Energy Innovator Awards 2019

Corporate Vision - Energy Innovator Awards 2019 9 g Solarmass Energy Group Ltd More traditional methods of implementing solar roofing include the larger and less elegant photovoltaic panels, but the recent development of building-integrated photovol- taic products, or BIPV, has meant an increase in people choosing to go solar. Solarmass work closely alongside their manufacturing partners to ensure that the Ergosun products continue to utilise the most up-to-date photo- voltaic cell technology in an effort to optimise performance and value for clients. On a broader market perspective, the push towards environmental awareness has driven more and more homeowners to consider adding renewable energy to their rooftops. As power utility rates continue to rise, and construction trends such as PassiveHaus and Net Zero get more traction, the market for solar rooftops and for the Ergosun product will continue to grow. What is most important for the builders and roofers who work with the firm’s products however, is a strong existing knowledge of how to handle it. With solarisation integrated into existing building materials, builders and roofers already feel comfortable working with the product, as Solarmass also understand that change comes slowly. Ensuring that tradesmen utilise their existing skills, the firm are preparing workers for a life where many more homes may seek to utilise the Ergosun products. Despite being headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, the firm’s success has originated across Europe. Not without it’s challenges, Solarmass’ international growth is a sure sign that the push for environmentally-friendly sources of renewable energy is a global one. With installations in six different countries on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean and an ever- expanding network of distributors, the biggest challenge for the team is keeping up with their own unprecedented growth rates Arguably the most exciting part about Solar- mass, aside from their hugely innovative and exciting Ergosun product, is their potential for such rapid expansion. With all the necessary certifications in place to sell the product globally, the commercialisation and implemen- tation of Ergosun into homes all over the world is set to be nothing short of meteoric. Evolving building codes are beginning to demand that home builder integrate solar capabilities. With a market on the brink of fully investing into renewable energy, Solarmass are poised to capitalise on the rapid global expansion of their business with a truly fantastic solution that delivers environmentally-friendly elegance for all homes. CONTACT DETAILS: Company: Solarmass Energy Group Ltd. Contact: Brian Roth Website: