Corporate Excellence 2021

Jan21372 Securing Success With Superb SEO Services As the world has become more digital and technical, businesses, organisations, and individuals alike have all had to adjust their service offerings and create an online presence. However, simply having an online presence is not enough. That online presence has to have all the necessary information, and be ranked high enough so that customers can easily find it. Understanding the ins and outs of SEO is Bruce Clay Inc., which has been named the Most Outstanding SEO Training & Services Provider – 2021 in this issue of Corporate Vision. Join us as we find out more about the business and Bruce Clay himself, and highlight the success that both have seen. Search engine optimisation, otherwise known as SEO, has become a staple of business in the twenty-first century. The emergence of search engines such as the ever-dominant Google, amongst others, has paved the way for businesses to scramble in order to be ranked on the first page of searches that relate to what they are offering. There are all sorts of tips, techniques, and tricks that businesses can make use of when creating their online presence and adjusting it to ensure that they are consistently ranked higher and better on search results that pertain to them. Uncovering and finding these secrets is not easy, but something that Bruce Clay and his team have dedicated much of their professional lives to. Since first being formed back in 1996, the work of Bruce Clay Inc. has been focused on becoming the world’s premier search marketing agency that delivers results for its clients. Fast forward nearly a quarter of a century, and that is certainly the case today for Bruce Clay Inc. and Mr Clay himself as an individual. Having established itself and built up a repertoire of outstanding services over the course of twenty-five years, Bruce Clay Inc. can now hold its collective head high and take pride in the fact that it is a premier search marketing agency. In essence, what Bruce Clay Inc. does for its clients is get them and their websites traffic from search engines and search engine results. The firm is a strict follower of search engine guidelines, and it succeeds in generating results for its clients. In many cases, it would certainly be fair to say that Bruce Clay Inc. has changed lives by generating traffic to websites through legendary skills. A quick Google search itself will bring up results of Mr Clay’s own colleagues citing him as the father of search engine optimisation. The way it works for clients partnering with Bruce Clay Inc. is this: they put their trust in the firm completely to focus their efforts and activities on driving traffic to a particular website. Achieving this can be done through search marketing activities, such as search engine optimisation techniques, pay-per-click techniques, SEO-driven content, and social media advertisements. These are very much where Bruce Clay Inc.’s core services lie, and the firm ensures that it only employs experts to guarantee the best service possible for clients. Every single one of the analysts working at Bruce Clay Inc. has more than ten years in their given space, and are clearly experts on the matter of search engine optimisation and marketing, and each of the technical consultants also has more than ten years’ experience in their chosen field. Mr Clay has intentionally built a team of the very best experts so as to ensure that his clients get the very best SEO service that money can buy. Even Mr Clay himself is an expert, having been in the industry for more than a quarter of a century. He has shared his knowledge and spoken at more than three hundred conference sessions, written three top quality books, and has offices on five different continents. The breadth and depth of Mr Clay’s expertise in this particular subject matter is second to none, and anyone would be hard pressed to find a reason not to work with this incredibly knowledgeable and insightful individual. Mr Clay has spent years crafting his name into a brand that is synonymous with success, and Bruce Clay Inc. is now well known as being the agency that people call when they cannot afford to fail when it comes to search results. In doing so, the work of Bruce Clay Inc. is also synonymous with expertise, competence, value, and service. This is the company that clients turn to if they really want to get traffic from search engines. Just a handful of the services that Bruce Clay Inc. offers has already been outlined above, but there is so much more to what the firm has to offer than simply titles of service. Search engine optimisation is such a wide-ranging area for example, and the SEO services provided by the firm demand greater exploration and understanding. In delivering SEO services to clients, the firm’s goal is to get clients into a position where they are in the top three rankings for important keywords, thereby generating increased website traffic. There are also three core ways in which the firm delivers its SEO services: retainers, blocks, and audits. With a retainer, Bruce Clay Inc. runs in sprints of four weeks each, staffing a client project with an agile team that is capable of overseeing a high quality SEO program. It includes on-page, off-page, and server analysis, covering desktop and mobile websites, as well as expertise, authority, trust, and maintenance signals. Blocks of time service are also available. Clients can buy a block of time that stacks up in multiples of twenty hours. Through expert consulting over the next six months, these twenty hours can be used by clients who are driving their own projects but need some help with the trickier aspects and harder questions. This is ideal where a client has some SEO capability themselves, and just wants someone for the tough issues. Rounding off the SEO services is the complex audits. They vary by purpose of course, and can be anything from simple reviews, to deep penalty detection and repair, to comprehensive full suite audits with implementation support. Whatever the need or the purpose, Bruce Clay Inc. is there to help with whatever is needed. Audits then lead to the delivery of reports and discussions around the findings that are contained within those reports. Bruce Clay Inc. then has its team work with the recipients of those reports for a full three months to focus on mentoring, consulting, guidance, and eventual confirmation of best SEO practices that can stem from those findings. Upon delivery of the final report, clients will find that it also contains a severity and priority list of things that need to be done as soon as possible. Oftentimes, these things are exactly what a firm needs to succeed, and can pertain to a myriad of different areas. Content expertise, link authority, earned trust, and a sound SEO program are all synergistically tied together, and clients cannot succeed at any They vary by purpose of course, and can be anything from simple reviews, to deep penalty detection and repair, to comprehensive full suite audits with implementation support. Whatever the need or the purpose, Bruce Clay Inc. is there to help with whatever is needed.