Education and Training Awards 2021

Education and Training Awards 2021 19 Best Co-Educational School 2021 - South East England Founded as a Quaker School in 1890, Leighton Park is a co-educational independent School for 11-18 years olds. With values at the school’s core, it’s little wonder that its students go on to achieve remarkable things, placed 27th in England and the best performing school in Berkshire. The school is nestled within 65 acres of parkland, just thirty minutes from London. This safe space for exploration allows the school’s students to really explore what it means to be themselves, and how to achieve truly great things as a result. A day and boarding school, it’s somewhere for young people to develop and grow as individuals, within a supportive, aspirational environment. Each House is a community where students can look after each other and still find a place to thrive. The school organises a mix of free time, prep time and a choice of 90 co-curricular activities for those in its care, with trips every Sunday for boarders to broaden their horizons. While the school offers a full and rounded curriculum, it has particular strength in three areas, which it has identified as enablers for creating the change-makers of the future. Firstly, the school follows the STEAM academic approach, with a desire to place Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics at the heart of the curriculum. Not only do students learn the theory of how the world works, but they are encouraged to apply their skills to real-world projects. The result is students who can take ideas and make them fly, identifying solutions to problems and working together to affect change. Secondly, Leighton Park champions excellence in music, and is proud to be a Flagship Yamaha Music Education Partner, the only school in Europe to hold this significant position. This gives students access to an astonishing range of different instruments and technology, as well as exclusive teaching material and specialist training for staff. To those who come to Leighton Park, music is not exclusive to specific groups, but open to all. The school’s leadership believes that music feeds the soul, fosters creativity and supports students to appreciate difference. The power of music is potent indeed, and Leighton Park has thrived by tapping the potential of it. Finally, the school gives its Quaker values currency and purpose through its Ethical Enterprise programme. This revolves around the principles of social business and active citizenship. The whole school explores these ideas through practical projects, learning about ethics, critical-thinking and leadership skills from industry experts. Leighton Park doesn’t simply thrive by having the best teachers and outstanding facilities, but by finding new and exciting ways to engage critically with their students. Far from pumping them with the knowledge that people think they will need, the teachers at this incredible school help students to really know themselves, equip them with the skills and creativity to tackle complex challenges and foster a determined desire to change the world. It’s what sets Leighton Park apart as a place that is thoroughly unique, and a major success as a result. Company: Leighton Park School Name: John Burnett Email: [email protected] Web Address: Apr21687 The best schools develop pupils of with a strength of character, quiet confidence and an ability to face the world with a deep-rooted sense of purpose; standing up for what they believe in. We take a look at Leighton Park School, an educational institute which had made its name on these values. Their success in the Education and Training Awards is far from a surprise to those who know it, but for those who don’t, we take a closer look at how they have achieved so much.