Energy Innovator Awards 2019

30 Corporate Vision - Energy Innovator Awards 2019 , succeed by stabilising power grids. Jonas has noticed “a drastic increase in interest in our platform as many of our clients have become aware of the challenges that are around the corner with regards to the energy grid.” This is one of the central benefits of being based in Germany – Venios are truly at the forefront of the energy transition and have the opportunity to solve some of the prevalent issues that will eventually be faced all over the world. “One of the downsides of working in Germany is that we have a highly regulated market which makes the implementation of potentially ground-braking solutions/ ideas more challenging and requires a lot of patience,” notes Jonas. “In In a world dedicated tomoving towards carbon-neutral energy generation and electric mobility, it’s no easy task to keep track and ensure that the infrastructure already in place is ready for the challenge. Following its well-deserved win in the Energy Innovator Awards, we endeavoured to find out more about the crucial role that Venios GmbH plays in Germany’s energy industry. We spoke to Co-Founder, Jonas Danzeisenwho was eager to talk about the firm’s innovative software solution. Most Outstanding in Energy Software Solutions - Germany Operating out of Frankfurt, Venios developed and operates the software solution for the Venios Energy Platform (VEP), which has been designed to be a ‘best in class’ solution for efficient smart grid management. For Jonas, a key part of Venios’s enduring success is its ability to ensure reliability. This is achieved through, in his words, sheer determination: “We work in an industry that is responsible for critical infrastructure. A crucial factor in our success has been our patience and determination, and by, ultimately, ensuring that we deliver to our clients what we promise.” Oct19028 This reliability has played an important role in ensuring that Venios has greatly increased its presence this year in the German and European energy sector. Highly scalable, it has become the backbone of the grid, with real- time monitoring, control and depiction included as basic functions. Moreover, as it is based on Microsoft technology, VEP is able to essentially future-proof itself by building on the work of this world-leading software manufacturer. Ensuring that VEP is fit for purpose in an industry that is changing every day remains a large part of the team’s continued efforts, but, of course, the larger challenge remains in ensuring the process of decarbonisation can