Energy Innovator Awards 2019

22 Corporate Vision - Energy Innovator Awards 2019 , ESB is a leading Irish energy company with an ambition to lead the transition to a low-carbon energy future based on clean, reliable, affordable electricity. We spoke to ESB’s Investor Relations Manager, Éilish Dolanwho revealedmore about their Brighter Future Strategy whichwill bring sustainable and competitive energy solutions to all its customers. Leading Pioneers in Low Carbon Energy (Ireland & UK) Since inception, ESB has prided itself on maintaining a stable business profile, which consists of solid financial performance on an ongoing basis. In 2018, the company generated earnings of € 1.2 billion, with total assets of € 13.1 billion. Also in 2018 ESB’s credit ratings were reaf-firmed as A- / A3 with Standard & Poors and Moody’s respectively. Earlier this year, ESB successfully placed a €500m green bond following an extensive European roadshow involv-ing more than 100 leading investors. The bond – issued in June – is the first ever Irish corpo-rate public green bond with the net proceeds from the transaction being allocated to finance eligible green projects. Éilish explains how the company is cementing its position as Ireland’s foremost energy com-pany and the transition to a low- carbon future. Established in 1927, ESB aims to create a brighter future for the customers and communities in which they serve and do this by leading the transition to reliable, affordable and low-carbon energy. Today, ESB operates across the electricity market: from generation, through transmission and distribution to the supply of electricity with an expanding presence in the British electricity market. In addition, they extract further value through supplying gas, energy services and using their network to carry fibre for tele- communications. Oct19168 “ESB has five strategic objectives that the team work tirelessly to achieve. The primary one is to put the customer’s (current and future) needs at the centre of all our activities. In addition to delivering a high- performance culture that supports innovation and collaboration, we will deliver our 2030 strategy of increasing renewables to 50% of generation capacity through our ongoing investments in on-shore wind, off-shore wind and solar, for example. Another objec-tive of ours is to produce, connect and deliver clean, secure and affordable energy by devel-oping smart reliable networks that enable increased renewable connections, distributed generation and the electrification of heat and transport in addition to transitioning to a balanced low carbon generation portfolio of scale in Ireland and Great Britain. “The fourth objective is to develop energy services to meet evolving market needs. As such, ESB is developing services to both balance the network (ancillary services) and provide cus-tomers with more control over their energy use (demand response, distributed generation solu-tions as well as smart and connected home services). These four strategic objectives are un- derpinned by our fifth, and final, strategic objective which is to grow the business, whilst maintaining ESB’s financial strength. ESB continues to exercise prudent financial management in the execution of the business strategy with a commitment to a strong investment grade credit rating.”