Energy Innovator Awards 2019

10 Corporate Vision - Energy Innovator Awards 2019 , Greentech Di Scarciolla Carmine: After the company’s founding almost thirty years ago in 1991, GREENTECHhas gone on to become the answer for companies who are looking to be more energy-efficient. Utilising systems that are both bespoke and innovative, this Italian firmare capitalising on the world’s shift in focus towards becomingmore renewable with energy. We look at their rise to become Italy’s best energy-saving systems consultancy following their award-winning success. Best Energy-Saving Systems Consultancy - Southern Italy Committed to testing entrepreneurial horizons and exploring new avenues, Scarciolla constantly places his trust in technological innovation and constant professional training. Following the company’s rebranding in 2013 when it officially became GREENTECH, it has since gone on to cement its status as a leader in the field of energy-efficient technology systems and consultancy services. Since the company’s foundation , all energies have been focused on a single core concept; that comfort should be guaranteed whilst fully respecting the environment that surrounds it. GREENTECH offers a wide range of services, building on what the company has its roots in whilst also doing new things. From consultancy and planning services, to working with systems of all energy types, the firm deliver help when it comes to efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Effectively playing the role of both consultant and engineer, the team at GREENTECH can guide clients through the calculation of energy costs that weigh heavy on a budget, as well as designing, implementing and maintaining systems to help manage that cost. To name but a few of those services, the firm can install systems that help with dehumidification, air treatment, water healthcare, geothermal, solar, refrigeration, and biomass systems. When it comes to helping manage cost-effec- tiveness and discovering where a company can save money on energy consumption, finding the right consultant is absolutely key. A consultant who is knowledgeable and has the technical aptitude to deliver systems that Built on the philosophy that sustainability and comfort do not have to be mutually exclusive, GREENTECH offer design, construction and maintenance for systems that use renewable energy sources. In the company’s early years of the mid- 1990s, the firm worked in managing heating, air conditioning and refrigeration systems to ensure maximum quality of service. Now, almost three decades on, Carmine Scarciolla recognises those strong founding values whilst propelling the company into the 21st century and the need to push boundaries. are game-changers for companies across southern Italy. GREENTECH employers and employees alike will have access to newly- implemented training centres, guaranteeing efficient and up-to-date services. Not content to simply help their clients become more energy-efficient and do their bit for the planet, GREENTECH are also doing their own good work for the planet. Beginning next year in 2020, the firm will begin a new project called “Live by Planting” , and is aimed at further protecting the environment. For every system that the team install, they will also plant a tree in a bid to dramatically reduce CO2 emissions. As a wide variety of sectors move increasingly towards Nearly Zero Energy Buildings, the work of firms such as GREENTECH is more vital than ever before. The company’s offering of efficient and innovative systems are helping drastically reduce the consumption of fossil fuel energy and the devastating impact they are having on the environment. Sep19564