Corporate Excellence 2021

Nov20590 Issue 2 2021 35 Unique Online Portal Cascade Cash Management is a financial technology savings business delivering an independent and transparent service created to generate enhanced cash returns and increased protection on deposits through professional cash management. It is flexible, convenient and low risk. Co-Founder, Dr Emma Black, tells us more about this unique offering. Founded in 2012, Cascade Cash Management (Cascade) was created to generate enhanced savings returns through professional whole of market cash management, balancing depositor protection and liquidity to get the very best outcomes for UK savers. Cascade became a standalone company in 2015 to dedicate resource and investment into the company to deliver its unique online portal, which has been live since 2017. “The online Fintech portal is the only one of its kind in the UK allowing independent and unbiased cash solutions meaning that clients don’t have to choose only one bank,” explains Dr Emma Black, co-founder of Cascade. “With the online portal and Cascade’s client support team, all banks are accessed quickly and easily, on a daily basis.” Emma and co-founder Stephen Black have a refreshing hands-on approach, working closely with the team and are both client and partner facing too. This all equates to a perfect digital and human mix – ideal for modern society and offering an outstanding support structure for those with cash to deposit. The Cascaders, a team of 11, administer accounts on behalf of clients and depositors can use the portal to keep abreast of the best rates available for their savings. Partners including IFAs, solicitors, attorneys, accountants and many more can also self-brand the product for presentation to their own clients. “The banking landscape over that time has changed significantly and we’ve amassed a substantial amount of data and insight into how the UK savings market works,” Emma says. “These changes have been driven by both advancements in technology and a changing regulatory landscape that has both encouraged the creation and launch of new banking entities as well as the restructuring of the big six providers that have come to dominate the market.” The results gained for clients is outstanding too. Return on investment is currently averaging about 18% above market. This includes growth on cash deposits for individuals, companies and charities. A number of charities use the service and such clients have earned significantly greater returns through the Cascade service. “As an example, a mental health charity earned an additional £20,800 per year net of all fees on their £2m cash when compared with what they had been earning sat in their current account.” As well as the staggering ROI, there are other reasons why Cascade is so successful and a clear choice over its competitors, and this is all down to the hard work of the team. The constant testing, checking and ongoing investment to ensure Cascade’s innovation stays ahead of the market makes it unique. This investment is continuous to ensure the welfare of use for customers, to make sure that the portal delivers the best service to cash, while staff focus on the best service to people. To ensure that the 3500 plus partners and clients using the portal across the UK are well looked after, Cascade has strategically placed staff geographically, from the Newcastle Head Office, to a London satellite office, plus a development manager in the Midlands and a regular presence in Peterborough. “It’s ground-breaking innovative technology delivering something there hasn’t been a mold for. The algorithms and technical knowhow behind the development is enormous and exciting” states Emma. “However, there has to be trust, a safe pair of hands, respect and some guarantee for customers and partners. Positioning the portal to those who have an aversion to risk, whilst asking them to trust something new is hard. This is where our customer service and marketing has been focused to ensure we build a strong reputation through doing exactly what we say we are going to.” Clients and partners have access to a personal dedicated client manager, who meets regularly with them and is at the end of the phone or email, 24/7. All impact on customers’ accounts are flagged and personal phone calls are regular to ensure customers are getting the best out of their use of the portal. Now ready for next stage of growth, Cascade is currently investing in a new board, alongside further technology growth to keep ahead of the market. To minimise the risk of competition duplicating the portal, Cascade keeps it moving. New ideas, new investments, new groundbreaking opportunities. “At the moment, we are currently looking at making Cascade available to a wider audience. We are not a company that rests on our laurels and are looking at new avenues so this coming year will see some exciting developments, including treasury services under CascadePro and CascadeLive for mass market services.” Company: Cascade Cash Management Ltd Contact: Dr Emma Black Website: