Corporate Excellence 2021

Jul21385 Cybersecurity at Sea Cydome Security’s team of maritime and cybersecurity professionals, ex-naval officers, and data privacy experts have joined forces to address the unique challenges of cybersecurity at sea. Corporate Vision has recognised the company as Best Specialist Maritime Cybersecurity Solutions Firm 2021 in light of its groundbreaking technology protecting ships as they transport goods across the ocean. Join us as we take a closer look. Each year, over 11 billion tons of goods such as food, medicine and oil are shipped, but there is a growing concern regarding the cybersecurity of these ships, with cyberattacks being on the rise and causing global catastrophes. Between February and June last year, cyberattacks on ships increased by 400%, due to increased use of internet systems at the beginning of the pandemic. These attacks can affect the OT (operational technology) which control the physical systems on the ship and the IT (information technology) which stores important data about cargo. Ships are the only place on which this technology is used and it is outdated and has many holes and blind spots for hackers to take advantage of. A hacker gaining access to this system and information can cost millions of dollars and delay the delivery of important supplies and products. However, Cydome Security was founded with the passion for providing the greatest level of protection possible to IT and operational assets out at sea. The solution comes in the form of a hardware appliance which quickly and easily connects to the vessel’s network, and once installed, provides a complete realtime map of the connected assets, seeking out vulnerabilities and meaning no more blind spots. The system will also conduct automated, built-in cybersecurity check-ups with the purpose of validating the client’s ongoing compliance with the IMO regulations. The system will continue to monitor the asset’s behaviour, too, identifying any irregularities that might harm the ship’s daily routine, alerting on immediate risks. Cydome’s experts speak fluent maritime and work side by side with clients to personalise their cybersecurity plan to their specific needs and to make sure they cross all such regulatory straits. The company will make sure that the client’s team both onboard and onshore know exactly what to do to monitor the cybersecurity status and so they can demonstrate compliance to inspectors if required. Ultimately, Cydome’s tried and tested technology stands as one of the most promising cybersecurity solutions today, with it being deployed on a wide range of ships and having won many awards. The company hopes to become the backbone of cybersecurity for all shipping companies sailing across any ocean. Company: Cydome Security Contact: Avital Zer-Sincai Email: [email protected] Website: