Corporate Excellence Awards 2022

Issue 1 2023 11 valued partners for their clients. The success of this approach has been reflected in the way in which much of the firm’s business comes not through direct marketing, but word of mouth from client to client. For this team, trust and professionalism are uppermost in their minds. Looking ahead, IBST aims to consolidate its efforts to have a wider presence across Africa, as well as stronger ties to Europe and America. The changing fortunes of the global and local economy will guide many of these decisions, with political and social issues playing a major role in defining the progress of the markets in which the team operate. Whilst the markets may be uncertain, the ambition of the IBST team is not. They are also planning to seek partnerships in Asia and to pursue vigorously the promotion of content and services created on the African continent for a global audience. Their international attitude is one which will continue to bring them success for many years to come. What does it mean to bring video the market in the 21st Century? It’s clear that no one understands this better than IBST, with the team’s high profile projects bringing them continued success. We celebrate their achievement and cannot wait to see what they do next! Company: IBST Limited Name: Aderemi Ogunpitan Email: [email protected] Web Address: Dec22266 Fantastic Filmmakers Secure Success The power of video is one which has become accessible to everyone over the last decade, but in a crowded market, it takes real talent to stand out. The team behind IBST Limited offer services across Africa, with offices in London, and their work in a host of different situations certainly sets them apart. Named Best SME Video Production Company 2022 – Nigeria in the Corporate Excellence Awards 2022, we thought it right to take a closer look to find out more. For clients around the world, IBST has become a force to be reckoned with when it comes to their diverse offering of digital video production and technology products and services. With the values of quality, value and creativity at the beating heart of everything that the team offer, it’s easy to see how they manage to stand out as a unique creative force. Businesses such as CNN Creatives, WHO, ITN, MTN, European Commission, Facebook, Global Coalition, National Geographic and the European Broadcast Union have turned to the team for support when it comes to video content creation. This field covers the range of different venues for video, including documentaries, broadcast, feature films and social media content. Through a process of constant adaptation, the IBST team have remained at the forefront of the market, providing a service which is second to none. This is reflected in the internal operation of the business, with IBST taking on a team which is young, curious and vibrant. For some businesses, a challenge is something to be ignored, but for the IBST team, it is something to be relished. People who embody this spirit will find them ideal partners, as they enthuse and break the mould of what has gone mould. Working internationally has allowed the team to produce projects which connect people from around the world. Working with the most talented professionals and with the latest that technology can offer, alongside a lifetime of expertise, means that the IBST team can be the most