Education and Training Awards 2020

Jun20134 Online Education Experts of the Year 2020 - UK For almost seventy years, Cambridge Education Group (CEG) has been preparing thousands of students to progress onwards to some of the world’s leading universities. Now, the organisation itself has progressed to become a digital force to be reckoned with, offering world-leading online education and developing students heading for the biggest and best universities. Following this transformation, we chart the course of CEG Digital’s success, and find out why it is such a prestigious firm. Since 1952, Cambridge Education Group has been involved in the preparation of students who eventually progressed on to study at some of the world’s foremost universities. As the world has changed over the last sixty eight years, so too has the organisation. It evolved to include three divisions: ONCAMPUS, Universities USA, and Digital. ONCAMPUS and Universities USA teach pre-university programmes leading to a wide range of undergraduate and master’s degrees at leading universities across the United Kingdom, United States, and mainland Europe. Each of the programmes has been carefully designed for international students who do not meet the requirements for direct entry to university study, and can benefit from the support that CEG offers in preparing them to progress to their university of choice. Since 2008, these divisions and CEG as a whole have helped thousands of students progress to the best universities. About CEG Digital The world has become significantly more digital in the years since CEG was originally founded, and that is why CEG Digital is proving to be such an innovative and important division of the company today. CEG Digital is the online and blended learning division of the organisation as a whole, and offers a suite of services to enable universities to expand global access to higher education programmes. Working closely with partner universities, CEG Digital helps create, market, and deliver part-time online and blended University programmes to students around the world, using cutting-edge technology, sector-leading pedagogy, and providing first-class support to an outstanding educational experience. CEG Digital is the leading provider of online education services in higher education across the United Kingdom. The metrics on its academic programmes substantially surpass sector averages in retention (90%+), attainment (70%+ of PGT graduates achieve merits or distinctions), and student satisfaction, where it averages 4.3 out of 5. It is able to operate at scale, and already has a combined post-graduate student population larger than seventy universities in the United Kingdom. This outstanding level of performance results from the combination of its sector-leading market intelligence, best practice pedagogy, and unique student support model; together with an organisational culture committed to deliver excellence in all aspects of its work. Across its portfolio of high-quality services, CEG Digital seeks to add capacity to its university partners and ensure that the institution can access the online learning market successfully. Just some of those services include Programme Selection, Development and Implementation of Content, Marketing and Recruitment, Programme Delivery, and Student Experience and Support. First and foremost is Programme Selection. CEG Digital boasts sector-leading market research capabilities that enable it to match the institution’s strengths and reputation to market demand, producing robust business cases for programme development with a high degree of success and forecasting accuracy. Secondly is the Development and Implementation of Content. As the digital era continues to develop and grow, CEG Digital has developed the Digital Pedagogic Framework, following best practice and research from the university sector. Its academic capabilities can assist institutions with programme design and validation, and the instructional designers work closely with academic staff to ensure that they are fully supported throughout the development process. CEG Digital’s technical team is able to implement and maintain all technical aspects of the online programmes, making it easier than ever for students all over the world to access them and be a part of the future. Marketing and Recruitment is another area of keen interest for CEG Digital, and the firm invests in both digital and traditional physical marketing to maximise geographic reach and source high-quality leads. Each university partner that works with the organisation benefits from a dedicated recruitment team that can handle this work for them. Just as important as getting students engaged is keeping students engaged. Programme delivery is something which CEG Digital takes very seriously. Its approach is flexible, and is adapted according to the needs and preferences of each university partner. A typical structure is delivered by a combination of programme director, module leaders, and online tutors, with the overarching ethos of providing the highest quality learning experience possible. Finally, as with any education or training institution, getting the student experience and student support right is imperative. CEG Digital ensures that it does this by putting in place a dedicated student support team for each of its university partners. For all non-academic support, such as pastoral care and personal development, students are allocated a Student Adviser, who remains with them for the duration of their course. This is a critical element of the operations at CEG Digital, and has resulted in a student retention rate that is above ninety percent. The CEG promise The entire organisation, including CEG Digital, offers a wide range of options through its portfolio of online and global centres, each coming equipped with its own unique features and qualities that enable it to meet student demands as required. Whatever students may aspire to, regardless of university, college, school, centre, or other learning facility, CEG promises excellent teaching, premium facilities and outstanding personal support for its students, who are central in everything the organisation does. For the firm, ensuring the success of its students with an extensive support network is absolutely key, and allowing them to develop in ways that are hugely beneficial to their later educational experiences. CEG Digital is the leading provider of online education services in higher education across the United Kingdom. The metrics on its academic programmes substantially surpass sector averages in retention (90%+), attainment (70%+ of PGT graduates achieve merits or distinctions), and student satisfaction, where it averages 4.3 out of 5.