Corporate Excellence Awards 2022

Mar22464 Private Equity Experts Secure Success No two businesses are the same, and when it comes to selling your practice, you want to find a team that understands the unique position of your industry. The team at Viper Equity Partners know better than anyone the perils and perks of the dentistry and aesthetics sector. Their knowledge has earned them success in Corporate Vision’s series of Corporate Excellence Awards, where the team was named Most Innovative Leader in Private Equity – 2022. We dig a little deeper to find out more. Transitioning a business is no easy feat, requiring detailed knowledge, a keen business eye and a sense of where any legal troubles might arise to stay ahead of the competition. The team at Viper Equity Partners have made their name working alongside medical professionals such as dentists, plastic surgeons, and dermatologists to make their business dreams come true. Stacking up more awards then any of their competitors Viper maintains that their profound understanding of the business is what keeps them on top. Justly regarded as America’s leading M&A Advisory and Investment Bank in dentistry and aesthetics, the team at Viper Equity Partners have a long history of going above and beyond to secure the ultimate in success for their clients. With a closure rate of 97%, what is clear is that if you want to move forward, this is the team to get you there. Every client is treated with the care and attention they deserve, with access to a team of financial professionals who always act with integrity and efficiency. This is 100% representation for each client resulting in top deal valuations and structure. Since 2009, the team have been able to close deals of over $3 billion, and the numbers just keep on growing. They are specifically known for unique deal structure bringing top dollar to their clients with strong growth oriented private equity partners. This amazing success has been due, in no small part, to the unique relationships that the team have developed with family offices and private equity-funded organisations. It has allowed them to bring deals to the table that truly stand apart as something very special indeed. The firm has offices in Palm Beach and Miami, Florida, allowing the team to work with doctors in almost every state in the USA. Only those in Washington, Oregon and Alaska miss out on the incredible potential offered by Viper Equity Partners. Part of the success of Viper Equity Partners has come from the team’s ability to continue evolving their techniques to match the needs of their customers moving forward. In July 2021, the firm launched a new program aimed to produce a 100% closing ratio within 90 days. The program, named The Phoenix, was specifically designed to produce results before a possible capital gains hike six months later. The new program is designed for practices with over 5m in revenues with multiple doctors on staff. Viper takes a deep dive into the financials and underwrites each deal before going to market. This incredible approach was only possible thanks to the hard work of this experienced team as they leveraged their skill in this sector to benefit potential clients. Dental practices across the US were able to benefit considerably from their proactive approach to the work. The team’s skill in the sector demonstrates that they always have their clients’ best interests at heart. It’s not enough simply to provide a knowledgeable service, theirs is one which takes you by the hand and walks you through all the challenges that might arise. For this team, satisfaction comes first and, more importantly, in the form of exceptional results. There are very few who have turned to the team at Viper Equity Partners who have not been pleased with the incredible level of service that comes as part of working with this talented team. As the world of finance continues to evolve, it’s clear that Viper Equity will need to continue to evolve too. Fortunately, this firm has made its name in adapting to the difficulties and opportunities of the moment in order to deliver the best results on behalf of its clients. It’s an approach which has not only brought them success but will continue to do so for many years yet to come. Company: Viper Equity Partners Name: David Branch Email: [email protected]