Corporate Excellence 2021

Issue 8 2021 19 you and you’ll see that the most successful people are happy and wellbalanced. If we fill every corner of our minds with busy work, we leave no space for innovation, which is the genius of American business.”, says Neeti. Neeti is now focused on improving the lives of girls and women. Fifty percent (50%) of the proceeds from the sales of her upcoming book will be donated to an all-girls school in India to fund their technology and innovation lab, along with scholarships for village girls. “You help one girl, you secure the whole family,” she says. “I’ve had the best of opportunities for growth in my life, and I want to give that chance to as many girls as I can. Success has more meaning when it is shared in a meaningful way with others.” Company: Contact: Neeti Dewan Email: [email protected] Website: Dewan, an accomplished keynote speaker and business executive, says, “My systematic approach is designed to enable you and your teams to rise to the top, increase productivity, enhance profitability, and achieve financial security.” NEETI DEWAN, CPA, MBT Global Head of Tax, Club Car, LLC Angel Investing: SART Accelerator, Inc. Speaker, Author: Corporate Excellence 2021 53