Corporate Excellence Awards 2022 Software For A Marvellous Future Marvelution is a software company that simplifies Jenkins Integration in Jira and is predominantly focused on saving time for its clients. Built by Mark Rekveld, the firm has gone from strengthto-strength recently, culminating as it is recognised as 2022’s Leading OpenSource Software Development Specialists –Netherlands in the Corporate Vision Awards 2022.

Now in its 6th year, the Corporate Excellence Awards were launched by Corporate Vision Magazine to showcase the companies and individuals that are committed to innovation, business growth, and providing the very best products and services to clients across a wide range of industries. This year’s programme has not only been designed to celebrate and raise the profile of industrious, hardworking and innovative businesses from across the globe, but recognise the key players who have maintained leadership in their industry in what has been the most challenging past 2 years. This award is judged purely on merit by our inhouse teamwith all potential winners assessed against multiple relevant criteria, including company performance over a given period of time, expertise within the industry, sector or region, previous accolades won, and client testimonials or recommendations. Established in 2014, Corporate Vision has over the years evolved into a business title that professionals rely on to bring them the business knowledge, insight and news they need. Each month our magazine is circulated to in-excess of 82,000 professionals, including top-tier managers, key decision makers, business advisers and service providers in a number of core industries across the business landscape. Website: AI Global Media, Ltd. (AI) takes reasonable measures to ensure the quality of the information on this web site. However, AI will not assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, correctness or completeness of any information that is available through this web site. If errors are brought to our attention, we will try to correct them. The information available through the website and our partner publications is for your general information and use and is not intended to address any particular finance or investment requirements. In particular, the information does not constitute any form of advice or recommendation by us or any of our partner publications and is not intended to be relied upon by users in making or refraining from making any investment or financial decisions. Appropriate independent advice should be obtained before making any such decision. Any arrangement made between you and any third party named in the site is at your sole risk and responsibility. Editors Sofi Bajor, Senior Editor Rebecca Scotland, Editor Designers Daniela Levinte, Graphic Designer Lauren Baldwin, Graphic Designer 6. Marvelution Software For A Marvellous Future 8. ProPharma Group Best Pharmaceutical Regulatory & Compliance Consultancy 2022 10. Leadership Principles The Leaders’ Leader 11. Exponential AI The Power Of Artificial Intelligence 12. eDiversa Group Forging the Modern Corporate Communications Network 16. VMGroup Tackling Modern Menaces 17. Athenian Group, LLC Customised Solutions & Sustainable Results 18. Certus Recruitment Group Truly Specialist Recruitment 19. Finavator Facilitating the Marriage of Fintech and Banking 20. We Don’t Have Time Time For Change!

Contents 22. Eco Africa Digital Reconnecting With Nature Through Online Marketing 23. iSynergy 2022’s Leading Digital Marketing & SEO Agency - Ohio 24. Engel & Völkers Snell Real Estate Leading The Charge for Luxury Real Estate 25. Goal Group The Future of Finance 26. JMWholesale Ltd A Bright Future for JMWholesale 27. Medgate Philippines Healthcare For All 28. The KARS Group Ltd Equipped for Change 29. Incrementum AG Asset Management of the Future 30. VigiTrust An Integrated Approach To Risk Management 31. Kalos LLP 2022’s Leading Mid-Market Transactions Advisory Firm - Alberta 32. MORAI Inc Simulation Platform for Autonomous Vehicles 33. AVTECH Software, Inc. Most Innovative Environment Monitoring Solutions Provider – 2022 34. BENJAMIN DOUGLAS Florida’s Most Outstanding Recruitment Company - 2022 35. Clinton Marine Survey Most Cost Effective Hydrographic & Geophysical Surveys Company 2022 36. LA Micro Group The Best Choice for Independent IT Services 37. VIALINK Protected, Secure, Digital Identification 38. IOActive Inc Thriving on Outsmarting Hackers 39. Project Lifesaver International The Gold Standard of Search and Rescue for At-Risk Individuals who Tend to Wander 40. SmartVault Corporation Best Integrated Digital Document Storage & File Sharing Solution - 2022 41. eDriving eDriving’s Game-Changing Solution Evolves to Meet Companies’ Changing Needs 42. Sword GRC Outstanding in the GRC Software Space 43. The Big Talk Find Your Voice With The Big Talk 44. PayAngel Easyray’s Quick and Capable Premium Product at Zero Fees for International Money Transfers to Africa 46. Bespoke Digital Agency Ltd A Record-breakingApproach to Digital Marketing 47. OOONA.NET Ltd Rethinking Localisation 48. Identity Digital Carving Out New Digital Identities 50. MASF Consulting Ltd Irish Firm Demystifies Diversity and Inclusion 51. Creatopy Ad Automation Company Changes the Game 52. Inception Fertility, LLC Committed to Helping Create Families 54. Claire Buck Coaching Best Boutique Business Coaching Practice 2022 - United Kingdom 55. R3 Stem Cell The Future of Stem Cells 56. CorporateDNA Consulting The Consulting Firm That Delivers Results 57. The FutureWork Institute, Inc. Diversity, Equity, Inclusion 58. Inzata Big Data Leads The Way 59. IBST Limited Fantastic Filmmakers Secure Success 60. Locance Superior API Innovation 62. SpeechOcean Most Innovative AI Data Resource Provider 2022 64. Artvera Private Wealth Management (UK) Ltd Manage Your Wealth Like An Expert 66. Vizbii Technologies, Inc. Digitally Engaged 67. Austin Data Labs Supply Chain Innovation 68. Bizkaia Talent Bringing Brilliance to the Basque 69. Awaken Intelligence Build the Contact Centre of Tomorrow, Today 70. Municipal Claims Management Services Get The Money You Deserve 71. SCD Advisory Trusted Advisers, Transaction Enablers 72. AddingZEROS Executive Development Leading with Clarity 73. Netradyne An Eye on the Road with Netradyne 74. Binflux A Progressive Portfolio 76. Alldatum Business S.A. de C.V. Driving Digital Transformation Forward 78. Southpoint Financial Services A Much-Needed Leg Up 80. Bsecure Premium Mainframe Security 82. OneFourZero Fostering Collaboration in Business Consultancy

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Contents 83. Gresham International Pioneering Cryptocurrency 84. Kastle Securing Security Success! 86. GhangorCloud Gold Standard of Data Leak Prevention 88. L7 Defense Active Protection on APIs from the first Request 89. DailyPay On-Demand Pay You Can Trust 90. Megaphone Australia’s Best Marketers 91. Launch Entertainment Park Be Part of Launch and Skyrocket to Success 92. Jobilla Modern Recruitment for the Digital Age 94. Throne Biotechnologies Opening Doors for Stem Cell Educator Therapy 96. Rosediem Consulting Limited Pre-eminent Compliance Consultancy is the One to Watch! 98. ARYA BioMed Innovative Portable Oxygen Concentrators 99. Business IT Sustainable IT Solutions to Streamline Your Business 100. Vertex Group The Group of Unstoppables: Trailblazing Digital Transformation 101. PremierAgile Consulting Pvt Ltd An Agile Transformation For Your Business 102. SpryLyfe Breath Of Life 103. Perfect Cor Producing Perfection 104. JM Finn Managing the Future 105. Paracosma Inc Visions Of The Future 106. Advanced Commerce The eCommerce Experience 107. Boardsi A Perfect Corporate Matchy 108. MEOTEC Motivation For Change 109. nVIAsoft Corporation The Epicentre of Biometric Technology Advancement 110. LocoMobi World Inc. Moving the World 111. CoSourcing Partners Redefining HowWork Gets Done 112. Blue Beat Digital The Innovative Company That’s Changing The World 114. iSynergy West Coast Innovation, Rust Belt Work Ethic 116. Corecom Consulting Ltd Attracting Diverse Talent in IT 117. Explore Learning Live, Love, Learn with Explore Learning. 118. eStruxture Data Centers Five Years of Exceptional Data Center Services 119. Viper Equity PartnersName Private Equity Experts Secure Success 120. KCStrengthsHUB Changing the Way Businesses Operate 122. Precision FM Why Metrics Matter for Precision Facilities Management 123. Hush Therapy - TheraCoaching Hushing the Overwhelm in Business 124. Desarrollos Informáticos SHM S.L. - BrickControl Best Cloud-Based ConstructionManagement Software Provider - 2022Developed 125. Marlin Selection Global Recruitment with a Personal Focus 126. Charlotte Sweeney Associates Ltd A Place For Everyone! 128. disguise disguise Helps Brands Extend Their Reality for New Audiences 130. Hornetsecurity Cyber Security Specialists Secure Success! 131. vcita One-Stop-Shop For Small Businesses 132. LevitasBio Creating The Future of Cellular Analysis 134. KCStrengthsHUB Helping Global Pharma Clients Win the Battle for Talent and Creating a Company-Wide Culture of High Performance 136. Hooked On Code, LLC Most Outstanding Woman-Owned Web Design Agency 2022 137. Cydrill Empowering Professionals To Prevent Human Error: The New Frontier of Cybersecurity 138. We Don’t Have Time Most Innovative Environmental Technology Startup - 2022 139. Expandise Expand with Expandise! 140. Sigma Solutions Calm, Collected, Calculated 141. ATFX A Better Way To Trade 142. Benjamin Douglas. Innovation in Headhunting 144. Inscape Data Smart City Networks - In A Box!

- - - Software For A Marvellous Future Marvelution is a software company that simplifies Jenkins Integration in Jira and is predominantly focused on saving time for its clients. Built by Mark Rekveld, the firm has gone from strengthto-strength recently, culminating as it is recognised as 2022’s Leading Open-Source Software Development Specialists –Netherlands in the Corporate Vision Awards 2022. Based approximately 20 kilometres outside Amsterdam, Marvelution is a software development shop that grew from an open source software hobby project and focusses on the Jenkins Integration for Jira app. The goal of the app is to make the integration of Jenkins in Jira as easy as possible whilst providing insight into the results of Jenkins and its relation to Jira issues. Jira software is used for issue tracking and project management by more than 180,000 customers in around 190 countries, and Mark’s pioneering app has seen approximately 3,000 installs, and counting, to date. Some of the organisations that have used Jenkins Integration for Jira at some point in time have used it for bug-tracking and project management. These include big names, such as IBM, Dell, Fujitsu, Hewlett Packard, and the National Bank of Canada. “I built Jenkins Integration for Jira initially to solve my own problem,” explains the firm’s Founder, Mark Rekveld. “I felt the integration process between Jenkins and Jira was inefficient and I thought there must be an easier way to work with Jenkins builds in Jira. Turns out I was not alone.” Mark has a senior software engineer background as well as being an experience designer and solution architect, creating and building from small open source software to large enterprise applications. Mark initially focused on Java software development following gaining a Bachelor’s degree in informatics and his company started out as a way for Mark to share his coding work with the world. What began very much as an interest for Mark has since grown into a small, yet highly successful, company that provides software development consulting and development of its own software be it open or closed source. “It has never been one magic thing,” he elaborates. “It is many little things I have added over time which I have learned with the help of the Jenkins and Jira communities.” Thanks to the help of the Jenkins community of Jira users, Mark has steadily improved Jenkins Integration for Jira. What began very much as an umbrella open-source project in 2007, has led to a journey of success stories. The initial app for Jira for Hudson integration, one of Mark’s very first projects, launched on the Atlassian Marketplace in 2009 then, in 2013, Jenkins Integration for Jira went live on the Atlassian Marketplace. Such was its overwhelming success that Mark was able to establish Marvelution as a company in its own right in 2015. Regarding clientele, Mark tells us that anyone that develops software using Jira and Jenkins is a potential customer. This can be from the smallest one-man hobbyist to the largest international corporations, banks, and governments. “I try to be as open, honest and direct as possible with customers and treat all of them the same no matter the revenue they generate,” Netherlands-based one-man band Mark elaborates, “I still do all the development and customer service myself. I’m active in the open-source community and, more generally, I enjoy coding to solve problems. “This is a reason I personally deal with all support requests; I like helping users as they help me build things I’m happy with.” By putting his customers first, he has developed software that truly helps those around him. He has become a shining example of what it means to be client-focused. Recently, Mark’s company was recognised for its hard work by being bestowed with the prestigious accolade of 2022’s Leading OpenSource Software Development Specialists – Netherlands by Corporate Vision and, whilst Mark’s biggest challenge is making sure the cloud app, Jenkins Integration for Jira, can accommodate the ever-growing demand. He has no definite plans regarding the future other than to keep having fun developing new features and assisting his dedicated customer base. Mark concludes, “I shall just continue to focus on turning my hobby into a company and keep providing software development services, next to supporting the existing open source projects, that have made Marvelution into what it is today.” Contact Details Contact: Mark Rekveld Company: Marvelution Web Address: Jan22181 “I built Jenkins Integration for Jira initially to solve my own problem,” explains the firm’s Founder, Mark Rekveld. “I felt the integration process between Jenkins and Jira was inefficient and I thought there must be an easier way to work with Jenkins builds in Jira. Turns out I was not alone.” - - Marvellous Future r l i i i i l f i i - t - , D l . as r i t l il t i a s ft r l t t y r j t f J i T l f t i t i i s p s i l il t r i i i i i r latio t Jir i . Jir s ft r i f i i r t , t i pio ri i l , t d t . f t i i f r Jir t s i t i ti i t. i l i , let c r , t i l “I b ilt J i I t r ti f Ji i i i ll ex lai s t r ’s , l . l et J i Jir i i I easier y t r it J i il i Ji . ark has a senior s ft ar i r c r ll i experience designer a s l ti rc it ct, cr ti il i fr s all open source soft are t larg t r ris lic ti s. r initially focused on Java soft are ev l t f ll i i i Bachelor’s degree in infor atics a is c y st rt t s y for Mark to share his coding ork it t e rl . t v ry uch as an interest for ark has since gr i t a s all, y t ig ly successful, co pany that provides soft are evel e t c s lti g and develop ent of its o n soft are be it open or close s rce. “It has never been one agic thing,” he elaborates. “It is any little things I have added over ti e hich I have learned ith the help of the Jenkins and Jira co unities.” Thanks to the help of the Jenkins co unity of Jira users, ark has steadily i proved Jenkins Integration for Jira. hat began very uch as an u brella open-source project in 2007, has led to a journey of success stories. The initial app for Jira for Hudson integration, one of ark’s very first projects, launched on the Atlassian arketplace in 2009 then, in 2013, Jenkins Integration for Jira went live on the Atlassian arketplace. Such was its overwhel ing success that ark was able to establish Marvelution as a company in its own right in 2015. Regarding clientele, Mark tells us that anyone that develops software using Jira and Jenkins is a potential customer. This can be fro the smallest one-man hobbyist to the largest international corporations, banks, and governments. “I try to be as open, honest and direct as possible with customers tr t ll f t t tt r t r v e t ey ge erate,” t rl - - r l r tes, “I still o all the l t t r s rvic ys lf. I’ active i t e open-source it , r r lly, I j y c i g t s lve proble s. “ is is r s I rs lly l it all s rt requests; I like l i s rs s t y l il t i gs I’ appy ith.” By putting is c st rs rst, as evel e s ft are that truly helps those r i . as ec e a s i i g exa ple of hat it eans to be clie t-f c se . ece tly, ark’s co pany as recognised for its hard ork by being besto ed ith the prestigious accolade of 2022’s Leading penSource Soft are evelop ent Specialists – etherlands by Corporate Vision and, hilst ark’s biggest challenge is aking sure the cloud app, Jenkins Integration for Jira, can acco odate the ever-growing de and. e has no definite plans regarding the future other than to keep having fun developing ne features and assisting his dedicated custo er base. ark concludes, “I shall just continue to focus on turning y hobby into a co pany and keep providing software develop ent services, next to supporting the existing open source projects, that have made arvelution into what it is today.” Contact Details Contact: Mark Rekveld Company: Marvelution Web Address: Jan22181 I il i l , fi ’ , . i i ir i i i t i builds i i . 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ProPharma Group: Best Pharmaceutical Regulatory & Compliance Consultancy 2022 Science Minds over Regulatory Matters - Helping Emerging BioPharma & Device Companies Meet Their Objectives We provide support for a wide range of products including large or small molecules, medical devices and diagnostics, combination products, vaccines, generics, dietary supplements, IVD, nicotine replacement, and cell and gene therapy (ATMP). You name it and we have probably worked on it. C-Suite executives from emerging biotech and device companies choose ProPharma Group Regulatory Sciences (PPG-RS) for support because their success depends on optimal interactions with and submissions to regulatory agencies worldwide. For most clients, their first interaction with FDA is a Pre-IND Meeting; this critical meeting sets the tone for the entire development path. The difference between a great Pre-IND Meeting and a mediocre meeting is measured in years of development time and millions of dollars. ProPharma Group’s Vice President, Business Development, Jeff Antos says “this is one example of why it is so important to choose the most qualified consulting group to assist with the regulatory process”. In selecting a consulting group, the most important characteristics are as follows: • Scientific Credentials and Expertise: PPG-RS consultants have M.D.s, Ph.D.’s and other advanced degrees in key scientific disciplines representing toxicology, nonclinical, medical, clinical, drug safety, CMC, clinical pharmacology, biopharmaceutics, and medical device. • Frequent Interactions with Regulatory Agencies: Frequent interaction is necessary to understand key issues, personalities, and other nuances of Agency reviewers in each of the review divisions. PPG-RS has several meetings with review divisions each month. Our US office is in Washington, DC, enabling clients to conveniently prepare for and debrief from FDA meetings. • Experience: In his book, “Outliers,” author Malcom Gladwell states that, “it takes 10,000 hours of intensive practice to achieve mastery of complex skills and materials.” Each of our many strategists has more than 50,000 hours providing regulatory support. Unlike many of our competitors, PPGRS does not have a “B-Team.” The individuals you meet at the outset of the project are the people you will be working with for its duration. • Track Record of Success: Over the past four decades we have conducted approximately 30 successful formal meetings with FDA and EMA each year, including Pre-IND, End of Phase 2 Pre-NDA, Type C, INTERACT, Pre-Submission and Scientific Advice. During that same time period, we have submitted hundreds of successful INDs, NDAs, BLAs, ODDs, MAAs, 510(k)s, DeNovos, PMAs IDEs and Request for Designations. • Honest and Direct Advice: Our gap analyses and strategic assessments sometimes result in advice that the client would rather not hear. For example, on some occasions, when a client has wanted to request a Pre-IND meeting immediately, we have advised them that they will have a better outcome if they accomplish some of the prerequisites (e.g., a specific nonclinical study) first. • “Glocal” Reach: Local presence is necessary for regulatory success. We have a global footprint of local presence for FDA (US), EMA (Europe), MHRA (UK), PMDA (Japan), NMPA (China), TGA (Australia) plus many other countries. • Wide Range of Services: In addition to Regulatory Sciences, we offer our clients a comprehensive suite of services throughout the full product lifecycle available globally, including quality/ compliance services, R&D technology, clinical research solutions, medical information/pharmacovigilance, and post approval commercial support. • Flexibility: Every client has unique goals, objectives, styles of working and personality. We adapt our style to mesh with client teams, thereby becoming a single team dedicated to accomplishing milestones and business objectives. • Project Management: Effective project management is essential to project success. All of our projects have assigned PMs who are responsible for delivering contracted project results on time and within budget, managing the PPG team and communicating with the client team. How we work We can start anywhere in the process. Some clients come to us at the end of the process, requesting a review of their documentation prior to submission or for electronic publishing assistance. Whereas a majority of clients come to us at the beginning of the process with three things: a product, an indication and a question. Their question is, “what is the best way to get our product approved,” where best means cheapest, fastest, and highest probability of success. So, we spend time with our clients developing what we sometimes call a “Roadmap to Approval,” considering not just regulatory but assessing all of the scientific disciplines necessary for success, including nonclinical, clinical, CMC and clinical pharmacology. “The reason why we exist is simple: we help our clients get their drug and device products approved.”

Issue 4 2022 23 In most cases, after the development of the plan, we assist our clients through the key stage gates of development. For FDA, these are Pre-IND, IND, EoP2, Pre-NDA/BLA and NDA/BLA submission approval. We also provide support for Orphan Drug Designation (ODD), initial Pediatric Study Plans (iPSP) and any other FDA need. For most clients, we work on a project by project basis but we are sometimes asked to support our clients as their full regulatory department for a monthly retainer. Our clients are innovators, scientists and business executives of emerging pharma, biotech and medical device companies whose personal and corporate success is directly linked to regulatory success. They choose PPG-RS because we are unrivaled in the industry for helping clients achieve their regulatory milestones and business objectives. Company: ProPharma Group Website: Jeff Antos “Our goal is to be your regulatory partner, moving you from one regulatory phase to the next, in pursuit of your corporate objectives. Located across the globe and averaging 10 years of experience, our 150 professionals use thoughtfulness and scientific acumen to consistently exceed expectations and help our clients succeed.” Matthew Weinberg, President of Regulatory Sciences Matthew Weinberg Development Process for EU Approvals Is ue 4 0 Development Process for US Approvals Corporate Excellence 2 2 9

Issue 4 2022 27 Feb22504 The Leaders’ Leader Leadership Principles Ltd is the brainchild of motivational speaker Gordon Tredgold. Gordon tells us, “Leadership Principles is a leadership consultancy that caters to senior-level Managers, C-Suits Executives, and Entrepreneurs.” By working with Leadership Principles they are able to attain high level training, coaching, consultancy, and they can experience the true power of speech. Gordon Tredgold has now won Most Influential Corporate Motivational Speaker – 2022 for his ability to connect with people from around the world. From the moment Founder and Motivational Speaker, Gordon Tredgold, created Leadership Principles he knew that it was going to be big. With large dreams and the personality and passion to follow them, Gordon has built something incredible. Gordon is driven in everything that he does and he offers insight into what it means to be a leader – for the benefit of the people around us. He knows how to lead people and helps them to help others; Gordon helps us to reach our maximum potential. Gordon created a collection of principles called FAST which can help people to achieve results in their leadership practice. This collection of principles stand for: • Focus: focusing on goals with a clear direction. • Accountability: let people know you are accountable and show them how to be accountable too. • Simplicity: communicate simply and keep it clear-cut for clean results. • Transparency: this is all about being open and honest with both yourself and the people you work with so that both parties can discover the best way forward. Working with clientele such as Accenture, Westrock, Fujitsu, Fordham University, and many more, Leadership Principles has been part of a network of large, medium, and small businesses. It is quickly adding more connections to its roster by working with corporate clients, universities, and individuals. Not only does Gordon provide information and motivational speeches in person, but he also delivers then via the web – for ease of access from anywhere around the globe. Leadership Principles’ clients are all looking to improve communication, attitudes, and success within their fields. Its staff make these wishes come true for each client due to their positive and helpful attitude. Gordon says, “My staff are crucial to my success. There isn’t any leader who does it all alone. Behind every great leader there is a great team at work, and I am no different. Having the right attitude is paramount to me.” It is so important for all businesses to form a bond as a team, with a positive outlook. Gordon continues, “A lot of people talk about the importance of employee engagement, but that is just the starting point. What we really need is more empowered teams. People are not afraid of hard work; they are afraid of failure. As leaders, we need to give these people the right tools, techniques, and a belief that they will be successful. When we do that, our teams automatically become more engaged, empowered, and excited that helps them to not only just meet their potential but also exceed it!” With regards to the Covid-19 pandemic, Gordon doesn’t confine himself to the fear and uncertainty of the situation. He says, “I think less in terms of challenges but more in terms of opportunities.” He continues, “The pandemic created a leadership crisis as many in leadership positions lacked the skills to inspire and empower teams, which are critical when you’re working with remote teams. Fortunately, I have been leading remote teams for many years, so already understood how to do this, and this has helped create opportunities to share the skills that allow people to create engaged and empowered remote teams.” With this wealth of knowledge and plenty of experience behind him, Gordon’s Leadership Principles has truly sky-rocketed. Now that Gordon has won Most Influential Corporate Motivational Speaker – 2022, he is looking to create online self-teach versions so that people can self-teach from anywhere they live or work. He is looking forward to the future as he continues to learn and develop his own skills in order to benefit a plethora of clients. Corporate Vision is proud to present this award for all of Gordon’s hard work and dedication in everything he does. Contact: Gordon Tredgold Company: Leadership Principles Web Address: From the moment Founder and Motivational Speaker, Gordon Tredgold, created Leadership Principles he knew that it was going to be big. With large dreams and the personality and passion to follow them, Gordon has built something incredible.

Issue 4 2022 27 Feb22546 The Power Of Artificial Intelligence No industry is getting simpler, and no sector has ever faced complexity like healthcare. To meet the constant demands that keep people safe and well, the team at Exponential AI have created a way of proactively responding to increasing difficulty in making decisions. In Corporate Vision’s rolling series of Corporate Excellence Awards, the firm was named Most Innovative Healthcare AI Company – 2022. We take a closer look to discover more about their remarkable achievement. Leaders across healthcare depend not only on accurate information, but on being able to make decisions based on this data. With more and more knowledge at people’s fingertips than ever before, the demand for smart processes that offer innovative solutions is paramount. In many cases, decision intelligence platforms, powered by the latest that AI has to offer, have allowed for exponential value creation. In the right hands, the sky really is the limit. Of course, it’s companies such as Exponential AI that often prove to be the right hands. This impressive team has built its business on a model of forging ahead into bold new territory, whilst also making sure that their solutions are of practical benefit to their clients. Where there is a need for smarter processes, this team is committed to delivering the best possible results each and every time. Across the healthcare sector, businesses have turned to Exponential AI for support and found precisely what they have needed in their broad portfolio of AI solutions. At the heart of what the team offer is their Decision Intelligence Platform Enso, a unique reusable Decision Agent ecosystem that combines various aspects of AI into one easy to use location. Many see AI as something to be feared, with a power all its own. What is clear from the work of the Exponential AI team is that AI is a tool to be used, and making that tool as user-friendly as possible allows businesses to make the most of what is available. To those who have used Enso, the benefits have been clear indeed. This impressive solution simplifies building, orchestrating, and managing decision agents at scale. The decision to provide pre-built decision agents means that companies can quickly build Decision Intelligence solutions that continuously improve with more data, insights, and decisions. This capacity for growth at scale is what makes Enso such an attractive proposition. The more that it is used, the better it becomes. Working with Exponential AI has allowed many companies to achieve impressive savings, such as a 47% reduction in costs, alongside a 60% improvement in operational efficiency. By outsourcing certain work to machines, which are specifically designed to think and act like humans, the team have been able to focus on what really matters to them. The world of healthcare is constantly changing, but with new additions to the market such as Exponential AI, these changes do not have to be intimidating. Their impact on the industry has only just begun as companies in the healthcare sector begin to explore its possibilities. We cannot wait to see what power this new technology holds and what the team will do next. Company: Exponential AI Name: Nikhil Mendhi Email: [email protected]

Forging the Modern Corporate Communications Network Emboldened by a deeply ingrained commitment to being a cornerstone of modern business, eDiversa Group has made itself an integral part of document-share developments. With its user-intuitive platforms, its incredible staff, and its diligence regarding ensuring that its solutions seamlessly fit around each client’s needs and requirements, it has more than earned the title of the ‘Most Outstanding EDI Solutions Company’ for 2022. Additionally, it has created lasting relationships across all manner of scales and sectors with trust, respect, and honestly, bringing a personable aspect to an industry that can often lose the importance of people in amongst the data. EDI, known as electronic data interchange, is the business concept of trading documents in a standard scenario. It could be considered the forerunner of other forms of electronic document exchange that have taken on great importance in the business landscape, especially in the wake of the pandemic. eDiversa Group, with a strong background in electronic document exchange, is prepared to face this new reality that is so encouraging for the sector. With a motto of ‘your documents are our universe’, eDiversa Group is both a group and a connected company that specialises in fostering better connections in the business world, from document sharing to other electronic solutions that will allow a client to thrive in the emerging new epoch. With EDI solutions, electronic billing solutions, IBS services, SILICE, comeDiBuild, and even custom digital developments, it sets itself apart from its peers with custom rates tailored to a client and in-depth customer service. Fundamentally, right from the word go eDiversa Group will work with a client to draw out the details of their case, finding out how best it can help them by listening intently and fitting its solutions seamlessly around their existing infrastructure. In this manner, it makes itself a partner to their business that provides technology ‘at your service’, showing a client that remote technological solutions can be personable and friendly. Taking great pride in bringing technological solutions close to the client, connecting them to the wider world and facilitating the forging of tighter bonds across industry verticals and sectors, its adaptable nature has gained it significant notoriety. Many clients that have worked with it in various capacities leave it glowing reviews as a direct result of this. This, of course, is not something that has occurred overnight; eDiversa Group has been working hard since its inception to gain pre-eminence in its industry for electronic document interchange, going from purely an EDI specialist 18 years ago to the influential and varied business it is today. Nominally, its ability to provide the utmost value to clients through these services has made this possible, adapting to the requirements of any scenario and achieving the EDI supplier certification through hard work and grit. Its adaptability as a company can be seen developing during this time, resulting in the highly tailorable and flexible business that exists now, demonstrating in-depth knowledge of the different standards – nationally and internationally – as well as the different particularities of each sector in which these systems can be found. It also required demonstrating an intrinsic understanding of how the technological infrastructure can act as an intermediary for document transaction, needing connectivity to other EDI operators to ensure interoperability between users regardless of geographical boundary and other such restrictions. Over time, eDiversa Group has achieved each of these things, growing and consolidating its pace as the ideal partner for tackling any standard EDI project regardless of sector, location, or customer profile. Therefore, a big part of its reputation nowadays is meeting the requirements of its market with a shrewd competence that goes hand in hand with having its finger on the pulse of any new developments, leading it to be able to grow and adapt quickly and efficiently as and when such a thing is necessary. Additionally, as well as becoming one of the leading solutions for global electronic document transfer, exchange, and management, it must be considered that the solutions it provides have been emboldened by the efforts of different Spanish and European public administrations. Such organisations have been leading the charge for years now, encouraging digitisation and the improvement of businesses across the board. Thus, eDiversa Group is truly happy to see the fruits of its labour beginning to surface, pleased to say that this is something its clients can directly benefit from when they contract its services, contributing to the growth of its activity and presence in the market. Present in all scenarios where EDI can be implemented, eDiversa Group offers its exemplary aid to all manner of industries. Currently, its clients can be found across sectors such as health, distribution and retail, logistics, the automotive industry, and more – becoming an intermediary between customers, suppliers, and logistics operators With a motto of ‘your documents are our universe’, eDiversa Group is both a group and a connected company that specialises in fostering better connections in the business world, from document sharing to other electronic solutions that will allow a client to thrive in the emerging new epoch.

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that facilitates an easier and more reliable way of working. This means that eDiversa Group can provide the necessary technological tools and infrastructure to ensure a healthy supply chain for a multitude of different corporate elements, becoming an integral partner for its clients as a result through its purchase orders, shipping notices, stock information, invoices, and much more. In the coming years, it expects to see demand on its services increasing – especially amongst the clients who find themselves in need of a new way to exchange invoices in electronic format between buyers and suppliers – something it is excited to step up to the plate for. Indeed, when talking of these kinds of issuances, receipts, controls, and fulfilments, handling it through such watertight electronic means saves a customer all kinds of headaches. Able to ensure that its processes are being conducted with the utmost security and minimising human error as much as possible, it has tracked the pivot of many public treasuries towards such things, observing how steps are being taken to implement electronic invoicing between administrators and supplier across municipal bodies. Therefore, a client can rest assured that eDiversa Group will be providing everything necessary to manage such solutions. Making itself a thoroughly attractive linchpin of modern business. Its electronic invoice platform allows the management of invoices in multiple formats, by any means, and through any channel, so its clients have a complete service through which to automate the process. Its clients can also interact with different Spanish tax administrators through the framework of electronic tax management. Services such as Immediate Supply of Information and SILICIE – immediate supply of accounting books for special taxes – are available through its comeDiTax platform, born from the ambition of providing a single environment for any service related to tax management. Critically, the great deal of versatility and adaptability it has demonstrated ensures that it can customise its services with ease and elegance. Working alongside a client, taking into account all the details of their specific environments and requirements, its comeDiBuild platform provides a space through which they can cultivate relationships, whether they’re a company or supplier, each end of this communication can establish a beneficial outcome and a lifelong partnership. In the coming years, one of the objectives of this company is to incorporate other customisable elements into itself, especially focusing on those that would provide specific solutions to other sectors or groups in an outstanding example of ‘show don’t tell’. In short, it will be showing how its dedication to its clients, their requirements, and businesses of all kinds is more than just theory, it is something eDiversa Group is willing to funnel significant time and effort into. In time, it hopes that it will be able to develop and implement fully customised solutions to automate the specific needs of any company regarding its relationship with customers and suppliers. Having recently added customised digital design to its portfolio, thanks to the recent acquisition of Oma Technologies, the company has been able to get a step closer to this goal. Omatech boasts three independent teams, each with almost 20 years of experience, and handling everything from design development to management of digital projects and more, giving eDiversa Group the necessary muscle it needed to get ahead with its own internal product development. Leading any specific digital development for any company or need, it has made its name from the very beginning upon the basis of providing its services and relationships within the crucible of friendly and charismatic customer service that will always go above and beyond for a client. Thus, this is a major factor influencing its current unstoppable growth, setting it on a trajectory to increased presence through exemplary client service alone. Aiding this is the continually glowing reviews and testimonials left by its clients, words those prospective clients can trust – especially given most of them have been written by trusted peers and contemporaries working within their sectors. Furthermore, operating in an industry of primarily powerful solvent companies, it positions itself as a multinational group with a close-relationship attitude, absolutely focused on the client in question and their corporate health. This is showing its industry a new way of doing things that has become widely lauded as fresh and disruptive, something further emboldened by its prices. Critically, eDiversa Group takes pride in being able to offer its services at affordable prices that contain no hidden fees, taking close personal care of each of its 2000 clients with its 80 outstanding professionals and in-depth, well-built infrastructure. Whatever the size or sector of the invoice issuer or receiver, it has ensured that any company could benefit from its well-designed and user intuitive platforms, its marketing and communications bringing in more than 30% of turnover as it consistently focuses on outreach and ingratiating itself with the front-runners of modern business. Pioneering the ‘flat rate’ concept in EDI, it has been showing its commitment to simple, satisfactory, and plainly beneficial services; in short, if a client cannot immediately see the benefit, eDiversa Group will not offer it. It trusts the professional diligence and prowess of each of its customers and considers itself incredibly lucky to be able to work with such a diverse swathe of innovators, movers, and shakers. Each member of its team ensures that eDiversa Group can put its best foot forward in every case. The foundations of tenacity, diligence, and going above and beyond for a client remain core pillars to this day. Moreover, they understand the needs of each and every customer, working with empathy and understanding to be able to draw out the core needs of its clients and find the best possible solutions, achieving customer satisfaction being their primary objective. Using teleworking, it has developed a great team since its inception – one that has maintained its excellence throughout the pandemic – through work-life balance, healthy working relationships, good wages, and significant opportunities for career growth. In this manner, eDiversa Group promotes an attitude of growth and aspiration amongst its staff just as much as it provokes this amongst its wider market segment, resulting in a team of driven, ambitious people who are undaunted by a challenge and have the support around them to provide their best work. Additionally, eDiversa Group has been working hard to maximise diversity and inclusion. Championing the incorporation of many different perspectives, cultures, and ideas within its ranks, it respects all thoughts that its staff bring to the table, acknowledging the lenses through which they see the world as intrinsically valuable. After all, this is a big part of being able to work with such incredible levels of empathy. Consolidating its own growth process and being fully prepared to meet the needs of its clients that will no doubt arise in the future, it looks forward to helping foster a healthy future of EDI within the crucible of change the past 18 months has created. As a technological cornerstone and an international communications expert, it promises its clients that they can expect its innovation, tenacity, and excellence will only be growing as it moves into the future, and it looks forward to helping them step up to answer the call of any challenges this may present. Company: eDiversa Group Contact: Eva Andreu Benito Website: Taking great pride in bringing technological solutions close to the client, connecting them to the wider world and facilitating the forging of tighter bonds across industry verticals and sectors, its adaptable nature has gained it significant notoriety. Many clients that have worked with it in various capacities leave it glowing reviews as a direct result of this.

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Jan22264 Tackling Modern Menaces The challenges of today mean finding innovative solutions based on expert knowledge. When it comes to uncovering the IT crimes that modern society brings, there are few businesses finer than the team at VMGroup. Their skill makes them more than capable of handling any aspect of computer forensics investigation. In Corporate Vision’s Corporate Excellence Awards, the team were named Best International Digital Forensic Services Provider – 2022. We look more closely to discover more. Since 2014, the team at VMGroup have provided their clients with the incredible knowledge of digital forensics that they have needed to thrive in the modern world. With so much changing around us, the need for an expert eye is vital and the VMGroup team are uniquely equipped to provide it. Working on an international basis, the team at VMGroup have been proud to offer their skills to companies ranging from multinationals through to SMEs, from financial institutions through to FTSE100 clients. The need for a business that can offer vital support when it comes to Digital forensics, eDiscovery, Data Recovery, Information Security consulting, IT Audit, Risk assurance services, and all related areas is clear. No matter how complex the assignment, the team at VMGroup always go above and beyond to deliver truly astonishing results which reflect the needs of their clients. The success of VMGroup comes from the team’s commitment to offering incredible service at all times. The world of digital forensics is one which is constantly evolving, and is a relatively new avenue of business. VMGroup leads the way in this regard, offering an approach which has been able to support innumerable clients over the last seven years. By reacting swiftly to the demands of the moment, the team have been able to secure a niche in the marketplace that cannot be matched by any of their competitors. A key part of the team’s success is drawn from the comprehensive nature of what they offer their clients. VMForensics, VMSecurity & Compliance, VMDiscovery and VMAudit are all different attributes of the company allowing them to meet the specific needs of every challenge that might arise for clients. The success of VMForensics is the key behind the firm’s success in Corporate Vision’s Corporate Excellence Awards. This has quickly become the premier service not only in Ireland, but around the world when it comes to digital forensics. The use of state-of-the-art facilities means that the team can recover, analyse and present digital evidence stored in PCs, Laptops and Servers. This can vary from exploring email correspondence through to the complex issues regarding intellectual property theft. In many investigations, both internal and criminal, digital evidence has become a vital part of proceedings. As leading experts in this field, the team have been trusted by criminal law firms when it comes to litigation as well as the internal affairs of large corporates and SMEs. The role of data within our lives has become increasingly important over the last few years, and the team at VMGroup have made it their mission to stand apart as a leader in the industry. We celebrate the team’s incredible success and look forward to the amazing way in which they will continue to innovate in this burgeoning sector in the future. Company: VMGroup Name: Vivienne Mee Email: [email protected]

Issue 4 2022 21 Feb22022 Customised Solutions & Sustainable Results As one of the leading minority owned firms in the US over the last decade, Athenian Group, LLC has partnered with both large- and small-scale organisations to drive sustainable change, improve operating efficiency, and increase bottom line results. Its team strives to truly understand each client’s unique needs, culture and operating model to develop a custom solution which leverages cross industry best practices. Recognised as Best Strategic Management Advisory Firm 2022 – Texas by Corporate Vision, we take a closer look at what it has to offer clients. Athenian Group was founded on the belief that deep skills, real world experience and collaborative relationships, combined with experienced leadership and disciplined management can produce spectacular results for clients. It strives to provide superior service across many dimensions required to guide clients through business planning and execution, while tackling tough challenges to drive outstanding business performance and results. The company provides a high calibre of consulting products and services without the overhead and infrastructure of bulge bracket firms, enabling it to provide a hybrid approach for its clients, delivering extreme value to each endeavour. It honours its commitments faithfully, collaborates with assignments instinctively, develops its people diligently, and engages in its community continuously. In a rapidly evolving business landscape, the ability to both effectively and efficiently react to market changes makes the difference between a market leader and a follower. Developing and sustaining an optimised balance between agile operations and core principles is a fundamental component of the Athenian philosophy. While every client is unique, leveraging proven experience and sustainable approaches has yielded great results for clients, regardless of season or industry. Athenian has assembled an unprecedented collaborative team of well pedigreed, innovative and experienced senior advisors and thought leaders who leverage experience working in large bulge bracket professional firms, as well as experience leading some of the country’s largest organisations and government municipalities. They boast 75 years of combined experience within the industry and collaborate with clients to craft effective solutions, rolling up their sleeves to work alongside them and deliver exceptional results and benefits. They deliver wise counsel and sustainable results. Managing Partner, Bobby Dixon has over 20 years of consulting and management experience with companies in a broad range of industries ranging from Fortune 500 to startups. A graduate of both Harvard Business School (MBA) and Rice University, Bobby began his career at Deloitte Consulting managing domestic and international projects in the government and public utilities space, totalling over $1.2B in customer savings and creating sustainable organizational structures for those clients. As managing partner of Athenian Group, Bobby has overseen complex large scale business transformations and led the some of the most robust updates to the infrastructure of the largest municipalities in the country. Bobby specializes in making rapid, yet thoughtful assessments of diverse situational challenges and leading resultsoriented action plans designed to improve bottom line performance. Bobby is joined by Director of Programme and Change Management, Tanyan Farley, who is a dynamic management consultant with extensive experience in global business transformation, organisational change management, project management, executive stakeholder engagement, process development, and strategic plan development across multiple industries including government, energy, and oil and gas. A graduate of Rice University, Tanyan specialises in driving sustainable change through technology transformation, streamlining business operations, and facilitating enterprise wide communication, whether through Microsoft Dynamics Products or fit for purpose solutions. Director of Business Development, Victor Flint is also part of the senior team, bringing more than 25 years of experience in identifying, attracting and acquiring new business to his current role. A graduate of Morehouse College, Mr. Flint held various executive business development and sales positions for leading firms including Honeywell Inc, Pacific Gas & Electric, WebMd and Cisco. He has extensive experience working with public and private organisations within technology transformation, organisational optimisation and strategy development to identify and implement enterprise-wide solutions that drive improved operational efficiencies, increased productivity and financial savings. Leadership, management and execution are easy words to say, but much tougher concepts to conquer. Like pieces of a complex puzzle, each complements the other. And Athenian Group’s seasoned and highly experienced senior team masters this, leading top-notch staff to drive sustainable change with regards to clients’ technology, systems, processes and people. This all amounts to the firm’s very deserving success within the 2022 Corporate Excellence Awards. Company: Athenian Group, LLC Contact: Bobby Dixon Email: [email protected] Website: