Corporate Excellence 2021

Jul21086 The First Line of Cyber Defence As BSI Cybersecurity and Information Resilience continues to make a name for itself in being a leader of cybersecurity implementation, earning the title of ‘2021’s Leading Innovators in Cybersecurity’ for the United Kingdom, it reflects on the excellence that has allowed it to come so far. With a loyal customer base, outstanding team of staff, and a dedication to constant improvement, it has made itself the trusted defender of companies across all manner of sectors. Above all else, BSI Cybersecurity and Information Resilience gives clients access to the best, most effective response when facing cyber threats. It knows that in this modern age, many of the risks to modern business are entirely remote, and that such threats grow and change on a daily basis in step with the rest of the world’s progress; therefore, it has built itself up on being two steps ahead of cyber criminals in order to mitigate their activities. Fundamentally, it helps a client to build a more resilient information and IT infrastructure, developing it to be more robust in order to allow it to safeguard the information, people, and reputation within the business proper. Its integrated cybersecurity, security awareness and training, information management, data protection, compliance, and data risk advisory services has made it an example of exemplary cybercrime prevention response for its clients, helping their organisations reach a state of enhanced, sustainable information resilience. Each of its products works seamlessly around a client’s existing structure to make this happen. Firstly, within its cybersecurity offerings, it employs the best strategies possible to keep a client’s business safe, across a broad spectrum of proficiencies that cover both testing and vulnerability management, from penetration testing to gold standard Red Teaming. These also include its cloud security, web security, and cloud access brokerage, as well as identity access management and data protection. In essence, each of its services contains a myriad of products within it so that it can tailor its work to fit a client’s business, as is again shown in its information management and data privacy work. With GDPR having been initiated, and a number of new legislations put in place, privacy management and data protection has come under more scrutiny than ever before. BSI knows that organisations have to be more transparent now than ever before, so it strives to allow its clients to function in the most seamless and sophisticated possible way, fully complying with legislation regarding information gathering, data use, archiving, and destruction. Additionally, it offers security awareness and training which will upskill every staff member in a client’s team, ensuring they avoid the pitfall of untrained staff members making errors due to lack of proper onboarding. According to research, 91% of cybercrime begins with phishing emails. Its training and education into what cybercrime is and how it works will significantly decrease the risk of staff falling for these, and its robust, agile, and compliant training modules will turn a client’s staff into their front line of defence against cyber criminals. With both online and classroom based certified training courses, it provides a mix of information security, cloud security, and data protection courses in line with BSI’s own values. These, critically, have forged the foundation upon which the company was built. By operating with integrity, respect, and expertise, BSI has made itself a leading provider of research and development, as well as auditing services, training, data compliance, managed technology solutions, and advisory services, making itself a one stop shop when it comes to cybercrime mitigation. These values having not changed since its inception, it has cultivated an atmosphere of reliability and trust that its clients can consistently rely on, and with said clients occupying a myriad of industries – as well as many different scales, locations, and complexities – it promises that its toolkit with have something for every business. In addition, when it comes to setting itself apart from the rest, its end-to-end capabilities exist across a spectrum of requirements that specifically have been developed as confidence boosts. Due to this, a client finds they can more easily trust in their own operations, taking pride in the resulting improved infrastructure. In tandem with all of this, BSI’s blends of traditional professional consultancy and contemporary attitudes allows is to support clients with all manner of digital risks, using the prestige of its heritage as the writer of the BS7799 international standard for information security in order to grant them peace of mind that they’ve chosen the right company. BSI’s heart and soul is the protection and safeguarding of its client’s digital livelihoods, continuing to work on a global level with each of its peers, clients, and partners to continuously refine this. Thusly, BSI reassures its clientele that it will always be the company with the finger on the pulse of its industry, reading to react to new developments in cybercrime or legislation and adapt accordingly, each of its staff members working hard and with pride to consistently impress its clients. In this manner, BSI’s staff are its core asset. Each of them boast a spectrum of knowledges and specialties, operating within a highly collaborative internal structure that allows each of them to continuously deliver trusted clients the outcomes they desire, pulling both BSI and its client base through the challenges of the pandemic as a result. Moreover, this has been pivotal due to the world’s increased reliance on remote working and operation, as BSI saw more business than ever pivoting to online work out of necessity for their continued survival. BSI was more than happy to step up to the plate when helping these clients, and indeed continues to do so today, making for a transition to global remote life in 12 months that was surmised to previously have taken as long as 7 years to complete. The traditional 9-5 is a thing of the past; long live the new normal. Therefore, BSI has embraced these changes and is helping its clients to do the same, encouraging them to see the benefits to the wellbeing of its employees and to their own revenue streams. In this manner it will be focusing on expanding BSI’s cybersecurity and digital trusts, focusing on emerging technologies such as IoT and OT, as well as increased cloud adoption, RPA, 5G, and CISO. As it moves forward into the future, it will be continuing with this exemplary work for both its clients and staff, making itself the stalwart defender of modern businesses as new advances continue to march ever onward. Company: BSI Cybersecurity and Information Resilience Contact: Rajshri Jain Website: