Education and Training Awards 2023

The use of technology in education is crucial, and those companies that are exploring its possibilities are going to be one step ahead of the competition. For the team at MaximizeU, AI is the basis on which individuals and institutions can maximize their potential. In the Education and Training Awards 2023, the team were rewarded for their sterling efforts. We take a closer look to find out more. Reaching full potential, either as an organisation or as an individual, is no easy task. It requires a mindset for growth, and a path that has been designed to suit unique circumstances and learning methods. Through the use of an AI powered tech platform, the team at MaximizeU have made their mission the development of customized growth journeys to ensure more balanced, happier and fulfilled lives. Depression, Anxiety, Stress and underutilized potential cost companies billions of dollars a year in lost productivity due to absenteeism, turnover and low impact. MaximizeU provides a unique solution to this problem by making it easy to invest in human capital and measure progress over time. The beating heart of MaximizeU is not, as one might expect, their unique and proprietary tech solution, but an awareness that investment in human capital is one of the best investments a company can make. Ensuring that employees are able to maintain strong overall wellness allows businesses to build more effective ways forward, and improve employee loyalty and longevity. The approach taken by the MaximizeU team has been a SAAS based subscription model, where institutions can find a path that suits the needs of the organisation, and its individuals, best. With options that include online coaching, courses, curated content, counseling, a learning community and more, it’s considerably easier to measure the development of an employee’s skills and abilities. This data can then be used to measure impact, productivity, leadership, relationships and balance. Using SAAS as an approach means that there is no IT infrastructure to install and any information that is shared can be accessed in the easiest possible way. “What gets measured, gets done and an overall development plan is created and adhered to leveraging MaximizeU’s AI powered tech platform which we can private label for organizations,”, says Laura Celly, CEO of MaximizeU based in Austin, Texas. With such a carefully managed approach, it’ll come as little surprise that the core values of MaximizeU are integrity, trust, respect, balance and maximizing human potential. All of these put people first at all times. The needs of individuals being met is what allows the talented MaximizeU team, to provide the incredible service on the much broader scale that they have become renowned for. Looking forward, it’s clear that this is a business model that can continue to grow and expand for individuals, corporations and educational institutions. The use of AI and SAAS means that the traditional barriers of cost, geography, access to experts and curated content have already been overcome. The future, therefore, is bright indeed. In the coming months and years, it’s clear that MaximizeU will be turning its attention to international expansion and growth, reaching out to institutions and leaders who have been looking for a cost-effective and easy to implement solution to develop their teams and maximize potential. Some people see education as finishing when we leave school. Others consider the skills we develop in the workplace as another form of learning. MaximizeU thrives because it looks at the careers of individuals and empowers them to thrive in a challenging new world. With such a strong focus on people, empowered by the remarkable technological developments of the last few years, it’s clear that MaximizeU has set a standard which will be hard to match by the competition. With their amazing success in the Education and Training Awards, we can’t wait to see how those standards continue to rise to even greater heights! Company: MaximizeU Name: Laura Celly Position: CEO Email: [email protected] Web Address: Jul23262 Best Career & Productivity Coaching Provider 2023 - Midwest USA