Corporate Excellence Awards 2022

Issue 4 2022 21 Feb22022 Customised Solutions & Sustainable Results As one of the leading minority owned firms in the US over the last decade, Athenian Group, LLC has partnered with both large- and small-scale organisations to drive sustainable change, improve operating efficiency, and increase bottom line results. Its team strives to truly understand each client’s unique needs, culture and operating model to develop a custom solution which leverages cross industry best practices. Recognised as Best Strategic Management Advisory Firm 2022 – Texas by Corporate Vision, we take a closer look at what it has to offer clients. Athenian Group was founded on the belief that deep skills, real world experience and collaborative relationships, combined with experienced leadership and disciplined management can produce spectacular results for clients. It strives to provide superior service across many dimensions required to guide clients through business planning and execution, while tackling tough challenges to drive outstanding business performance and results. The company provides a high calibre of consulting products and services without the overhead and infrastructure of bulge bracket firms, enabling it to provide a hybrid approach for its clients, delivering extreme value to each endeavour. It honours its commitments faithfully, collaborates with assignments instinctively, develops its people diligently, and engages in its community continuously. In a rapidly evolving business landscape, the ability to both effectively and efficiently react to market changes makes the difference between a market leader and a follower. Developing and sustaining an optimised balance between agile operations and core principles is a fundamental component of the Athenian philosophy. While every client is unique, leveraging proven experience and sustainable approaches has yielded great results for clients, regardless of season or industry. Athenian has assembled an unprecedented collaborative team of well pedigreed, innovative and experienced senior advisors and thought leaders who leverage experience working in large bulge bracket professional firms, as well as experience leading some of the country’s largest organisations and government municipalities. They boast 75 years of combined experience within the industry and collaborate with clients to craft effective solutions, rolling up their sleeves to work alongside them and deliver exceptional results and benefits. They deliver wise counsel and sustainable results. Managing Partner, Bobby Dixon has over 20 years of consulting and management experience with companies in a broad range of industries ranging from Fortune 500 to startups. A graduate of both Harvard Business School (MBA) and Rice University, Bobby began his career at Deloitte Consulting managing domestic and international projects in the government and public utilities space, totalling over $1.2B in customer savings and creating sustainable organizational structures for those clients. As managing partner of Athenian Group, Bobby has overseen complex large scale business transformations and led the some of the most robust updates to the infrastructure of the largest municipalities in the country. Bobby specializes in making rapid, yet thoughtful assessments of diverse situational challenges and leading resultsoriented action plans designed to improve bottom line performance. Bobby is joined by Director of Programme and Change Management, Tanyan Farley, who is a dynamic management consultant with extensive experience in global business transformation, organisational change management, project management, executive stakeholder engagement, process development, and strategic plan development across multiple industries including government, energy, and oil and gas. A graduate of Rice University, Tanyan specialises in driving sustainable change through technology transformation, streamlining business operations, and facilitating enterprise wide communication, whether through Microsoft Dynamics Products or fit for purpose solutions. Director of Business Development, Victor Flint is also part of the senior team, bringing more than 25 years of experience in identifying, attracting and acquiring new business to his current role. A graduate of Morehouse College, Mr. Flint held various executive business development and sales positions for leading firms including Honeywell Inc, Pacific Gas & Electric, WebMd and Cisco. He has extensive experience working with public and private organisations within technology transformation, organisational optimisation and strategy development to identify and implement enterprise-wide solutions that drive improved operational efficiencies, increased productivity and financial savings. Leadership, management and execution are easy words to say, but much tougher concepts to conquer. Like pieces of a complex puzzle, each complements the other. And Athenian Group’s seasoned and highly experienced senior team masters this, leading top-notch staff to drive sustainable change with regards to clients’ technology, systems, processes and people. This all amounts to the firm’s very deserving success within the 2022 Corporate Excellence Awards. 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