Education & Training 2022

Aug22347 Best Driver Training Provider - East Midlands As an educator, supporter, and advocate for its clients, Driving Solution was created by Habib Rahman in 2007 as a DVSA Approved Driving Instruction business. With Habib himself boasting a driving instructor training ORDIT (official register of driving instructor training) accreditation from the DVSA (driving and vehicle standards agency) proper, Driving Solution aims to help inexperienced drivers to find their feed and build their confidence when it comes to being on the road. The result is a past clientele of satisfied, proud drivers who have achieved their goals and gone on to be safe and competent road users. Driving Solution promotes the utmost road safety and responsibility when it comes to teaching new drivers. Whether it is instructing young people who are entire, a novices to drive motor vehicles it ensures that its courses will take them to new heights of confidence and competence behind the wheel of motor vehicles. Covering training for acquisition for the full UK driving licenses as well as post-test driving programmes, it realises that everyone learns differently and at different paces, and thus seeks to operate in an empathic and personable manner that gets to know each client as a person before developing the programme that will benefit them. Indeed, its commitment to the safety of the client is part of why this is so in-depth. Instead of forcing them to adopt driving habits that they may not understand, it has an in-house ORDIT trainer monitor each instructor and their methods, ensuring that each of them is operating under the strictest accountability to meet the DVSA’s national standards for driver and rider training. It delivers different types of driver training for new drivers and weekly driving lessons, including 1–3-week intensive courses, lessons in manual and automatic transmissions, and lessons in dual control cars, covered by instructors of all genders and with the utmost excellence so that it may compete with any other driving school in its region. There are many such schools and trainers in its region, but none quite so exemplary as Driving Solution. Each of them is backed up by a team of admin staff, each of whom forms a crucial part of its internal workings, providing free social events that foster better communication between each member so that all may meet and share ideas on how to better the company and its services. Moreover, with the driving instruction field changing consistently in line with the evolution of new technologies and UK road law, it strives to keep itself constantly up to date, never stagnating and always pushing to be the driving school that remains ahead of the curve. Company: Driving Solution Contact: Habib Rahman Website: Canadian Business Awards 2022 15 Educ tion & Training d 15