Education & Training 2022

Languages and communication are the cornerstones of everything. Communication is essential in all, from business to leisure, and nothingmakes that easier than participants sharing a common language. EGI Education understands that well; thus – since 2004 – it has specialised in a uniquemethod for language acquisitionwith its students. EGI Education was born in Uruguay, South America, in 2004 and now operates in Argentina and Paraguay through educational agents. As an educational institution, it hosts a professional team with a solid academic background. EGI specialises in educational travel to English-speaking countries, teaching training to teachers of English, and immersion courses in English for speakers of other languages. Its focus is on allowing the students to learn English through absorption of their surroundings. Its students are its main priority, and it adjusts its programs to different contexts and realities, understanding the difficulties of South American countries. Travelling can be an expensive luxury that cannot be afforded by many families – especially those that would like their children to have the chance to travel to an English-speaking country to improve their English. Therefore, EGI works very hard to offer them alternatives to help them fulfil their dreams with study programs tailored to suit both needs and budgets. The same happens with teacher training programs for English teachers; EGI offers affordable courses, workshops, immersion courses, and teacher training courses in the UK, considering its budgets and allowing them to improve their teaching skills. EGI does not improvise – it constantly learns and innovates. It understands that, in education, the concept of business must go hand in hand with wholesome principles and values. Its clients and students have names, they are not just numbers, and it maintains this humanist approach throughout. EGI embraces diversity and inclusion and is incredibly proud of the team of female English teachers it employs. Communication is essential in its team, and its work is closely respectful of the personal circumstances of all the members of its team. They all have different roles, but decisions are made considering all opinions and points of view. As EGI grows, each will rise; when EGI is successful, they will succeed. Training is another critical factor; EGI trains its members to ensure they have all the necessary tools. It encourages its team to continue studying to maintain the high standards of academic formation it is aiming for. What differentiates it from its competitors is its approach to learning and the way it approaches teaching, specifically within local educational institutions and environments. Education structures in South America tend to be quite classic – it is difficult to change years and years of same-teaching practices. There are vital structures too rooted in routine and tradition, particularly with the considerable gap between private and public education. Therefore, there is little space for innovation. However, EGI is still determined to change that; it considers there is plenty of room for improvement, and it is breaking paradigms. Its programs are not only focused on private institutions located in elaborate neighbourhoods as it mainly works with small institutions located in rural areas and with teachers who work in public schools. EGI is fighting to breathe new life into traditional – and, in some cases, tired – structures to not only bring language to students but also contribute to a revolution in how things are taught across South America. It wants to spread its academic programs to other countries in South America through educational agents. It will also participate in two ICEF conferences in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and San Diego, USA. It is also willing to include new academic programs in more Englishspeaking countries. To accomplish that, it plans to expand the web of educational institutions it works with, focusing on modern and innovative academic proposals. It is also very enthusiastic about launching Spanish courses for speakers of other languages in 2023. This will launch with synchronic virtual lessons and immersion programs in Argentina and Uruguay. This year it will also have the first immersion weekend for English teachers, which will take place in Punta del Este, a beautiful seaside in Uruguay. Teachers from Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, and Uruguay will gather to learn, interact, exchange experiences, and do some sightseeing. Its unique approach to language study doesn’t just work to impart language knowledge and fluency – it opens its students to new experiences. Its dedication to its immersion courses as a way to learn, and the passion and resources it has invested into its success, firmly place EGI Education as the Educational Travel Specialists of the Year for South America. The team’s hard work in developing themselves and their students into the successes of today speaks to the achievements EGI is yet to obtain. Company: EGI Education Contact: Dra. Prof. Karenin Gambetta MBA Web Address: Aug22535 Educational Travel Specialists of the Year – South America