinet and more standard, for the most intense computing workloads. Something that sets the team apart from the competition, however, is their desire to power data centers in as sustainable a manner as possible. Achieving this while also maintaining a high level of performance, scalability, and uptime has been a difficult challenge, but one which has brought about numerous rewards for the team. By taking advantage of the Canadian climate, the team have been able to reduce energy usage as well as minimize water consumption, noise levels, vibrations, and the environmental impact of refrigerant and other potentially harmful chemicals. Feb21500 eStruxture will now be able to provide one of the largest amounts of immediately sellable capacity in Canada for companies looking to speed up their time to market.

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Over the years, eStruxture has been able to achieve an annual power saving of 70%, thanks to the use of waterless and free-cooling technologies. These maximize energy efficiency and minimize environmental impact. It’s this commitment throughout their operation that gives the firm such strong standing now, and well into the future. Of course, no great business has ever been built without having an exceptional staff. The team behind eStruxture are some of the hardest working people in the industry, putting in an enormous amount of resources to ensure that customers are able to transform their digital identity. Needless to say, the team work alongside customers from many different industries, and this means that the team must formulate a bespoke approach that fills every possible gap. Diversity has proven to be key to the team’s success, and they are very proud of the fact that most of their workforce is considered diverse. This applies across the various sections of the business, and has proven to be a boon to the firm, and its customers. Operating with a diverse team makes the company more versatile, with the ability to move agilely from project to project, searching for creative solutions that get results. New team members are always in demand, as eStruxture looks to expand its horizons. Those who come to the business must be willing and able to contribute to our company’s winning corporate culture, however. It’s only team players who are able to stand the test of time in these challenging circumstances. The team make it a priority to ensure that those who work at eStruxture enjoy working there. They live and breathe eStruxture’s family-like and fun-at-work culture. By finding somewhere to work where they are happy, they can achieve their best work. Having a strong staff team is one thing, but having an exceptional leader is another thing entirely. eStruxture benefits from having a CEO and leader who is more than capable of taking the firm to greater heights than ever before, as evidenced by the announcement of eStruxture’s acquisition of these new data centers. Todd Coleman is that CEO, and is also President of eStruxture. Bringing more than twenty five years of experience in the IT, data center, and telecommunications industries, Todd delivers experience and expertise in abundance for eStruxture. Alongside this, Todd also partakes as a racing driver in his spare time. The blitzing speed of the track and the world of business are not too dissimilar, especially when it comes to the speed with which Todd is building eStruxture. Just recently, Todd won a weekend race by more than thirty seconds; a victory which is certainly comparable to the success of eStruxture within this industry. The COVID-19 pandemic has proven the benefits of this way of working. The team has had to adjust quickly to businesses which want to work remotely and take advantage of digital communications. The demand for this technology over the last year has skyrocketed, driving more network use and placing more strain on the critical infrastructure that data centers are responsible for. eStruxture has experienced rapid growth since its launch in 2017, but 2020 was easily the strongest performing year in the history of the company. Companies couldn’t move quickly enough with their digital transformation strategy. As such, the team had to walk the walk, and expand to meet. They did this with aplomb, implementing measures that would safeguard their employees and customers’ businesses as well as determining what was essential work to minimize the need for external suppliers. The success of 2020 has driven much of the workload of 2021. eStruxture remain committed to helping more businesses grow and expand by offering secure, reliable data center solutions in more regions, direct connectivity to an ever-growing number of cloud and service providers, as well as assistance when it comes to speeding up the process of digital transformation. The last year saw a great deal of change hit every company and every industry at once, in very short order. For many, it was the tireless work of eStruxture that ensured they could continue operating to such high standards. With a model that has now proven itself to be both sustainable and scalable in equal measure, we look forward to seeing exactly what this impressive organization does next. Company: eStruxture Data Centers Contact: Angela Adam Web Address: Jun20125

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Jan21372 Securing Success With Superb SEO Services As the world has become more digital and technical, businesses, organisations, and individuals alike have all had to adjust their service offerings and create an online presence. However, simply having an online presence is not enough. That online presence has to have all the necessary information, and be ranked high enough so that customers can easily find it. Understanding the ins and outs of SEO is Bruce Clay Inc., which has been named the Most Outstanding SEO Training & Services Provider – 2021 in this issue of Corporate Vision. Join us as we find out more about the business and Bruce Clay himself, and highlight the success that both have seen. Search engine optimisation, otherwise known as SEO, has become a staple of business in the twenty-first century. The emergence of search engines such as the ever-dominant Google, amongst others, has paved the way for businesses to scramble in order to be ranked on the first page of searches that relate to what they are offering. There are all sorts of tips, techniques, and tricks that businesses can make use of when creating their online presence and adjusting it to ensure that they are consistently ranked higher and better on search results that pertain to them. Uncovering and finding these secrets is not easy, but something that Bruce Clay and his team have dedicated much of their professional lives to. Since first being formed back in 1996, the work of Bruce Clay Inc. has been focused on becoming the world’s premier search marketing agency that delivers results for its clients. Fast forward nearly a quarter of a century, and that is certainly the case today for Bruce Clay Inc. and Mr Clay himself as an individual. Having established itself and built up a repertoire of outstanding services over the course of twenty-five years, Bruce Clay Inc. can now hold its collective head high and take pride in the fact that it is a premier search marketing agency. In essence, what Bruce Clay Inc. does for its clients is get them and their websites traffic from search engines and search engine results. The firm is a strict follower of search engine guidelines, and it succeeds in generating results for its clients. In many cases, it would certainly be fair to say that Bruce Clay Inc. has changed lives by generating traffic to websites through legendary skills. A quick Google search itself will bring up results of Mr Clay’s own colleagues citing him as the father of search engine optimisation. The way it works for clients partnering with Bruce Clay Inc. is this: they put their trust in the firm completely to focus their efforts and activities on driving traffic to a particular website. Achieving this can be done through search marketing activities, such as search engine optimisation techniques, pay-per-click techniques, SEO-driven content, and social media advertisements. These are very much where Bruce Clay Inc.’s core services lie, and the firm ensures that it only employs experts to guarantee the best service possible for clients. Every single one of the analysts working at Bruce Clay Inc. has more than ten years in their given space, and are clearly experts on the matter of search engine optimisation and marketing, and each of the technical consultants also has more than ten years’ experience in their chosen field. Mr Clay has intentionally built a team of the very best experts so as to ensure that his clients get the very best SEO service that money can buy. Even Mr Clay himself is an expert, having been in the industry for more than a quarter of a century. He has shared his knowledge and spoken at more than three hundred conference sessions, written three top quality books, and has offices on five different continents. The breadth and depth of Mr Clay’s expertise in this particular subject matter is second to none, and anyone would be hard pressed to find a reason not to work with this incredibly knowledgeable and insightful individual. Mr Clay has spent years crafting his name into a brand that is synonymous with success, and Bruce Clay Inc. is now well known as being the agency that people call when they cannot afford to fail when it comes to search results. In doing so, the work of Bruce Clay Inc. is also synonymous with expertise, competence, value, and service. This is the company that clients turn to if they really want to get traffic from search engines. Just a handful of the services that Bruce Clay Inc. offers has already been outlined above, but there is so much more to what the firm has to offer than simply titles of service. Search engine optimisation is such a wide-ranging area for example, and the SEO services provided by the firm demand greater exploration and understanding. In delivering SEO services to clients, the firm’s goal is to get clients into a position where they are in the top three rankings for important keywords, thereby generating increased website traffic. There are also three core ways in which the firm delivers its SEO services: retainers, blocks, and audits. With a retainer, Bruce Clay Inc. runs in sprints of four weeks each, staffing a client project with an agile team that is capable of overseeing a high quality SEO program. It includes on-page, off-page, and server analysis, covering desktop and mobile websites, as well as expertise, authority, trust, and maintenance signals. Blocks of time service are also available. Clients can buy a block of time that stacks up in multiples of twenty hours. Through expert consulting over the next six months, these twenty hours can be used by clients who are driving their own projects but need some help with the trickier aspects and harder questions. This is ideal where a client has some SEO capability themselves, and just wants someone for the tough issues. Rounding off the SEO services is the complex audits. They vary by purpose of course, and can be anything from simple reviews, to deep penalty detection and repair, to comprehensive full suite audits with implementation support. Whatever the need or the purpose, Bruce Clay Inc. is there to help with whatever is needed. Audits then lead to the delivery of reports and discussions around the findings that are contained within those reports. Bruce Clay Inc. then has its team work with the recipients of those reports for a full three months to focus on mentoring, consulting, guidance, and eventual confirmation of best SEO practices that can stem from those findings. Upon delivery of the final report, clients will find that it also contains a severity and priority list of things that need to be done as soon as possible. Oftentimes, these things are exactly what a firm needs to succeed, and can pertain to a myriad of different areas. Content expertise, link authority, earned trust, and a sound SEO program are all synergistically tied together, and clients cannot succeed at any They vary by purpose of course, and can be anything from simple reviews, to deep penalty detection and repair, to comprehensive full suite audits with implementation support. Whatever the need or the purpose, Bruce Clay Inc. is there to help with whatever is needed.