Corporate Excellence 2021

Issue 8 2021 17 Leave it to the Pros The SaaS based loan servicing software, LoanPro, is the US and Canadian market’s only true, fullfeatured, API-based, mid-market and enterprise lending solution. We find out more about this unique service following LoanPro’s award for Most Outstanding Loan Servicing Software Provider 2021 – USA at the Corporate Vision Corporate Excellence Awards 2021. Founded in 2006 by Rhett, Ben and Lloyd Roberts with an initial vision to create a lending application that would suit the needs of small companies like their own, LoanPro is today the only true, full-featured, API-based, mid-market and enterprise lending solution available on the US or Canadian market. The SaaS-based loan servicing software was designed to simplify the complex world of lending and equip lenders with the tools they need to successfully manage their loan portfolio. The result is an industry-leading software that empowers tech-forwarded lenders through automation and data visibility. When the co-founders first entered the arena of loan servicing software, they sought to resolve specific issues within the lending space, like data visibility, scalability and the complexity of legacy systems. Consequently, LoanPro is able to serve clients of all sizes with its fully enterpriseready solution. While many lenders try to build their own inhouse loan servicing solutions for unnecessary expense and often with necessary features lacking, LoanPro is built on its own RESTful API and hosted on Amazon Web Services, so as to seamlessly integrate itself into its lenders’ current operations. With its complete and ready-to-use solution, LoanPro is successfully democratising the world of lending, a world that historically has made it difficult for the vast majority of businesses and individuals to offer loans. However, as point of sale and ‘buy now pay later’ lenders occupy more and more of the sector, there is an increasing need for lending to be simplified. This is where LoanPro comes in, with its solution that is also suited to the momentum of the industry and surrounding systems towards online mediums. LoanPro has made it possible to take an existing lending product and easily adapt to a more remote and online environment – a benefit that has been particularly valued by customers during the pandemic. The transition to remote work was easy, while lenders were able to make the necessary adjustments to their business models to remain competitive at a time when smart business decisions were essential. Moreover, LoanPro solves the problem of who controls data. Traditionally, lenders have given up a large amount of control over their loans to their servicing companies and software. LoanPro, on the other hand, has decoupled the software from the servicing arm and has given control back to lenders, allowing them to directly access and own their own data. This dynamic and unprecedented approach to the lending industry is a direct result of the innovative internal culture of LoanPro itself. Humble, hungry and smart; the three values that exist at the heart of the business that is made up of talent that is defined by motivation and collaboration. An inclusive and non-hierarchical workplace, LoanPro operates by the principle that the best idea wins, no matter the source, so that together, LoanPro can identify the needs of its clients and work in unison to meet those needs. Over the last few years, the journey to meeting those needs has been shaped around the focus on building a stellar product and identifying solutions to industry challenges. Now, the emphasis is on sharing those findings with the global lending industry as a whole. LoanPro has just recently announced a historic Series A capital raise of $100 million from FTV Capital, putting itself in position for massive growth in the industry and even more product innovations. As a result, there is little doubt that LoanPro will continue to be one to watch as it pioneers the exciting and ever-evolving landscape of loan servicing solutions. Contact: Will Gifford Company: LoanPro Web Address: Jun21135