Corporate Excellence 2021

Over the years, eStruxture has been able to achieve an annual power saving of 70%, thanks to the use of waterless and free-cooling technologies. These maximize energy efficiency and minimize environmental impact. It’s this commitment throughout their operation that gives the firm such strong standing now, and well into the future. Of course, no great business has ever been built without having an exceptional staff. The team behind eStruxture are some of the hardest working people in the industry, putting in an enormous amount of resources to ensure that customers are able to transform their digital identity. Needless to say, the team work alongside customers from many different industries, and this means that the team must formulate a bespoke approach that fills every possible gap. Diversity has proven to be key to the team’s success, and they are very proud of the fact that most of their workforce is considered diverse. This applies across the various sections of the business, and has proven to be a boon to the firm, and its customers. Operating with a diverse team makes the company more versatile, with the ability to move agilely from project to project, searching for creative solutions that get results. New team members are always in demand, as eStruxture looks to expand its horizons. Those who come to the business must be willing and able to contribute to our company’s winning corporate culture, however. It’s only team players who are able to stand the test of time in these challenging circumstances. The team make it a priority to ensure that those who work at eStruxture enjoy working there. They live and breathe eStruxture’s family-like and fun-at-work culture. By finding somewhere to work where they are happy, they can achieve their best work. Having a strong staff team is one thing, but having an exceptional leader is another thing entirely. eStruxture benefits from having a CEO and leader who is more than capable of taking the firm to greater heights than ever before, as evidenced by the announcement of eStruxture’s acquisition of these new data centers. Todd Coleman is that CEO, and is also President of eStruxture. Bringing more than twenty five years of experience in the IT, data center, and telecommunications industries, Todd delivers experience and expertise in abundance for eStruxture. Alongside this, Todd also partakes as a racing driver in his spare time. The blitzing speed of the track and the world of business are not too dissimilar, especially when it comes to the speed with which Todd is building eStruxture. Just recently, Todd won a weekend race by more than thirty seconds; a victory which is certainly comparable to the success of eStruxture within this industry. The COVID-19 pandemic has proven the benefits of this way of working. The team has had to adjust quickly to businesses which want to work remotely and take advantage of digital communications. The demand for this technology over the last year has skyrocketed, driving more network use and placing more strain on the critical infrastructure that data centers are responsible for. eStruxture has experienced rapid growth since its launch in 2017, but 2020 was easily the strongest performing year in the history of the company. Companies couldn’t move quickly enough with their digital transformation strategy. As such, the team had to walk the walk, and expand to meet. They did this with aplomb, implementing measures that would safeguard their employees and customers’ businesses as well as determining what was essential work to minimize the need for external suppliers. The success of 2020 has driven much of the workload of 2021. eStruxture remain committed to helping more businesses grow and expand by offering secure, reliable data center solutions in more regions, direct connectivity to an ever-growing number of cloud and service providers, as well as assistance when it comes to speeding up the process of digital transformation. The last year saw a great deal of change hit every company and every industry at once, in very short order. For many, it was the tireless work of eStruxture that ensured they could continue operating to such high standards. With a model that has now proven itself to be both sustainable and scalable in equal measure, we look forward to seeing exactly what this impressive organization does next. Company: eStruxture Data Centers Contact: Angela Adam Web Address: Jun20125