Corporate Excellence Awards 2022

Issue 6 2022 17 Apr22312 Australia’s Best Marketers As Australia’s number one social media agency, Megaphone does things differently from most. On paper, it exists to grow clients’ businesses. But dig a little deeper and you’ll find that its mission extends far beyond that. In this issue of Corporate Vision, we explore Megaphone’s rise to stardom and its extraordinary awards success, being named 2022’s Leading Social Media Marketing Agency – Australia. Megaphone has passionately worked towards two goals from the very beginning: 1. To be Australia’s best agency (this was achieved in 2021, so it is now striving toward the world’s best agency), and 2. To be Australia’s best place to work. Every day, the learning-obsessed Megaphone team helps 350+ clients achieve, and then dramatically surpass, their goals. They work alongside a slew of brands of all shapes and sizes across diverse industries – from international apparel brands to boutique start-ups and everything in between. They grow brands holistically through strategy and action. Sure, they specialise in a range of digital fields – Google, Facebook, TikTok, SEO, lead generation, email marketing, and content creation, to name a few – but these are simply tools in their arsenal to help them achieve the overarching client-first objective: grow the business in all facets, holistically, and, most importantly, for the long-term. While other agencies might search for a quick return on ad spend, it may come at the expense of the brand image, customer loyalty, or long-term prospects. Megaphone starts from the ground up, looking at holistic marketing that can build customer loyalty, brand recognition, and long-term profitability, all while improving the core marketing and sales metrics along the way. Megaphone CEO, Lauren Oakes explains, “With strong knowledge across all aspects of business growth – from product-market fit to shipping and distribution, to marketing, post-purchase experiences, community building, branding, and so much more – we act as a second marketing arm to the business. Clients see us as part of the team, not an addition to it. And that’s all credited to our unique ability to effectively solve problems no matter in which area of the client’s business they arise.” Moreover, the company’s ever-optimising services list is focused around innovating and staying at the forefront of industry trends. Just because something worked last month, doesn’t mean it will work next month – this is why Megaphone focuses a significant amount of time and effort on proactive development, intelligent testing and data-led research. It all comes together in the formalised Megaphone Innovation Team – a collection of 10 of the most forward-thinking minds who push boundaries every day. There’s a combination at play here: a robust fusion of a never-settle attitude, a constant readiness to adapt, an open mind that doesn’t fear change, and a team obsessed with learning and improving themselves. With this combination forever front of mind, Megaphone has raked in myriad awards and remains placed in the driver’s seat to continue growing hundreds of brands in Australia, the USA, the UK, and beyond. Lauren says, “To ensure we always stay ahead of the game, and to scratch our itch of bettering ourselves professionally and personally, our talented team prioritises learning and development above all else. Why? Because we believe that only by becoming the best version of ourselves can we deliver our best work and therefore take clients’ businesses to the next level.” Underlying everything the Megaphone team do are five core values: Innovation, Proactivity, Authenticity, Excellence, and Enjoyment. These values are instilled in the team through one of the industry’s most extensive training programs, during which some of Australia’s brightest minds are taught all about marketing, sales, consumer psychology, and eCommerce development. But the company doesn’t just teach its team to grow as marketers, it teaches them to grow as people, providing resources to nurture their personal development, mindset, positive habits, and leadership. After a rebrand in 2021, its values were updated to reflect the new and modern Megaphone. And while the company logo might have got a facelift, the underlying driving force of the company will always be the same: its team members are encouraged to carve their own paths, never stop learning, and chase innovation every day. Lauren says, “With these traits ingrained in our psyche, we continue to find inventive ways to solve problems for our clients, dig into untapped markets and strategies to stay ahead of the highly-competitive industry, and, ultimately, maintain our reputation as Australia’s number one social media agency.” Following the phenomenal success it has recently seen in Australia and the USA, Megaphone officially launched an exciting expansion to the UK in 2022. Europe-based businesses can now access the forethinking minds, award-winning management, and industry-first MegaVortex© which has helped hundreds of diverse Australian, New Zealand, and American brands achieve hundreds of millions of dollars worth of business growth with an average 500% revenue improvement. Across all its locations, Megaphone will continue to seek out opportunities as they come; be those international offices to reach new clients, new services to adapt to an ever-changing landscape, or new internal departments sparked by the team’s passion and proactive outside-of-the-box thinking. And, along the way, it will innovate constantly to stay relevant. The Megaphone team is made up of performance marketers who deliver outstanding results – they constantly evolve clients’ businesses, and routinely evolve themselves and their skillsets simultaneously. Today, success can be seen across platforms like TikTok and Google; tomorrow, it might be something new. Expansion is about being able to create positive change and always innovate – for those who don’t stay ahead of the curve get left behind. Using tailored strategies, Megaphone has successfully scaled countless eCommerce and service businesses, achieving long-term and sustainable growth. Brands who want to increase their customer list, boost revenue, and holistically grow their business are encouraged to contact Megaphone at to claim a FREE strategy session worth $1200. Company: Megaphone Contact: Lauren Oakes Email: [email protected] Website: