Corporate Excellence 2021

Issue 11 2021 23 Most Outstanding Secure Enterprise Communications Platform - 2021 Digital assets hold immense value, and their protection is vital to the success of businesses moving forward. Wire Swiss GmBH first opened its doors as a collaboration platform, one which has achieved impressive success over the years, particularly during the pandemic. In Corporate Vision’s rolling series of 2021 Corporate Excellence Awards, the team achieved awards success. We dig a little deeper to discover exactly how. The need to work securely online has never been clearer, and the power of a platform which offers a combination of messaging, voice and video conferencing, as well as file sharing through the cloud, private cloud, and on premise cannot be underestimated. Wire delivers on all of these fronts and more, transforming over the years from a personal messenger into an invaluable addition to the B2B landscape. Cyber risk is a massive problem faced by organizations today, and the team at Wire have built their name and reputation on the motto of “protecting digital assets”. When compared to competitors and their focus on the way in which an organization functions, it might seem dull but Wire has become the platform of choice for large enterprises and governments for years. Those who know the problem of securing sensitive information know that Wire is one of the very few fully end-toend encrypted and Open Source platforms. It combines certainty and transparency in equal measure. As a platform based on collaboration, the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated much of the team that the team had undertaken. Suddenly, there was enormous demand for the team’s services, and the company went through a period of hyper-growth. The team quickly sought to find solutions to challenges which had not been solved in the sector before, including securing endpoints when people were working outside the firewall. Going in this direction was one of the driving forces behind the success of the Wire team over the pandemic. Making sure that these technological steps were possible throughout these trying times was the task of the Wire team, and the firm prides itself on hiring great people in every post. Whether it’s closing high stakes sales or developing advanced technology, the team are able to work closely to secure success. Working with such high standards has involved hiring people from every background. For the Wire team, diversity is a strength and is shown through the employment of people from over 19 nationalities and a workforce that is over 30% female which is uncommon in the sector. Having achieved so much during the pandemic, the team are aiming to continue their positive progression both in terms of the business and the products being sold. There is massive ambition to expand and grow the company beyond its already incredible success. Perhaps the biggest development from the team comes in the form of Messaging Layer Security (MLS). This new development is set to become a reality as a result of the team working closely with IETF and industry giants like Google and Cisco on a new standard for secure messaging. The growth of companies like Wire over the pandemic is not surprising, but this is a firm that seems certain to continue that growth for many years yet to come. While Wire began with the humblest of beginnings, the needs of the market have allowed them to grow and thrive in a multitude of directions. Company: Wire Swiss GmBH Name: Leila Iranmanesh Email: [email protected] Web Address: Oct21837 Corporate Excellence 2021 159