Corporate Excellence Awards 2022

Artificial Intelligence with live video, designed from the ground up as a tool to detect and determine the facts of events on the road. Netradyne’s solution fosters a safety-first culture within fleets by promoting positive driving behaviours and providing better transparency. Its innovation has some impressive results. Amongst users, it has documented: a 60% reduction in distracted drivers, a 76% improvement in following distance and a whopping 90% rise in compliance scores. It remains committed and driven to creating a safer world for all fleets, creating tomorrow’s safer and smarter roadways using advanced vision technology. It is already making clear strides in that direction. The road remains full of potential hazards, where poor driving may result in permanent damage. But thanks to Netradyne’s commitment combined with its advanced technology, fleets can facilitate drivers with a tool to truly save time and energy in this department. With its proven track record of positive effects on road safety, increased compliance, and increased visibility so situations can be analysed should they occur, Netradyne has genuinely crafted a tool of the future. One that is undoubtedly indispensable for the modern world. Contact: Sarah Duckett Company: Netradyne Website: May22674 An Eye on the Road with Netradyne Above all, drivers are at the core of road safety. However, even some of the most complex road dynamics and systems fail to tell the whole story of events on the road. Netradyne’s proactive safety solution is a step towards that full transparency, transforming complex data into actionable insights and scoring the company as the Most Innovative Fleet Safety and Analytics Solutions Firm - 2022. Since its inception in 2015, Netradyne has built a world-class team to deliver industry-leading fleet safety solutions. Its advanced AI fleet dash cams for commercial vehicles provide revolutionary fleet safety enhancements. Its solutions analyse fleet performance using forward-facing and in-cab camera systems with an overall mission of reducing incidents, enabling fast claims resolution, and decreasing the chance of litigation. This tangentially boosts morale among drivers, keeping them engaged and aligned with the safety culture, particularly with the knowledge that there is evidence of anything that occurs. Using real-time computing, the Netradyne cameras can capture the whole picture of a situation, allowing clients to see things in real-time. With the ability to see what’s going on every second of every mile, onlookers can quickly analyse 100% of the driving time risk. It also offers automated coaching facilities to optimise a driver’s performance, saving time by connecting remotely with drivers through multiple means to recommend videos so drivers can self-coach. And using advanced AI technology creates a balanced culture where rewards are available for positive driving behaviour and coach improvement areas, all with the most accurate driver score built on safe driving. It’s the first commercial vehicle technology provider to combine