Corporate Excellence 2021

Issue 6 2021 13 A New Online Platform for Innovative Human Tissue Products In recent years, the benefits associated with regenerative medicine have increased considerably. Also, the researchers are continuously working to discover new ways to apply this treatment approach to common chronic conditions. The adoption of these innovative methodologies is an initiative to ensure that patients live their life without any limitations or pain. Working towards a similar initiative are Ryan Salvino and Jonathan Benstent, the founders of Russell Health, which Corporate Vision has recognised as deserving of this issue’s Best Specialty Regenerative Therapy Products Distributor 2021 award. Join us as we profile the company. Ryan was accepted into Chicago Medical School— Rosalind Franklin University, yet his passion for and natural strength in business leadership altered his career plans. Ryan redirected his goals and earned his Master’s in Business Administration in Chicago. Before co-founding Russell Health, was the founder of Everheal, an innovative medical device company. Ryan collaborated with his childhood friend, Jonathan with an aim to provide life-changing regenerative therapy products to physicians and patients globally. Being a graduate of Management Information Systems, Jonathan witnessed the potential of regenerative medicine during his tenure selling orthopaedic medical devices and servicing Level-1 Trauma Centers while assisting in surgical cases as a device consultant. Together, they established Russell Health, a unique distribution model that allows physicians to utilise these regenerative therapy products for multiple severe disorders when all other treatments have failed. With the joint efforts of Ryan and Jonathan, Russell Health began its journey to offer Human Tissue Therapy products. These products help in boosting the body’s ability to heal itself. A national distributor of safe, effective and minimally invasive regenerative therapy products, Russell Health provides a safer alternative for patients when conservative methods fail. This is highly beneficial especially for the elderly as they can potentially avoid operative care before and after surgery, along with its risks. Furthermore, these products are also being utilised as an alternative for opioid drugs. Nevertheless, today, any kind of medical treatment can be highly expensive – indeed, there is a high need for companies like Russell Health. The advantage of Russell Health’s products is they help numerous patients naturally. Administered utilising acellular tissue allografts, the products assist in the reconstruction, supplementation and repair of the recipient’s tissues, thereby helping people of all ages to recover from injuries. Developed using a proprietary process, the acellular tissue allografts are convenient and versatile allografts derived from donated human placental tissue. They contain naturally rich growth factors that assist with the body’s healing process. Ryan and Jonathan were keen to notice the gap between professionals and the regenerative medicine market. Ryan quotes, “We saw a major disconnect within the ordering process that was needed in the regenerative medicine market.” Consequently, through Russell Health the duo has created a platform that provides a full-service ordering portal – with each member having their own personal account. The platform is built with an IT perspective thus offering a seamless ordering process that facilitates ease-of-use for physicians and their office staff. Russell Health distinguishes itself from the competitors with its innovative and superior-quality bouquet of services which has highly contributed to its success. The team of Russell Health has been committed to ensuring the best client experience since the inception. Therefore, the company had experienced organic growth within a few months of inception and has been growing strong since then. All these factors have contributed to making Russell Health the national distributor of safe and effective regenerative therapy products. Due to the positive experience, several clients started referring to other patients and physicians. Word of mouth has been one of the main pillars for the organic growth of Russell Health. The company has achieved profound clinical outcomes in multiple therapeutic areas, including cosmetics, wound care, ocular, pain management, and orthopaedics. Today, the platform has integrated dedicated products for specific applications sourced from the same acellular tissue allografts used in Human Tissue Therapy. While the pandemic caused major disruption throughout the industry, Russell Health managed to pivot the patients and physicians for alternative treatments such as Human Tissue Therapy. This demand can help in further enhancing regenerative medicine therapies and discover new applications. As a result, Russell Health is working with some of the top leaders in the regenerative medicine field to continue to grow and provide innovative products to its customers and their patients. Despite the disruption, the aim is to expand the products and services to wider geographies. Jonathan concludes, “Our ultimate goal from the beginning has been to help people by providing safe alternatives to risky procedures and expensive treatments while offering an alternative to synthetic drugs and embracing more holistic and organic products. We want to continue to become the number one supplier of regenerative therapy products in the U.S.” Company: Russell Health, Inc. Website: Apr21001