Corporate Vision December 2017

CORPORATE VISION / December 2017 13 Illuminating Pathways to Transformative Change g program designed specifically for the in-house legal team at Shire and is being delivered over a 10 month-period. It recently won CV Magazine’s Best Transformation & Leadership Program – Global, 2017. Looking ahead By the end of the year, a pilot will launch for mentor pod at Shire, a technology-enabled program empowering mentors and mentees to self-match into long-term, short-term and project-based relationships. Coaching and mentoring have the ability to change individuals’ perceptions, to refocus the lens through which they view their personal and professional lives, and thus build deeper and more meaningful connections within their team and beyond. That said, the powerful and positive is not always straightforward. As Claire says: “Just take a look at your own lives. Rarely is something handed to you on a plate. It often involves setbacks and failures. Imagine if you could offer support to someone throughout those challenges, by offering your ear, your trust and your counsel. Imagine if you had someone who was there for you, whom you could trust and turn to, talk things through and make sense of the challenges you face. This is why coaching and mentoring matter, and why I am committed to making a difference.” Name: Claire Debney Claire’s Strengths: Individualisation | Maximiser | Input| Relator | Arranger Email: [email protected] Websites: www. and www.