Education and Training Awards 2021

Best Online Dutch Language Tuition Service - Western Europe Learning a new language involves not just immersing one’s self in its etymology, but the culture to which it is attached. At Learn Dutch Online, the aim is to familiarise students with the important aspects of everyday life that make up Belgium and the Netherlands. With incredible success in the Education and Training Awards 2021, we thought it time to take a closer look at the remarkable impact of the team’s work, when it comes to teaching Dutch as quickly and effectively as possible. The possibilities of working online has only just been tapped by the world’s foremost educational providers, but what is clear is that firms like Learn Dutch Online are leading the way. With courses designed to focus on interacting with the language in a practical manner while allowing them to work around often busy schedules, the team’s online language school is in high demand indeed. There are many options when it comes to learning Dutch, but the innovative nature of Learn Dutch Online has been to open up the possibilities of how language is learned and the emphasis this takes. With a service designed primarily for expats and their families who are moving to Belgium or the Netherlands, there is a clear need for lessons that ensure they can settle in quickly when they move to their new environment. Standing apart in a crowded industry is not always easy, but as the majority of Dutch educational facilities follow a formal approach, one which revolves around the use of the textbook and resultant exam, the immensely practical nature of Learn Dutch Online is why so many turn to this talented team. The lessons taught through this online course allow students to give authentic responses not only to exams, but to daily personal and professional communication. This is a team that sees their work as a life skill, not just a part of education. Teaching online means that all a student requires to succeed is a reliable internet connection and a smart device which ensures they can participate in a video call while being able to access the lesson material. This material is accessible at any time, so that students can review what they have learned when they want to. Each lesson is paper free, with no additional costs involved at any stage. As an online course, flexibility is one of the major advantages to those who take on the course, and students can decide for themselves how many lessons they want to take over a period of time, and what time of day suits them both. The ability to learn at a pace that suits the student is one which makes Learn Dutch Online incredibly appealing to many. The reason that Learn Dutch Online has been able to achieve this is because students learn in classes ranging from individuals to four people as opposed to a group of thirty, each vying for attention. Being able to choose what the focus of your studies are is a direct result of this bespoke approach. As a company that has always worked online, the team have not faced many difficulties in the light of the COVID-19 pandemic. They have already explored the differences between meeting in person and teaching online in a way that traditional institutions haven’t been able to take into account. The online industry has thrived during the last few months and has enabled the team to grow their brand as a credible education source. This point about credibility is what sets the team apart from some businesses which have been set up over the last few months. Learn Dutch Online has seen new competition from individuals who charge students for lessons but converse with their students in Dutch without really teaching them anything in the process. Any growth comes from the vocabulary picked up during conversation. It’s easy to fall into a trap of buying sessions monthly for no added value. The world of online teaching has become the norm for many, but the team behind Learn Dutch Online has always been at the forefront of the potential that technology brings. With an approach that is thoroughly modern, endlessly adaptable and specific to the needs of the student, this is a team that has achieved the remarkable in incredible times. Company: Learn Dutch Online Name: Veronique Duvivier Email: [email protected] Web Address: Apr21684