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Education & Training Awards 2023 Education and Training Awards 2023 Health Med. Wellness + Performance: Best Online Personal Development Courses Provider 2023 - UK

Introducing the Education & Training Awards 2023 Corporate Vision proudly welcomes you to the fifth annual Education and Training Awards! Since 2019, we have been dedicated to recognising the very best of this integral industry, highlighting the leading players in workplace training, education, skills development, and more! The global corporate training market is expected to grow to almost $500 billion over the next five years, after experiencing a swift recovery post-pandemic. According to the latest Training Industry Report, over 40 percent of companies raised their training budgets in 2022, showing that an increasing number of employers consider thorough staff training to be an essential factor to business success. Sofi Parry, Senior Editor Website: AI Global Media, Ltd. (AI) takes reasonable measures to ensure the quality of the information on this web site. However, AI will not assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, correctness or completeness of any information that is available through this web site. If errors are brought to our attention, we will try to correct them. The information available through the website and our partner publications is for your general information and use and is not intended to address any particular finance or investment requirements. In particular, the information does not constitute any form of advice or recommendation by us or any of our partner publications and is not intended to be relied upon by users in making or refraining from making any investment or financial decisions. Appropriate independent advice should be obtained before making any such decision. Any arrangement made between you and any third party named in the site is at your sole risk and responsibility. Editorial Team Sofi Bajor, Senior Editor | Rebecca Scotland, Editor Isabella Mifsud, Writer | Emily Godbol, Writer Michelle Strozykowski, Writer Design Team Lauren Baldwin, Graphic Designer Ali Mohammed, Junior Graphic Designer

4. Health Med. Wellness + Performance: Best Online Personal Development Courses Provider 2023 - UK 6. Toronto School of Management: Work & Study Program of the Year 8. Frogames Formación SL: Most Innovative Data & Digital Skills Online Educator 2023 - Europe 10. Exam Officers & Data Solutions Ltd: Best Exam Staff Support Company 2023 12. Training Beauty & Beyond: Best Online Beauty Courses Provider 2023 - UK 14. Cheetah Learning: Best Project Management Learning Provider - USA 15. Nas Education: Best International Student Consultancy 2023 - Malaysia 16. Core Elements Training: Best Sports Therapy Training Provider 2023 - South West England 17. Crushendo: Best Bar Exam Preparation Solution 2023 – USA 18. Cornerstone Education Group: Best Accelerated Learning Program 2023 - New Jersey 19. MaximizeU: Best Career & Productivity Coaching Provider 2023 - Midwest USA 20. Marshall Professional Development Ltd: Best Corporate Governance Education & Training Provider 2023 - UK 21. United Education: Best Petroleum Training Company 2023 - UAE & Iraq 22. Airpull Aviation Academy: Best Pilot Training School 2023 - Spain 23. David Equality Hull-Watters: Most Dedicated Inclusivity Trainer 2023 (UK) 24. Red Dragon First Aid: Best Home & Workplace First Aid Training Provider 2023 - South East Wales Contents 25. The Education and Skills Partnership: Apprenticeship Training Provider of the Year - UK 26. Digital Training Institute: Best Bespoke Digital Marketing Training Consultancy 2023 27. Securible, LLC: Most Impactful Cyber Education Organization 2023 - North America 28. Southern African Emergency Services Ins: Best Emergency Services Training Provider 2023 - South Africa 29. Waegger Negotiation Institute: Best Negotiation & Conflict Management Training Provider 2023 30. Network Training Partnership (NTP): Best Specialist Driver Training Organisation 2023 - UK 31. Connectech Coding: Leading Providers of After-School Tech Coding Enrichment Experiences 2023 - Bermuda 32. Launch 360 Leadership Assessments: Best Leadership Assessment Tool 2023 33. AHC Learning Ltd: Personal & Organizational Development Specialists of the Year 2023 - Scotland 34. BSI People Skills: Best Leadership Coaching Course Provider 2023 - Wellington 35. Dental Training Ltd: Dental Training Provider of the Year 2023 - UK 36. SIIT – Scholars International Institute of Technology: Best Self-Paced Tech Education & eLearning Entity 2023 37. ScrumCraft: Best Agile Training & Coaching Service Provider 2023 - Australia 38. ISEB Ltd: Leading Innovators in Educational Assessments 2023 – UK

The well-being movement is in full swing, and the meteoric rise in interest is only gaining momentum. Workplace anxiety, stress, burnout, mental health concerns, and skill gaps are driving the demand for innovative wellness and performance solutions that mutually benefit individuals, organisations, economies, and communities. Improving workforce wellness is becoming vital at all levels of businesses and governments. To survive, compete, and innovate in the wisdom economy, individuals must be in optimal states of wellness through all interdependent dimensions, requiring companies to prioritise investment in employee wellness. Health Med. Wellness + Performance was created based on the conviction that healthier employees are happier, more engaged, and more productive. The company is passionate about investing in the people that power organisations and helping them to achieve their personal and professional dreams. To this end, it provides a comprehensive platform to complement workplace wellness initiatives driven by a wealth of personal, clinical, and professional experience from a global panel of experts. This transformative approach aids enterprises in cultivating wellness-driven cultures, fostering environments where employees transcend mere roles in a business strategy. Instead, they are cherished and empowered to elevate their wellness and amplify their performance. When it was established, Health Med. set out to develop a holistic futurefocused solution that comprehensively addresses workplace wellness and performance, engages people, creates meaningful change, drives innovation, and positively impacts both lives and businesses. In its efforts to achieve this goal, it has developed a proven five-pillar framework that touches upon all seven dimensions of wellness through which people can flourish. Each of these pillars is designed to draw the full potential out of the user, helping them to grow personally and professionally. Health Med.’s data-driven solution is delivered through its purposebuilt, sustainable software that uses collaborative learning technologies and thoughtful instructional design to maximise meaningful outcomes, propelling innovation and human potential. Importantly, this solution runs in accordance with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations (UN), aiming to impact communities equitably without prejudice. For its comprehensive digital resources, Health Med. has received a multitude of positive feedback from its clients. For example, one glowing review states, “This is an excellent course. I am delighted that I have decided to join it. The course is interesting, diverse, and in-depth. Its content covers all aspects you need to comprehend. The course materials are well organised and are ideal for referring to in the future.” Led by researchers, the team is composed of visionary business leaders dedicated to the pursuit of wisdom, fueled by a passion for personal growth, and driven by a resolute commitment to empower individuals. Each member brings extensive expertise in their respective field. Through seamless collaboration, this team is reshaping how organisations approach wellness and performance, leveraging their collective knowledge. Together, Best Online Personal Development Courses Provider 2023 - UK Health Med. is a multi-award-winning platform for workplace wellness and performance. It provides a range of online courses, digital tools, resources, and interactive features to empower individuals and organisations to reach their full potential. Here, we dive into the company’s work and speak to Brett Robertson, CEO and Founder, to learn more about its internal culture and future plans. they stand at the vanguard of personal and professional development, delivering innovative and highly effective solutions. With people at the heart of everything it does, it is no surprise that Health Med. works hard to create an environment where every team member feels valued, empowered, and inspired to contribute their unique opinions, ideas, and skills. For this reason, the company’s internal culture is underpinned by six core values: collaboration, innovation, inclusivity, learning, authenticity, and workplace wellness. Effective teamwork is key to Health Med.’s successful operation. The company encourages cross-functional collaboration, meaning its teams work together closely to exchange ideas, insights, and knowledge. Ultimately, this fosters an environment where collective efforts lead to exceptional outcomes. Innovation is at the heart of the work the Health Med. team does. For this reason, employees are encouraged to think creatively, challenge conventions, and explore new avenues to push the boundaries of education technologies. The company is resolute in fostering an inclusive and diverse workplace, recognising the intrinsic value of different cultural and background perspectives in its decision-making processes. Furthermore, as a company committed to personal and professional growth, Health Med. ensures that its workforce’s continued learning and development is supported in every way. All staff members have access to ongoing training, resources, and opportunities that enable them to enhance their skills, keeping them at the forefront of the industry. Open and transparent communication forms the bedrock of Health Med.’s team cohesion. Heartfelt dialogues are not only encouraged but celebrated across all echelons. The company shares information about its progress, challenges, and triumphs candidly, fostering a culture of trust. Health Med. recognises the pivotal role of work-life balance in nurturing a high-performing team. With a wealth of the latest research at its fingertips, the company takes proactive steps to promote employee well-being. Leveraging its full spectrum of tools and resources empowers each team member to thrive, enabling them to excel as their best selves. Brett summarises, “In essence, our internal culture promotes an environment where we are empowered, supported, and continuously developed, living what we believe and able to provide exceptional support to our learners. By fostering collaboration, inclusivity, and ongoing learning, we ensure our team is well-prepared to deliver the best possible guidance and assistance to our learning communities.” As a result of its continued excellence and unwavering commitment to the work it does, Health Med. Wellness + Performance has been

awarded Best Online Personal Development Courses Provider, UK, in the Education and Training Awards 2023. Moving forward, Health Med. Has been advocating for workplace wellness mandates in the UK government and collaborating with forward-thinking countries leading the way in the future of the wisdom economy. In addition to this, it is currently working on several scholarship programme developments. On the future, Brett comments, “We are excited to be part of empowering individuals, businesses and large-scale humanitarian initiatives. We look forward to partnering with organisations that understand the intrinsic value of prioritising wellness and performance and proactively implementing these values.” Contact: Brett Robertson Company: Health Med. Wellness + Performance Web Address:

The Benefits of Recruiting Co-op Students and Recent Graduates for Your Workforce When it comes to expanding their workforce, employers may decide to hire students and recent graduates as a way to diversify and inject fresh energy and expertise into their companies. Integrating new talent opens up a world of opportunities for both employees and employers. Whether your company has already experienced the many benefits of hiring recent graduates or is considering employing co-op students, here are some of the numerous advantages these valuable team members can bring to your organization. Discover New Talent for Your Staffing Pipeline Engaging with co-op students offers a strategic advantage in cultivating a talent pipeline. Collaborating closely with students throughout their co-op experiences allows employers firsthand exposure to their skills, work ethic, and compatibility with company culture. This extended interaction serves as a prolonged interview, enabling you to assess their potential as future team members. By proactively nurturing these relationships, you can seamlessly transition exceptional co-op students into potential permanent roles. Fresh Perspectives and Creativity Embracing co-op students introduces fresh perspectives and creativity to your company. These students, often hailing from diverse academic backgrounds, bring a wealth of innovative ideas and novel approaches. Their unique viewpoints can stimulate creative problem-solving and foster a culture of continuous innovation within your team. By incorporating coop students into your workforce, you can tap into potential that can lead to groundbreaking insights and transformative growth. Cost-effective Talent Acquisition Students enrolled in a co-op program are aware that it provides an invaluable opportunity to gain real-life work experience. This hands-on learning in an authentic setting gives them insights into the workforce, as well as the opportunity to network, make connections and observe successful soft skills in their fellow colleagues. They are aware of this unique opportunity and eager to demonstrate the knowledge they’ve acquired in the classroom and in previous jobs. Companies can then attract and retain top talent who are already familiar with the job duties and work culture and who can easily transition to full-time staff. Knowledge Transfer and Skill Development Co-op students are equipped with the latest academic insights and classroom learning and ready to share their up-to-date expertise with your team. In turn, employees have the chance to mentor and guide these students, honing their own leadership and communication skills. This symbiotic exchange accelerates the acquisition of new competencies on both sides, fostering a dynamic learning environment that boosts overall team proficiency. Furthermore, co-op students often introduce emerging technologies and contemporary practices, contributing to an atmosphere of continuous learning and evolution that keeps your company at the forefront of industry trends. Diversity and Inclusion Embracing co-op students from international backgrounds strengthens a company’s commitment to diversity. These students bring global When it comes to expanding their workforce, employers may decide to hire students and recent graduates as a way to diversify and inject fresh energy and expertise into their companies. Integrating new talent opens up a world of opportunities for both employees and employers. Whether your company has already experienced the many benefits of hiring recent graduates or is considering employing co-op students, here are some of the numerous advantages these valuable team members can bring to your organization. perspectives to the workplace, enriching problem-solving and encouraging innovative thinking. By drawing on their employee’s varied skills and experiences, companies can foster an inclusive environment that aligns with today’s interconnected business landscape. This positions your company as a destination for top-tier international talent, enhancing diversity while driving innovation. Building Brand Loyalty As a company, being among these students’ initial career experiences, whether in their academic journey or new life in Canada, can generate profound loyalty. A company’s positive impact in a student’s life can foster appreciation and a lasting connection. These co-op students, as future leaders or advocates, carry this loyalty forward, solidifying your brand’s reputation as a progressive industry leader. Dynamic Work Environment Students and recent graduates tend to work with enthusiasm. These traits also make them great to manage, as they are eager to learn and absorb new skills. They are adaptable learners who have shown courage and dedication and this passion and drive for success can provide additional motivation and increase morale in the workplace. A Digital-savvy Generation of Professionals One of the most valuable qualities that a new generation of professionals can offer your company is their knowledge of the latest technological developments. With countless modern workrelated applications springing up left and right, students and fresh graduates can help increase efficiency as they navigate these digital innovations, leading to an indirect or immediate impact on your business’s bottom line. No Scarcity of Talent Another advantage of hiring co-op students and new grads is that you won’t have any difficulties in finding them! One of the most effective ways of searching for applicants is by taking part in a career fair. Aside from a pool of talented applicants, career fairs can assure you of a convenient and seamless process of finding the right professional for your team. Enhanced Corporate Standing Graduates bring a contemporary perspective that aligns with evolving values like diversity and corporate social responsibility. By embracing these ideals, companies position themselves as proactive contributors to societal progress. This alignment not only enriches the talent pool but also fosters trust, attracts socially conscious partners, and secures a favorable industry position. *** Toronto School of Management Co-op Programs With so many benefits for both employers and students, it is no surprise that colleges such as Toronto School of Management (TSoM), a prominent career-focused private college located in downtown Toronto, is highly focused on providing students with workplace experience here in Canada. Work & Study Program of the Year

As a way to promote local companies and their opportunities to students, TSoM hosts both virtual and in-person internship and career fairs several times a year. These fairs offer informative sessions tailored to employers and student’s needs and serve as a platform for employers to connect with students about their recruitment and interview processes, while showcasing their company, products, and services. TSoM’s vast program portfolio ranges from business, hospitality & tourism, and accounting, to programs in big data, digital marketing, data analytics and cybersecurity. Courses are taught by experienced faculty members who are experts in their fields and enhanced by partnerships with industry players to ensure students are proficient in the latest tools and software. TSoM learning partners include Amazon Web Services, CompTIA, Digital Marketing Institute, Knowledge Matters, innRoad, QuickBooks, Salesforce from Trailhead and Tableau to name a few. Through a combination of academic excellence and Canadian work experience with an extensive network of co-op partners, students are fully equipped to thrive after they graduate. “In addition, many students are in the process of rescaling, upscaling, or pivoting their careers, which means they have had prior valuable work experience,” highlights Irene Lasker, Career Services Manager at Toronto School of Management. Jason Greenberg, founder and CEO of rCycle, credits the invaluable assistance of TSoM co-op students who helped him bring his business vision to life. rCycle is a pioneering platform that rewards all participants in a product’s lifecycle for sustainable decisions through cash-equivalent incentives, motivating eco-friendly choices. The exceptional skills and unwavering dedication of TSoM co-op students allowed rCycle to further its startup initiatives, while nurturing their own pivotal hands-on experience. This symbiotic partnership propelled growth and scalability in a cost-effective manner, fueling startup expansion while affording students valuable exposure to the tech world. In an evolving world that values constant innovation, tapping into student and graduate talent offers an economical and dynamic option for businesses. If you’re interested in shaping the future by empowering young professionals through a co-op program, become one of Toronto School of Management’s 100+ valued Co-op partners today and connect with talented students who offer a wealth of benefits for companies across Canada. For more information, please reach out to [email protected]. Contact Details Contact: Bernardo Riveros Company: Toronto School of Management Web Address:

Between 2015 and 2022, Juan Gabriel Gomila Salas taught mathematics and computer science at the University of Balearic Islands. Here, he leveraged his expertise in mathematics, and his experience as a data scientist and game designer to push students to reach their potential. Having taught over 500,000 students, delivering hundreds of courses in person and through Zoom, he wanted to try something different, something more personal. The result was Frogames Formación. Frogames Formación is a course that offers a gamified way of learning, with a score system, rankings, and achievements, as well as a final certification on completion. This impressive training school allows students to learn, with follow up from instructors as well as access to a large community where everyone can learn. Users around the world have been able to learn from experts on topics as varied as machine learning, Android development, Power BI, Python, iOS development, or blockchain. The benefits of working with the team at Frogames Formación are clear, with the online portal offering the ability for students to have answers to any questions within 24 hours. Each course comes with a digital notebook, allowing people to take their own personal notes, share them with other students, and record where in the online videos they have taken various ideas from. This easy access solution is designed to make learning as straightforward as possible. Most Innovative Data & Digital Skills Online Educator 2023 - Europe The power of games when it comes to education cannot be overstated, with many exploring ways of learning that are gamified in order to increase engagement. In the Education and Training Awards 2023, it’s little wonder that one of the leading names in this field has been recognised for their efforts. We take a closer look at Frogames Formación SL to see how a leading professor has built a company into one of the industry’s finest. Students are encouraged to learn in a guided way, using learning paths that combine courses into various difficulty levels and build on each other. Instead of jumping in with no idea of what to do, students can start from a universal position, and grow from there. These learning paths are actually one of the most distinctive parts of Frogames Formación, with many organisations who work in this sphere unable to offer a pathway that is organised by difficulties. The success of Juan Gabriel Gomila Salas during a previous role at udemy saw many students follow him across to his new venture at Frogames Formación. This has not only given the team a solid base on which to build a new successful venture, but has meant that they are familiar with the approach of the institution. This head start has been a boon to the team, allowing them to benefit as quickly as possible. One of the co-founders of Frogames Formación with Juan has been María Santos. She was a student who learnt with Juan in the past and is motivated by his approach to his job. Her career has seen her teaching online with him, learning new skills to support learners on the way. Often, the value of a university degree is overstated. With experience from both sides of the fence, Juan Gabriel Gomila Salas knows that some people work better in an environment where they can play and experiment with actual content. The choice to offer an online solution also means that any updates can be achieved incredibly quickly. For example, in most universities, ChatGPT will not be taught until 2027/28, while the Frogames Formación team already have many courses in this field. While a topic is popular and relevant, it can be taught, which is an advantage to those who are looking to be employed in the near future.

For staff, too, Frogames Formación is a true game-changer. Well away from the 4-5 year courses that have become the norm in higher education, the team are drawn together from a wealth of different backgrounds and disciplines. Needless to say, those who work for Frogames Formación work on their own specialisms, with new content ideas launched when they want to do so. The Frogames Formación team is truly global, with people coming from internationally to teach other people around the world. Staff have a 70-30 split when it comes to revenue share, with 70 going directly to the creator and 30 to the Frogames Formación. This means that the more courses launched, and the better taught they are, the more money that they can make. For a project just a year old, ensuring that everyone involved feels responsible for what is achieved is a major accomplishment. Looking ahead, the Frogames Formación team are aiming to increase the range of courses and learning pathways offered, using new technologies such as ChatGPT to help students in real time, not only with queries but with additional content that will complement the learning paths. Given all courses are currently taught in Spanish or English, extending the range of languages used into French, Italian, and German is also being considered. The future of education is bright indeed, with names such as Frogames Formación at the forefront of its transformation. With its website, iOS, and Android application offerings, we look forward to seeing how they steer the direction of education in the months and years to come. Company: Frogames Formación SL Contact: Juan Gabriel Gomila Salas Website: Email: [email protected]

With years of experience as an exams manager in the educational sector, it’s little wonder that Paula Wood can see the challenges facing this industry all too clearly. From her unique perspective in the heart of the machine, she has built a business that is specifically designed to provide support for those who need it in the exams industry. With the core idea of supporting fellow exam professionals at its heart, the team at Exam Officers & Data Solutions Ltd have become highly regarded. The role of exam staff is often overlooked, but plays a vital role in any educational setting. When creating Exam Officers & Data Solutions Ltd, therefore, Paula was determined to empower these staff and their senior managers to thrive. Her way of giving back has ensured that many have flourished under fresh eyes and a bold new approach that keeps the exams system operating as efficiently as possible. The various training programmes offered by the Exam Officers & Data Solutions Ltd team have brought about many meaningful changes in many different institutions. They are designed, by default, to be transformative, providing individuals with the tools and insights needed to excel in their roles and positively impact the educational journey of students. Often, training overlooks the practical needs of the situation, but this has been deftly avoided thanks to the long and hard-won expertise of those who work at Exam Officers & Data Solutions Ltd. Central to their approach is an eye for comprehensive training that goes beyond the theory and explores the practical applications that might be found. These training programmes are not just a way of building skills in isolation, but are a way of fostering a collaborative learning environment which ensures students have the best possible experience in the long run. What sets the team at Exam Officers & Data Solutions Ltd apart, therefore, is the unique combination of bespoke packages and the core values of integrity, wherein the team commit to transparency in all interactions, and of a personable approach, where individuals are treated with empathy, respect, and genuine care. No two situations are ever the same, and neither are people, but the Exam Officers & Data Solutions Ltd team must do their best to meet every need. This understanding, through relationships that are gradually built, means that people come back to the team time and time again. Best Exam Staff Support Company 2023 Exams offer a useful way of testing knowledge and experience, but only if appropriate exam staff are ready and equipped to meet the needs of the rapidly changing education sector. We take a closer look at Exam Officers & Data Solutions Ltd, the brainchild of Paula Wood, to see how the team’s hard work has helped this important part of the educational process to thrive. It goes without saying that every customer is given their own personal point of contact with the organisation, who is always quick to offer support, guidance, and even tailored solutions that can transform the journey of the exams process. Doing this has proven to gain trust from a part of the sector that is often overlooked, and requires some effort to break into. Similarly, the Exam Officers & Data Solutions Ltd team put enormous value into the feedback gained from learners. To refine the process, the team are always exploring ways of adapting and enhancing their services until every possible need has been met. Exam staff need this support, and this has been made quite clear by the incredible turnover that has been seen in this part of the education sector across England. Often, the reasons cited include lack of training and lack of support, driven by tightening education budgets. There is often a limited understanding of what is required from exam staff by those who make decisions around it. Working with Exam Officers & Data Solutions Ltd is an easy way of increasing understanding, as well as providing training that will keep staff engaged and satisfied in their roles. Looking ahead, the work of Exam Officers & Data Solutions Ltd is sure to become ever more important to how many in the industry see the exam aspect of the education sector. There are plans afoot by the team to launch many new and innovative initiatives to enhance what exam officers and staff can do. Key to this growth has been the launch of an online senior leader’s masterclass course. This course offers an immersive learning experience for senior leaders, empowering them with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate the ever-evolving exams landscape in the 21st century. Such tenacity is not enough for the team at Exam Officers & Data Solutions Ltd, and while this success lies behind them they are already looking for what is to come next. The announcement of group face-to-face training sessions across England is sure to excite many who are looking at the Education and Training Awards as it offers an insight into the direction of travel for the team. These interactive training sessions will provide an invaluable opportunity for participants to engage directly with expert trainers and peers, fostering collaborative learning and networking. As ever, an eagle eye will be put on practical application of what is learned, and these sessions are guaranteed to equip attendees with actionable insights and strategies to drive organisational success. To have the widest possible reach for this thrilling new venture from Exam Officers & Data Solutions Ltd, these events will initially take place in London, Manchester, and Hull. When exams play such a crucial role in how learners are tested, it’s important to know that your exam staff are ready and able to do whatever is required of them. They are easily overlooked, but a vital part of how the education sector works. We celebrate the success of the Exam Officers & Data Solutions Ltd team, as they support a niche sector of the industry that has long, and unjustly, been forgotten. Company: Exam Officers & Data Solutions Ltd Contact: Paula Wood Website: Email: [email protected]


Training Beauty & Beyond offers comprehensive online courses focused on beauty training and education. Its mission is to provide aspiring beauticians with unique and flexible online training courses that ideally match their aspirations, and help them to chase down their dreams. It wants to prepare its students to take on new challenges, and leave them ready to launch a top-level beauty business. Kickstarting careers and enabling students to generate income from their newfound expertise is at the heart of what the company concentrates on, exists for, and works hard to achieve. The core values driving overall success for Training Beauty & Beyond are a commitment to providing beauty training of the very highest standards, that is flexible and accessible to all. Its dedication to inspiring students is reflected in its company motto “Your success is our success”, and it stands by its vision to empower students, and ensure their confidence and ability to achieve in the industry is paramount. These values have remained integral to the company over time, and are what form the very foundation of the organisation. The premium quality choice for students is the unique thing that sets Training Beauty & Beyond apart from its competitors, and positions it in the top spot for online education in the beauty industry. It is different to any other beauty training provider in the UK in that it provides a package that is specifically tailored to suit each individual student immediately, on enrolment. This is inclusive of original brand creation, whereby its in-house design team crafts a custom-made business logo for each student. Each learner is also supplied with a personalised student kit that features their personal logo on equipment, and comes complete with additional business guidance to assist all students in leveraging their skills effectively to achieve financial success. Training Beauty & Beyond ensures all of its students unlimited oneon-one tutoring sessions via Zoom with its caring and experienced beauty tutors. This enables students to immediately address any specific technique-related challenges straight away. It also personalises the experience for every one of its students, striving to ensure that they never feel as though they have invested in a beauty course that is focused on group learning, but instead is truly aimed at individuals with their own wants and needs prioritised. Training Beauty & Beyond is aware that the education and training industry operating within its particular department is currently facing specific challenges and external influences. This has led to the overall quality of online beauty training dropping to a subpar level for many training providers, who offer limited support to students, instead relying on automated process systems. In direct contrast Training Beauty & Beyond provides courses that incorporate high-quality videos, questionnaires, case studies, and Training Beauty & Beyond is a well-respected institution offering specialised beauty education in the online realm. It equips students with the practical skills and essential business know-how necessary to launch a career, and generate an income from their expertise, working either from home or via the High Street. personalised tutoring sessions. This elevates students competence, and gives them the confidence necessary to excel. The company is often exposed to students who have previously completed certified in-person lash training, for instance, and yet still lack confidence. This is mainly due to the limited time that was spent on their prior training. Contra to this, Training Beauty & Beyond offers a self-paced learning approach which allows students to practice repeatedly until they feel ready. This fosters an altogether stronger skill set, and enhances students’ confidence in themselves. The company promotes an internal culture that is firmly centred around excellence, and customised student support. Its staff members are trusted and valued to provide unparalleled assistance to students, and are equipped with the necessary tools and resources required to make this happen. It uses continuous training and professional development programmes to help its staff members to flourish, as well as to ensure they stay up to date with the very latest industry trends, practices, and developments. In doing this, Training Beauty & Beyond’s staff are able to deliver the best possible support and guidance to students. They can also act as mentors, helping learners to achieve growth and success in their chosen careers. The beauty of the company is that its works on such a widely accessible scale. Busy stay-at-home parents, full-time students, aspiring entrepreneurs, or simply passionate beauty enthusiasts, can all find a space to thrive at Training Beauty & Beyond. Its flexible online beauty courses put participants in control, allowing them to become the beauty professional they’ve always wanted to be. The passionate company is confident that from gaining the highest quality and level of beauty skills, to acquiring the knowledge needed to start a business, it is changing the way beauty courses are taught. It covers areas such as eyelash extension courses, with the most in-depth training on the market, eyelash lift and tint courses, with techniques that have taken the beauty industry by storm, and a hair extension course, that can add a further much in-demand service to its students’ skillset. Training Beauty & Beyond promises to bring the most sought-after beauty courses online, and teach you how to start a business from scratch. All of this is done while still making learning super-exciting, engaging and hassle-free. The future of the organisation is expected to be marked by expansion and diversification. In the upcoming year it has plans Best Online Beauty Courses Provider 2023 - UK “Our mission is to transform you into a successful beauty professional by providing top-level online beauty courses built to perfection. We’re putting you back in the driver’s seat!” “Do you dream of becoming a beauty professional and having your own business? Have you been procrastinating on your new venture, unsure of how to get started and scared to fail? We’re confident we’re the answer – Training Beauty & Beyond helps people like you go after their dreams and transform their lives with everything it takes to succeed in the beauty industry.”

to broaden its training portfolio by introducing new courses in Eyebrow, Nails, and Makeup, thus catering to an even broader range of beauty professionals. Likewise, the company aims to expand its team of skilled beauty tutors in order to meet the increasing demand, and maintain its commitment to exceptional tutor support for the growing student base. The comprehensive training programmes it offers focus on more than just practical skills but also encompass other crucial aspects of building a successful beauty business. With dedicated and personalised support, brand creation, and customised student kits that truly sets it apart, its students are ensured of a well-rounded education preparing them for a robust career in the beauty industry. Training Beauty & Beyond has recently been announced as the worthy winner of the title Best Online Beauty Courses Provider 2023 – UK in the Education and Training Awards. This prestigious title is a fabulous achievement for this hardworking company, and we can’t wait to hear more about how both it and its students are continuing along the well-tended path to success. Company: Training Beauty & Beyond Web Address: Contact Name: Ryan Clancy

Jun23489 The Project Management Institute (PMI), the world’s leading organization for the project management profession, forecasts a global need for 25 million new project management professionals by 2030. PMI warned that the gap could result in a possible loss of up to USD$345.5 billion in global GDP by 2030. Since its founding in 2000, Cheetah Learning has grown rapidly to meet the rising global demand for project managers by successfully training 80,000 students in 23 years. A majority of their students work for large corporations. Large corporations, including healthcare systems, typically have a few designated project managers, but not only do they not have enough to meet demand, they often conscript any and all available to lead projects as “additional duties.” As a result, managing critical projects frequently falls to those who aren’t certified or trained, often with poor results. That is why it is crucial for organizations to ensure they have a critical mass of staff qualified to lead projects. Companies that invest in training large numbers of employees to become Project Management Professionals (PMP)®, as certified by the Project Management Institute, fare better than those that don’t. And companies that want to make sure these employees earn their certifications quickly and pass the test the first time send them to Cheetah Learning for exam preparation. Former aerospace engineer Michelle LaBrosse, PMP, CVL, CAC, PMI-ACP, RYT, founded Cheetah Learning in 2000 because she recognized the need for a better and faster way to train students for the PMP exam. Most training approaches place a strong emphasis on memorizing terminology; as a result, eight out of ten students still fail the PMP exam on their first attempt even after studying for six months to two years. The Accelerated Exam Prep, which is available in a virtual classroom four-day or four-week online formats, is one of several courses offered by Cheetah Learning guaranteed to improve outcomes and accelerate career success for managers and leaders. Students who prepare using Cheetah’s proven accelerated adult learning techniques learn systems thinking, enabling them to arrive at the right solution logically without having to memorize. Due to this proven approach, Cheetah Learning students have a 99% pass rate on the PMP exam. Reviewers have awarded it 4.9 of 5 possible stars on Trustpilot, an independent online site that allows consumers to share candid reviews of businesses, products and services. Cheetah Learning’s 4.9-star rating is an average of nearly 400 reviews. Cheetah Learning’s graduates work in multiple countries and industries, from healthcare to accounting, from startups to Fortune 500 companies, and across all levels of government. “From the coaches and instructions, layout and advanced preparation requirements, to the class size, structure, processes, and execution, this course has been invaluable to me as a self-diagnosed anxious test-taker,” said Amanda Meredith, MBA, SMC, an IT project manager for the Vermont Agency of Digital Services. “I am confident that I will use the skillsets gained at the Cheetah four-day accelerated class exponentially over the remaining course of my career and in nearly all facets of my life.” Corporate Vision has recognized Cheetah Learning as Best Project Management Learning Provider in 2023. Company: Cheetah Learning Contact: Michelle LaBrosse Email: [email protected] Website: Best Project Management Learning Provider - USA

On top of that, the company also guides students on their visa applications, travel and accommodation arrangements, information on scholarships and funding and even provides a pre-departure briefing to further prepare students for their life abroad. Noorain said the wide range of services showcases not only Nas Education’s commitment to its student clients but also to its foreign partners, the institutions of higher learning. “To provide a wider and better range for our Malaysian students, we continue to introduce foreign institutions into the Malaysian market by identifying strategic partners while forging links with existing Malaysian institutions,” she said. The company regularly organises previews on foreign institutions and universities at local educational institutions, carry out road shows and provide market intelligence on the latest in education to its student clients and local strategic partners. To date, the company’s foreign partners include more than 20 universities in the UK, six universities in Australia, three universities in New Zealand and ongoing partnerships with universities in the US, Canada, South Korea and PR of China. Nas Education is aiming to represent more universities across the globe, such as Japan, CIS and Türkiye. “We are proud to have been given the opportunity to work with the finest institutions of higher education in these countries. Our foreign partners provide not only geographical and educational diversity but also enriches the lives of those of our student clients that have been placed by Nas Education. Through these partnerships, we are able to ensure that the strength and value proposition of each institution is matched to the student’s qualification and aptitude,” Noorain said. More information on Nas Education, its services and its local and foreign partners can be found at contact us at [email protected] / +603 2694 9121’ Contact Name: Noorain Abdullah Company: Nas Education Jul23269 Best International Student Consultancy 2023 - Malaysia Finding the right way forward with academia can be tough, but, with Nas Education, this doesn’t have to be the case. Here we learn more as Nas Education wins its title in the Education and Training Awards 2023. Empowerment through higher education. Nas Education aims to empower students by guiding them towards a solid foundation in education As the employment market becomes more competitive these days, higher education enables a person to become more employable. However, the journey towards bettering oneself can be a rocky one if there is little to no guidance. One is faced with many questions. What course is best? Which university is the most appropriate? What is criteria for entry? Are my qualifications enough for entry? Which country is the most financially or educationally feasible? These and other questions plague many students, whether one has working experience or is a student looking to further their education. Fortunately, there are organisations that can guide students towards the most feasible and appropriate choices. One such organisation is Nas Education Sdn Bhd (formerly known as Nazza Education). Incorporated in 2007, Nas Education aims to provide educational advisory services for students in Malaysia seeking further education in foreign universities. According to Noorain Abdullah, the company’s founder and executive director, the purpose of Nas Education is to guide students in making informed choices about the future of their education. “Our objective is to allow our students to gain international exposure to ensure a better future for them. We do this by helping them discover and enhance their natural strengths thus unleashing their true potential,” Noorain said. “We ensure that the students who come to us are a match with the universities and colleges which we will recommend based on their qualifications, as well as by working closely with education sponsors,” she said. Since 2007, Nas Education has been acting as a facilitator between students and institutions of higher learning as well as between local institutions or government bodies and their foreign counterparts. The company also assists local institutions and organisations to improve and enhance their manpower through continued training and learning programmes. “Our goal is to make a difference in the futures of Malaysian students, in line with our corporate philosophy of Empowerment Through Further Education” Noorain said. Nas Education has far placed more than a thousand Malaysian students in institutions of higher learning in the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the United States and won praise from its students. Nas Education assists student clients to transfer credits to a wide range of degree courses offered by top ranking foreign universities. It also provides step-by-step assistance during the application process to ensure a placement.

Core Elements is a private sports therapy-based training centre offering level 3-5 sports massage and sports therapy accredited qualifications. Its laser-focus on providing top-tier training for better health and beneficial daily movement ultimately results in more professionals who can help people to live their lives to the fullest. Here we take a closer look as Core Elements wins its title in the Education and Training Awards 2023. Based in Swindon, Wiltshire, alongside its massage and sports therapy, Core Elements also provides a range of short CPD courses independently accredited by the Federation of Holistic Therapists and the Sports Therapy Organisation. All courses are available for face-to-face delivery, but a selection are also available online, and occasionally are conducted in Liverpool. Award-winning Core Elements enables course flexibility, allowing students to train at a pace to suit them. It also offers a range of levels, so upskilling is widely available to complete in their own time. All tutors and staff are graduates, passionate about sports massage and therapy, and eager to encourage students to help others with their new found skills. Work is conducted in a student-centred training facility, and is constantly refined, developed, and adapted to meet the differing needs of participants. Aug23037 Best Sports Therapy Training Provider 2023 - South West England Following the challenges brought by the COVID-19 pandemic, Core Elements introduced a variety of platforms to enable courses to continue. Several classes have continued running in this fashion, allowing therapists to make excellent use of their downtime. Such methods of delivery have also increased student reach, with learners joining from all over the UK, and even further afield such as South Africa, USA, Malaysia, and New Zealand. Online courses are flexible, allow for easy re-caps, and include useful videos of classroom-based theory to help students flourish. Company: Core Elements Training Web Address: Contact Name: Dawn Morse

memory tools, including Crushendo’s new Android and iOS apps, Crushendo’s resources help users memorize quicker and remember information for longer. This enables it to empower law students, graduates, paralegals, and attorneys to master the law faster and with more freedom than ever before. Adam Balinski created Crushendo with law students in mind, so it is no surprise that they are at the center of everything it does. For their benefit, the company is determined not to stagnate. It works to continuously improve and innovate, always striving to create better and more effective content that is motivated and guided by the desires and needs of test preppers. Furthermore, unlike some of its competitors who require expensive deposits, Crushendo understands the value of money to students, so it offers a 30-day, money-back guarantee. With a passion for efficiency, the company and its team are always looking for more cost-effective ways to do things, passing these savings on to its users. Additionally, alongside its paid exam preparation tools, Crushendo offers several free resources, including complete guides for the UBE and jurisdiction-specific bar exams, top tips for the MBE, MEE, and MPRE, and more. This further demonstrates the company’s passion for what it does and its dedication to its users. Just as it values its customers, Crushendo also cares for its staff. It works to prioritize their growth and success in everything it does, ensuring that they are given the autonomy, trust, and flexibility they need to thrive in the workplace as well as in their personal lives. As a result of the exceptional resources it provides, Crushendo has been awarded Best Bar Exam Preparation Solution, USA, in the Education and Training Awards 2023. Currently, Crushendo has many ongoing projects. For example, it is working to update and adjust its provisions in order to prepare for the NextGen Bar Exam. One of the biggest projects the company has been working on is the official release of its paralegal and LSAT exam prep resources. The company is excited to share these plans with its customers. We are pleased to congratulate Crushendo on its success in the Education and Training Awards and wish it the best of luck in the years to come! Contact: Julie Black Contact Email: [email protected] Company: Crushendo Web Address: Jun23706 Best Bar Exam Preparation Solution 2023 – USA Crushendo is the leading audio-based company for legal education that provides content related to bar exam preparation, MPRE preparation, paralegal exam preparation, study aids, and tutoring. The company works tirelessly to improve education and liberate law students from the library, providing them with resources that go beyond those provided by traditional lecturers. In 2017, Crushendo was established by Adam Balinski, a former TV reporter and instructional designer who graduated from Brigham Young University Law School in 2016, and scored in the top 5% nationally on the Uniform Bar Exam (UBE). He set out to revolutionize legal education and save students from the draining experience of sitting for all hours of the day with their eyes glued to a book or screen. To this end, Crushendo offers a number of affordable tools that enable students to crush the bar exam and other law exams without crushing their wallet or their mental health. The content it delivers is memorable, engaging, efficient, and affordable, leveraging proprietary mnemonics (acronyms, phrases, stories, memory palaces, etc.), creative illustrations, effective practice questions, whiteboard videos, tutoring, audio outlines, and audio flashcards. With a focus on audio-based resources, Crushendo enables auditory learners to actively and effectively study away from their chairs while they go to the gym, walk their dog, or clean their house. For those who are visual and mastery learners, the company also offers excellent visual aids and written materials. Using key