Education and Training Awards 2023

On top of that, the company also guides students on their visa applications, travel and accommodation arrangements, information on scholarships and funding and even provides a pre-departure briefing to further prepare students for their life abroad. Noorain said the wide range of services showcases not only Nas Education’s commitment to its student clients but also to its foreign partners, the institutions of higher learning. “To provide a wider and better range for our Malaysian students, we continue to introduce foreign institutions into the Malaysian market by identifying strategic partners while forging links with existing Malaysian institutions,” she said. The company regularly organises previews on foreign institutions and universities at local educational institutions, carry out road shows and provide market intelligence on the latest in education to its student clients and local strategic partners. To date, the company’s foreign partners include more than 20 universities in the UK, six universities in Australia, three universities in New Zealand and ongoing partnerships with universities in the US, Canada, South Korea and PR of China. Nas Education is aiming to represent more universities across the globe, such as Japan, CIS and Türkiye. “We are proud to have been given the opportunity to work with the finest institutions of higher education in these countries. Our foreign partners provide not only geographical and educational diversity but also enriches the lives of those of our student clients that have been placed by Nas Education. Through these partnerships, we are able to ensure that the strength and value proposition of each institution is matched to the student’s qualification and aptitude,” Noorain said. More information on Nas Education, its services and its local and foreign partners can be found at contact us at [email protected] / +603 2694 9121’ Contact Name: Noorain Abdullah Company: Nas Education Jul23269 Best International Student Consultancy 2023 - Malaysia Finding the right way forward with academia can be tough, but, with Nas Education, this doesn’t have to be the case. Here we learn more as Nas Education wins its title in the Education and Training Awards 2023. Empowerment through higher education. Nas Education aims to empower students by guiding them towards a solid foundation in education As the employment market becomes more competitive these days, higher education enables a person to become more employable. However, the journey towards bettering oneself can be a rocky one if there is little to no guidance. One is faced with many questions. What course is best? Which university is the most appropriate? What is criteria for entry? Are my qualifications enough for entry? Which country is the most financially or educationally feasible? These and other questions plague many students, whether one has working experience or is a student looking to further their education. Fortunately, there are organisations that can guide students towards the most feasible and appropriate choices. One such organisation is Nas Education Sdn Bhd (formerly known as Nazza Education). Incorporated in 2007, Nas Education aims to provide educational advisory services for students in Malaysia seeking further education in foreign universities. According to Noorain Abdullah, the company’s founder and executive director, the purpose of Nas Education is to guide students in making informed choices about the future of their education. “Our objective is to allow our students to gain international exposure to ensure a better future for them. We do this by helping them discover and enhance their natural strengths thus unleashing their true potential,” Noorain said. “We ensure that the students who come to us are a match with the universities and colleges which we will recommend based on their qualifications, as well as by working closely with education sponsors,” she said. Since 2007, Nas Education has been acting as a facilitator between students and institutions of higher learning as well as between local institutions or government bodies and their foreign counterparts. The company also assists local institutions and organisations to improve and enhance their manpower through continued training and learning programmes. “Our goal is to make a difference in the futures of Malaysian students, in line with our corporate philosophy of Empowerment Through Further Education” Noorain said. Nas Education has far placed more than a thousand Malaysian students in institutions of higher learning in the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the United States and won praise from its students. Nas Education assists student clients to transfer credits to a wide range of degree courses offered by top ranking foreign universities. It also provides step-by-step assistance during the application process to ensure a placement.