Education and Training Awards 2021

Education and Training Awards 2021 21 Apr21740 Due to the outbreak of the Covid-19 virus, unfortunately, training did have to come to a standstill apart from the most essential of it, always adhering to safety protocols in such cases. This resulted in the application of a blended programme of sorts; much of which was online and theory based, but subsidised with face to face practical work with the required safety measures applied – this of course was quite the challenge to adapt to at first, and it predicts many small training companies going out of busines as a result. However, it is leading by example amongst those who did make the successfull pivot to online services, with all of courses being correctly accredited and approved. This has only been helped by the camaraderie it has within its own ranks, being a family run business with an ethos of support and encouragement that permeates all of its work, and maintaining the expertise for which it has become known; it currently holds an ISO9001:2015 QAS International certificate for its approved global efforts, and its regular meetings ensure that every one of its brilliant and caring staff are on the same page as to where the business is heading. Lastly, after its recent merger, it has rebranded into a singular company that has 3 separate stands – medical supplies, services, and training – all of which it is currently building up through its increasing online presence by way of its social medias and website, as it is going fully paperless. It encourages all to visit these and partake in its courses, making itself the rural, environmentally friendly, empathic business that allows its students to make a difference. Company: Emergency Medical Supplies Services and Training Limited Contact: Tom Gourley Website: Best First Aid Training Provider - Northern Ireland Emergency Medical Supplies Services and Training Limited is a company securing the health and safety of people all across the world with the provision of health and safety events, training, and consultancy. Its focus, primarily, is on ensuring that workplaces, homes, leisure venues, and many other establishments are being operated and enjoyed safely, with the people operating them being fully aware of their surroundings and the potential risks that may prevail based on their individual situations. Thus, it provides training so that people are able to treat injuries and illnesses, or at least help whilst professional medical help is on its way. By doing this it hopes to give communities and businesses a sense of self sufficiency and the tools they need to prevent the loss of life or further serious risk to a person, also offering the provision of ambulance medical cover for community, sports, and corporate events. Fundamentally, it seeks to promote good health, safety knowledge, and wellbeing education across the public and private sectors. In order to achieve this, it has developed services that are informative and engaging, resulting in the development of skills that those who it teaches can take away with them and apply in any situation that may call for them to act quickly and in a level-headed manner. All of its training perfectly aligns with current legislative guidelines regarding such things, and it acknowledges that different groups and contexts will encounter different risks and thus require different training and focuses in their emergency medical training – this allows it to eloquently provide such things for a diversity of clients, adapting accordingly. Not only does its work alleviate pressure on the NHS, being a UK based firm, its courses have been accredited and approved by governing bodies to reassure clients that they education they receive is in line with recommended good practice. Additionally, its 30 years of experience have made it an expert in customizing these courses to make them truly bespoke. With the diversity of communities in its region of Northern Ireland alone, it has made itself highly capable at providing multi-lingual options for courses and assessments, a factor that has helped it to grow into a worldwide company. A business dedicated to the provision of emergency medical education and training, Emergency Medical Supplies Services and Training Limited has been working with communities across its region, and teaching people all across the world. Its breadth, depth, and standard of experience in its industry has made it capable in a vast range of courses, all of which abide by regulatory guidelines and empower people to make themselves, and their communities, safer.