Corporate Excellence Awards 2022

Issue 7 2022 21 Rosediem s 2 2 The field of financial services regulatory consultancy can seem overwhelming, but the Rosediem Consulting team has set themselves apart through solving problems in a way that provides clear and active direction regardless of the scale and complexity of a firm. The success of Rosediem Consulting and the sheer determination of Nisha is something that is hard not to notice. Despite having two very young children (who are aged two and one respectively) she had not only made Rosediem a success but has also expertly guided her clients through some complex and tricky situations. Nisha claims that she couldn’t do any of what she does without the unfailing support of her wonderful husband. Nisha often works closely with other women, mentoring them to ensure they can thrive in the business environment. This year she was recognised as one of the ‘Top 20 Dynamic CEO’s in the UK’ and is an inspiration to many. She has always maintained being a female leader is not a disadvantage but can be a challenge in this often unequal industry. It is of little surprise that the Rosediem Consulting team are so busy. With growth in client engagements and turnover, there’s a clear need to expand to meet the incredible demand. The challenge is expanding the firm whilst retaining the company’s quality of delivery and without compromising on the founding principles, which have brought them such success so far. Nisha is determined that her SME led approach will not be scarified. The next steps will be interesting to watch. As the financial services market continues to evolve, Rosediem Consulting is determined to change with it. Innovation is not often thought about by consultants, but Nisha sees enormous potential in this part of the industry. She has already begun the process of working alongside a software company and is at the forefront of interesting regulatory change initiatives such as new forms of Securities Lending, Crypto Regulation, Tokenised Funds, and safeguarding of these assets. The success of Rosediem Consulting is one which is built on trust and brand reputation. The firm is committed not only to offering much needed advice to their clients, but to raising the bar when it comes to the way in which their advice is provided. Rosediem consider everything from a holistic perspective to ensure that solutions are not one dimensional and for the short-term. In less than a decade, Rosediem Consulting has become a name to watch within financial services compliance. We simply cannot wait to see what this hugely talented consultancy does next! Company: Rosediem Consulting Limited Name: Nisha Sanghani Email: [email protected] Web Address: Corporate Excellence 97