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Aug22542 Best Work Based Apprenticeship Provider - Wales Apprenticeships provide a clear path into the working world, enabling takers to earn a wage whilst gaining experience, skills and qualifications; and employers to gainmotivated and knowledgeable staff. However, many businesses often overlook the plethora of benefits that onboarding apprentices can bring to their culture and operations; and Cambrian Training is a prime example of those exact benefits. The apprenticeship provider has forged an incredible reputation through its work-based apprenticeship programmes – we take a closer look at their work, to find out why the company has become a key figure on the apprenticeship landscape. For over 25 years, the multi-award-winning Cambrian Training has been delivering expert training in a range of industry sectors, defining it as a leading figure within its field of apprenticeships in Wales. It’s training officers, who are both devoted and enthusiastic, are professionals within a plethora of diverse sectors, including – but not limited to – hospitality, food and drink manufacturing, sustainable resource management, and business. Cambrian Training is on a mission to promote apprenticeships as a great option for all individuals, be it a school leaver or a professional individual wishing to develop in their current role or looking for a career change. Moreover, Cambrian Training hopes to support employers to hire or upskill staff to increase motivation, wellbeing, and retention. They are working in partnership with businesses all over Wales to create a highly knowledgeable and motivated workforce to enhance their businesses. Busting the myths and misconceptions surrounding apprenticeships comes naturally with this task, and it is something that Cambrian Training is deeply passionate about. The company wants to shine a light on the array of positives this work-based training provides to both learners and businesses. For example, government funding enables learners to gain a qualification whilst avoiding the student debt generated by a university course and leaves employers only to pay for their wage. All of the training is fully funded by the Welsh government and the European Social fund, meaning that there are no costs to the learner and all of the qualifications are accredited by established awarding bodies, such as City & Guilds. These accredited qualifications will increase learner’s future employability and career prospects, which are available to all, regardless of age or employment status. This approach has clearly paid off, as during the pandemic the company was showcased in a thematic report by Estyn on Professional Learning. Despite the turbulence caused by Covid-19, the report highlights Cambrian Training’s resilience and ability to thrive and thrive regardless, with one example stating: ‘[…] the restrictions associated with the COVID-19 pandemic have seen learners from across the full range of industry sectors and levels of study adapt quickly to remote and blended learning methods of interacting and working. CTC staff members have been trialling teaching models that take advantage of this new ability to bring learners together in a digital environment to enhance learning and support wellbeing.’ Indeed, from this excerpt, it is fair to assume that the team have played a significant role in the company’s success. Cambrian Training’s team consists of highly regarded, subject experts, who are respected by both learners and employers. They have high standards, but in return, they strive to stretch learners to exceed the requirements of the framework. Simply, they want to see their students accomplish their goals. This mentality, however, extends far beyond the learning environment and into the community. Cambrian Training strives to give back – it works closely with the Welsh Government to ensure that its goals are aligned, to raise the standards of work-based learning, and respond to the needs of the local economies in Wales. The company supports the use of the Welsh language and culture, and it encourages participants to use Welsh within their modules as much as possible. Cambrian Training utilises bilingual marketing and promotional assets as well in its social media content – the company is proudly Welsh, and it wants to make its courses as accessible and culturally sensitive as possible. Furthermore, Cambrian Training sponsors various local events to support the wider community and causes, and this is something that it hopes to continue going forward. Cambrian Training’s learners have had a wealth of success, with a number winning awards and participating in international competitions such World Skills, World Butcher Challenge and many more. Therefore, whether you’re an individual looking to develop your career, or an employer looking to take your business to the next level, Cambrian Training can help you achieve your goals. Contact: Alison Gill Company: Cambrian Training Web Address: Canadian Business Awards 2022 15 Educ tion & Training d 17