Corporate Vision December 2017

CORPORATE VISION / December 2017 11 , Hantian Labs is an emerging global leader in anti-ageing and vitality products which has seen Christian Diesveld receive the recognition of UK CEO of the Year of a Small Enterprise Firm in Health andWellness. Christian provides us with an overview of the company. A Small Enterprise Doing Big Things Hantian Labs was incorporated in the UK in October of 2013 and was acquired by the publicly traded and listed company Health Advance in January of 2017, a mere 39 months from inception. At the time of the share exchange agreement and according to the terms of the agreement, Hantian Labs’ 18 million shares were purchased for a price of 30 cents a share for a nominal value of 5.4million. Developed by a team of research scientists, athletes and beauty professionals, the Hantian Labs line of tablets uses state-of-the- art age reversal technology to diminish the signs of ageing, whilst enhancing, enriching and extending the lives of their consumers. Christian discusses the firm’s overall mission and what steps the company plans to take in order to reach the targets it sets itself. “Embedded in the culture of Hantian Labs is our mission, with the team’s continued efforts focusing on resolving age, weight and vitality concerns while preserving youthfulness from the inside out.” Customer satisfaction and strong results have been vital in the company’s rise within the industry. Despite being a small enterprise, Hantian Labs deals with a variety of clients and Christian explains how it ensures that the customer receives the best outcome from the products. “The Hantian Labs line of supplements goes through a vigorous process, which begins in our Hantian Labs’ Idea Centres across the United Kingdom, Canada, USA and Western Europe. Products are conceptualized based on market need, societal health issues and scientific innovations. During our Research & Development process, we collaborate with medical, nutritional, sport and dermatological experts to identify the right nutrients. Then, our team works directly with the Hantian Labs laboratory to develop a formula with the necessary ingredients/ percentages to achieve the desired result. The formulation is studied and tested and the proprietary blend is created.” Again, in reference to the fact that Hantian Labs is a small enterprise, it is integral that they are able to differentiate themselves from competitors within the health and wellness sector. Christian explains that the pride the team have in the products they produce highlights how seriously the company is about its client, with its qualifications helping it to mark itself out as the best possible option for clients. “All our staff take great pride in the quality of our products, which are all made at our GMP ISO 9001 and Informed Sports certified facility in the United Kingdom with the strictest quality standards. Hantian Labs products are Medicines & Healthcare products Regulatory Agency approved (MHRA).” Subsequently, the firm’s approach to hiring staff is important as the team have to all be aware of what the products mean to the firm, and also feel a sense of pride about working at the company. Christian explains the company’s hiring structure. “Regarding how we recruit staff, we use the best health and wellness executive search agents. Also, referrals have accounted for about 20% of our staff. Now that we are owned by a publicly traded company headquartered in the united states, it opens up far more opportunities for our Hantian labs staff and teams.” Providing us with a brief overview of the health and wellness industry currently, Christian comments on what specific challenges are affecting companies operating within the market. He mentions what techniques the team apply in order to stay ahead of emerging developments. 1710CV16 “One of the challenges facing the industry are saturated markets in unregulated jurisdictions. There are many inferior products that make unsubstantiated claims about their work, and this is precisely the reason we established ourselves in the United Kingdom. It is the strictest regulatory board in the world. Our research laboratory endeavours to exceed limitations, constantly thinking outside the proverbial box and discovering the undiscovered.” Moving forward, Hantian Labs commitment to providing the best products within the health and wellness industry is unmatched, and there are definitely exciting times ahead for the small enterprise. Furthermore, Hantian Labs is not resting on its past success and laurels. Company: Hantian Labs Limited Contact: Christian Diesveld Contact Email: [email protected] Address: 46 St. Georges Drive, London, SW1V 4BT, UK Website: