Corporate Excellence 2021

Nov20437 “Since 2013, when we started to work in the holiday park space, it became apparent that the sector was an underserved market with poor technical solutions, where unreliable WiFi coverage was the norm. Wifinity has invested much of its R&D effort into delivering solutions that bring better, more resilient and faster connections to allow even HD streaming”. - Mark Parry, CEO Acting as testament to this statement is the fact that many of Wifinity’s users experience faster internet speeds at a holiday park than they do at home. This is achieved, as Mark mentioned, through exceptional – and ongoing- research and development to guarantee that Wifinity remains at the head of a pack, and unchallenged when it comes to speed and coverage. It goes without saying that this is all the more impressive when considered in the greater context of the industry, wrapped as it is in a never-ending race for the next best thing. Wifinity are well placed to ensure they are the best thing to come in the recreational space for years to come. “We have been aware for some time that we needed to provide a WiFi service in our parks, but the problem has been finding a supplier that could provide a system that delivers robust WiFi at least equal to, if not better than, the WiFi customers experience at home. Given the location and landscape of our parks that was a difficult call, but in Wifinity we have found just that and more.” -Alan Castledine, Park Resorts’ Commercial Director Company: Wifinity Address: Unit 1 Kingsmill Business Park, Chapel Mill Road, Kingston Upon Thames, Surrey, KT1 3GZ, United Kingdom Website: Telephone: 020 8090 1290 Making WiFi Great Proudly the number one Gigabit Internet Service Provider for a plethora of sectors, Wifinity has cornered the market in the notoriously competitive technology sphere. Partnering innovation with client-centricity secured the company’s success in the 2020 Corporate Excellence programme as the ‘Most Influential Leader in Wireless Technology’ in the UK. Following that win, we took a closer look at Wifinity and its many notable achievements. “The best WiFi in the world is WiFi that enables your lifestyle and connects people and homes without you even knowing it’s there. Great WiFi means no buffering, no blackouts, no pixelated streaming.” It’s hard to overestimate Wifinity’ s success in its sphere of operation. As the undisputed number one UK provider for recreational WiFi, Wifinity has a unique position on the greater market, with the potential to only capitalise on its success in the years to come. Ultimately, one of the key areas in which Wifinity has driven its own success lies in a rather simple premise: it does one thing very, very well indeed. Perhaps more importantly, it often fulfils a need that other, larger internet providers struggle to – installing high speed WiFi in hard to reach and remote areas. Of course, it doesn’t stop there. Perhaps Wifinity’s most impressive offering is in ensuring super-fast services across all areas of a holiday park, ensuring a smooth and seamless service across high traffic areas such as the bar or communal spaces, as well as accommodation, whether that be lodges, caravans or mobile pitches. Today Wifinity’s service covers over 100,000 plots, reinforcing its position as the operator of the largest holiday park pay as you go network in the UK. But, Wifinity doesn’t just offer recreational WiFi, it also serves retail, residential and defence clients as well. In many ways, Wifinity represents the very best of British business: finding an urgent need in the market and using the best tools possible to satiate it. Spearheaded by CEO Mark Parry, Wifinity has grown over the last seven years to become the best choice for holiday park owners who want the best high-speed internet service for their visitors.