Corporate Excellence 2021

The X-Factor in Capturing X-Data Vizbii Technologies Inc. has developed the most efficient and accurate way to quantify qualitative human experiences like emotions, moods, physical and mental states, etc. Morphii® has been recognised by Corporate Vision as the Most Innovative Emotion Capture Software Solution – 2021. Vizbii envisions a world where everyone is able to express themselves and no-one struggles to be understood. Its patented technology, Morphii, captures both the type and intensity of any subjective experience by allowing people to share their experiences versus trying to rate or explain them. The interactive visual measurement scale is purpose-built to solve data quality issues around in-the-moment experience capture and feed analytics with more digestible experience data (X-Data) for machine learning. Today, morphiis look like emojis, and that’s intentional because of their familiarity as visual representations of emotions and moods (not to mention their popularity as the world’s fastest-growing language). In innovating the capture process, the exchange of experience data becomes more authentic, engaging, and efficient at a global scale. Additionally, it minimises bias, while providing a new class of X-Data that exponentially improves predictive power: intensity. As machine learning advances AI, X-Data is being collected and analyzed in more sophisticated ways to understand and predict stakeholder behaviors and positively influence business outcomes. It’s no secret that COVID-19 has fast-tracked digital transformation for organisations around the world since more traditional channels were dismantled. The platforms and applications that collect, analyze, visualize and aid organisations in acting on stakeholder experiences are key strategic elements; and, they are driving the surge of qualitative X-Data solutions like Natural Language Processing, Video and Social Listening technologies. The trouble with these methodologies (and others in use today) is that X-Data is always easiest to collect and interpret from people Mar21510 who love or hate you, but much more complicated to extract, interpret and understand from people whose experiences fall somewhere in between. That is most people. While platforms are investing in X-Data technologies to interpret every word or move that people make, Morphii provides an efficient and engaging innovation to bridge the understanding gap between the extremes and enable more authentic and insightful capture to augment X-Data counterparts and strengthen predictions universally. Vizbii’s partners come from a variety of industries and each uses Morphii to better understand a specific set of stakeholders. The four most common applications of Morphii include: market research (brand health, product/service testing, messaging/ concept testing); community research (engagement/retention/ development etc. among non-consumer groups, e.g.: employees, students, constituents, etc.); user experience (UX/UI/digital design effectiveness and engagement); and, patient experience (affective determinants of care/health). The widget integrates seamlessly into existing platforms and applications to augment and improve systems already in place. Much of Vizbii’s 2020 was focused on demonstrating product value through research, uncovering that Morphii is: 50 times more effective at predicting negative behaviours than Likelihood to Recommend; two to four times more effective at provoking feedback from the majority than commonly used sentiment scales; and, it improves predictive accuracy around behaviours by at least 60% as a result of factoring in intensity. In 2021, Vizbii’s plans are centered around expanding use. Specifically, earning traction in AI/ML enabled platforms to better understand digital consumer journeys and user experiences. The primary goal is to facilitate partners in strengthening models and indexes that help explain and predict thresholds for behavioural change—rooted in the intensity of human emotions, moods, and other subjective experiences. Vizbii is also looking at less conventional platform integrations, like gaming, where Morphii can take on new visual forms and measure new types of subjective experiences as an immersive component of the overall experience – ultimately helping developers iterate and improve on their products in real-time. In any case, the company is excited to learn and grow alongside its partners. Company: Vizbii Technologies Inc. Contact: Julie Moreland Website: