Energy Innovator Awards 2019

Corporate Vision - Energy Innovator Awards 2019 31 g Venios GmbH: “The Venios Energy Platform (VEP) unites the applications of many vendors to adapt to a variety of use-cases and scenarios. Its most basic functions allow for monitoring, planning, prognosis, control, analytics and multi-site and multi-asset optimisation. By collaborating with partner applications, VEP can extend to advanced asset-management, greater management and oversight functions, with more integration in the pipeline. Ultimately, VEP is an ever-adapting tool that can succeed in meeting the challenges of the future.” general, though, it is more of advantage to be based here as the world often looks to Germany for technological solutions.” Working in a risk-adverse industry means that Jonas and the team at Venios are not bound by overtly showy marketing techniques, as he takes a moment to discuss. ‘We simply have to deliver in order to quell any uncertainties,’ he says, ‘and this also means being available when the client needs us. We have a team of committed professionals who understand what we are trying to achieve and what the bigger picture is, so we have no trouble keeping our standards high.’ Looking forward, the day-to-day management of the grid looks to be becoming more volatile on the back of a drive towards sustainable energy generation and electric mobility. “Due to the liberalisation of the energy market and the international energy transition we have witnessed large increases in decentralised and predominately volatile renewable energy being fed into the energy grid,” Jonas says. “At the same time, the phasing out of nuclear energy and fossil fuels, primarily in Germany, will gradually reduce the predictability and controllability of energy generation being fed into the energy grid”. But like any change, this challenge presents an opportunity to improve and innovate, despite substantial obstacles. For Jonas and Venios, the continuing move towards renewable energy generation and electric mobility will make the management of the intervening Distribution Service Operator (DSO) more challenging. However, the solution to this problem, as it turns out, lies within the adaptation of the Venios Energy Platform. “There is a need for new solutions to ensure the high service standard, currently being offered by the DSO, can be maintained whilst ensuring more CO ² neutral energy sources are able to feed into the grid.’ While this market change is seemingly inevitable, Jonas is confident that his company’s software won’t need any significant changes moving forward as it serves as a solution to many of the challenges that lie ahead. “Our software helps our clients deal specifically with these challenges,” he points out. The future seems bright indeed for Venios, as it confidently approaches a new era of energy creation. Constantly working on solutions to the problems that arise, we have no doubts that they will overcome them with ease allowing the industry to progress to a carbon-neutral future. CONTACT DETAILS: Contact: Dr. Jonas Danzeisen Company: Venios GmbH Website: