Energy Innovator Awards 2019

24 Corporate Vision - Energy Innovator Awards 2019 , When handlingmaterials such as coal, it is important to ensure that any related plants, factories and systems alike are all well-equipped to do it safely and securely. Helping clients deliver on that safety and security for more than sixty years, The Daniels Company is an engineering procurement and construction company that is focused on designing and installing coal preparation plants andmaterial handling systems. A true innovator in the energy industry, we uncover the firm’s secrets to success. Best Coal Preparation Plant Design/Build Company 2019: The Daniels Company lowest cost possible. By accumulating all the necessary information, clients can ensure that they are getting the best possible design that has been made for them personally, rather than the firm offering a one-size-fits-all solution that wouldn’t be as viable. As well as the excellence in delivering custom-made plants and material handling systems, the firm also offer a myriad of other services to complement their central mission. To name but a few, clients can take advantage of engineering expertise, evaluations of existing facilities, troubleshooting, procurement, equipment manufacturing, construction, and start-up assistance for clients implementing new systems. For the team at The Daniels Company, no job is finished until the client is truly satisfied. Working with technology in designing plants and material handling systems, The Daniels Company know that they have to remain abreast of any emerging technologies to allow their designers and details to work with only the best and latest software. Clients can rest assured that the firm don’t just employ technology they are unfamiliar with because it’s the latest offering, but seek to work with the best technology themselves. Utilising proprietary flow sheet design software, the firm can determine the most efficient processing designs for client needs. One of the biggest threats to the coal in- dustry is the continued global drive towards Since the company’s foundation in 1956, The Daniels Company have been responsible for ensuring the safe and secure handling of coal across the United States. With more than 180 coal preparation plants and material handling systems being designed and installed, the firm are one of the oldest companies involved in the business, and alongside their sister company BGTG, the team at The Daniels Company have successfully installed more than 800 processing plants across the world. Partnering alongside some of the biggest coal companies domestically and internationally, The Daniels Company continue to ensure that one of the world’s largest energy sources is handled in the correct way to maximise energy output. The plants that the firm have designed and installed are capable of processing up to 2000 short tons per hour, with the material handling systems able to handle up to 5000 short tons per hour. Whatever the client needs or requires for their coal processing needs, every project is undertaken with the same level of custom-design to ensure they are engineering to exact specifications. Those exact specifications are established thanks to rigorous evaluation of all the factors that are involved in the final decision invest in The Daniels Company’s work. By developing a proper design and selecting the right processing equipment, the final plant design is the most efficient it can be at the The Daniels Company: Oct19157 cleaner and more renewable energy sources as environmental protection takes centre stage. The rise of fracking has opened up vast amounts of low-priced natural gas onto the market, severely impacting steam coal production and the companies who rely on it. Rather than see the change as the end of their industry business, The Daniel Compa- ny have adjusted their business clientele to include specialty areas which offer greater opportunity for diversity. Companies who are unable to change and adapt to the new business climate in the energy industry will inevitably get left behind, but there’s little chance of that happening to The Daniels Company. Keenly focused on new markets, opportunities and clients, the firm’s industry-wide expertise will enable them to continue working in a reliable, efficient and prosperous manner. Going forward, The Daniels Company remain well-positioned to continue operating prosperously in areas that are perhaps less- connected to their previous core business areas. Despite the monumental shift taking place across the energy sector, this firm’s ability to foster new relationships and develop their business future will see them succeed for years to come. CONTACT DETAILS: Company: The Daniels Company Contact: Robert Hollis Website: