Corporate Excellence Awards 2022

Jun22203 Equipped for Change The KARS Group Ltd specialises in “The People Side of Change”. Specifically, it works with clients from a variety of industries in the areas of engagement, learning, and leadership to equip them to embrace, manage, and lead through change. Corporate Vision magazine has recognised The KARS Group as deserving of its Best International Change Management Consultant – 2022 award, so we got in touch with President and Chief Change Officer, Keisha A. Rivers to learn more. The KARS Group is dedicated to transforming businesses through providing learning sessions, leadership development off-site, diversity, equity and inclusion strategic planning, organisational management, employee engagement, and programme development services. Its signature Leadership at Scale™ model equips organisations to turn supervisors and managers into “People and Process Leaders”, thus enhancing employee engagement, fostering a collaborative environment, and strengthening leadership. The KARS Group’s key goal is to support organisations in the creation of safe spaces where all people feel seen, heard, and valued. It believes in creating inclusive communities that celebrate and embrace diversity and it supports this effort through its services, consulting projects, and initiatives. This has defined the company’s approach, allowing it to create customised initiatives that best serve the needs of each individual client. President and CCO, Keisha A. Rivers explains, “We not only “tell” clients how to cultivate these environments for themselves, we model the process by working alongside them to help them apply, build, and sustain long-term changes, growth, and success. This approach, above all else, is the key to our success. We constantly focus on teaching our clients to sustain their growth, and not solely rely on someone else doing it for them. When you have buy-in from those you work with, it provides an opportunity for them to not only be an active part of the process, but they are also able to help shape the direction of initiatives as they learn, grow, and develop.” In this way, The KARS Group is not a “typical” consulting firm that makes recommendations and outlines action plans. It embeds itself within its client organisations to become a part of the process and their growth by facilitating their learning and development. Because Keisha has a background in education and business, the company was founded on the principles of being learning-centred and equipping clients to become self-sufficient. This is something that will not change. Serving mid- to large-sized business-to-business companies and organisations from a variety of industries, The KARS Group has found that its approach lends itself best to organisations that are outward-facing in their service model and that have experienced (or continue to experience) a great deal of change and innovation. Its unique value lies in its approach to equipping organisations and their leadership to sustain long-term growth, innovation, and success. The KARS Group is different from other consultancies in its focus on working with clients to facilitate successful outcomes, not just implement action steps. Its clients are integrally involved in every aspect of its service model and contribute to the process in ways that allow it to develop something unique that is tailor-made for them. Keisha says, “Clients come to us when they want to create change initiatives that are embedded in the foundation of who and what they are as an organisation and a community. We pride ourselves on creating communities within organisations to bring out the best in the people who work there. Our mantra is “peoplefirst, people-focused, people-forward”.” Of course, none of what The KARS Group does could be possible without its team, who are a wonderful group of dedicated, talented individuals. Keisha says, “We attract those who are committed to growth, learning, inclusivity, and innovation in building a collaborative community internally. We believe wholeheartedly in “walking the talk”, so it is very important to us to create the same type of safe community where people feel seen, heard, and valued as we work with our clients to create for themselves and their people.” When expanding the team, Keisha believes it is important to find team members who are excited about the work they do, passionate about ongoing learning, and committed to leaving clients in a better position than that they were found in. The company is constantly open to expanding its community of service providers and strategic partners in areas where its clients are or will be experiencing challenges. It is constantly exploring what’s next and positioning the team and business to be ready for not only what it is, but what is to come. Now, The KARS Group is excited to be relaunching its rebranded podcast, “Equipped for Change”, a weekly podcast that will feature 30 minutes in four formats: Mic-Side Chats on top of mind topics; Inside the Mind segment with successful leaders discussing their thinking around change initiatives; Teachable Moments with subject matter experts who will share insights on new concepts; and Theory into Practice case studies where best practices will be discussed along with application to real-world issues and questions submitted by listeners. Alongside this, Keisha will be completing her next book, “People Side of Change”, which will provide insights to leaders on how to create safe, inclusive communities where all people are seen, heard, and valued, while also including real-world application of concepts and best practice to equip them to embrace, manage, and lead through change. Company: The KARS Group Ltd Contact: Keisha A. Rivers Email: [email protected] Website: