Energy Innovator Awards 2019

32 Corporate Vision - Energy Innovator Awards 2019 , Ensuring that the environment comes first is a worldwide priority, with the public calling on governments and businesses to act immediately. At Disarp S.A., this call was heard long ago, and action has already been taken. Taking steps to ensure that the companymaintained the highest standards in every aspect of its operation, there’s a lot to credit Disarp with. We took a closer look to see how they did it. Best Eco-Friendly Hygiene Product Manufacturer - Valencia reduces the amount of plastic used by 85%, with waste being non-existent thanks to its ability to be recycled. It is also cheaper for customers, with this system reducing costs in the product and the packaging. The result is a system that is both more comfortable to use and environmentally friendly. Holding the much-respected European Ecolabel on a number of its products is a sign of the dedication that Disarp demonstrates towards the protection of the environment. This label is designed to assist European customers easily identify officially certified organic products. It shows a commitment to responsible use and a promise not to attack the environment with products that affect nature. Disarp has taken this decision as more and more customers demand higher standards, expecting the use of organic products among other things. The reason for this is a growing Based out of the port town of Valencia, Disarp is a company that manufactures chemical products. Focused on providing cleaning and disinfectant treatments for a broad range of industries, including hospitals, swimming pool and water treatment to name but a few, Disarp is the company to turn to when it comes to handling these matters in an ecologically friendly manner. Acting as a disinfectant chemical supplier in these many industries means there is the potential for an enormous amount of waste in the system. The team at Disarp have created their own innovative solution known as the EcoZ system. Instead of buying whole bottles of cleaning chemicals, sachets are made to fit a nozzle and holder. Colour-coded to ensure the right cleaning fluid is used in the right situation, EcoZ does not require installation or complex dosing devices. It is a solution that Disarp S.A. Oct19270 requirement for tenders and competitions to use products that meet these standards. What this does is eliminate offers being directed at those with low-quality products. Disarp maintain a wide range of products that can carry the European Ecolabel, although there are systems in place to guarantee an even greener approach than the Ecolabel itself. At Disarp, respect for the environment is an important aspect of the company’s philosophy in all its departments. Demonstrating this commitment to remaining as ecologically minded as possible, the company’s Green Over Green plan has been a major factor in ensuring that Disarp keeps being pushed to keep the highest of standards. This has involved making the most of natural light in its facilities, manufacturing with environmentally sustainable raw materials, and has gone as far as changing the location of the manufacturing plant in order to reduce waste. The Green Over Green plan also involves the eventual elimination of empty containers, with an eye on becoming more efficient and respecting nature. Disarp staff have spent a lot of time analysing where the environmental impact of production could be improved, in manufacturing, in storage and in the final use of products. All governments are exploring options to eliminate pollution, with the dream of Disarp being respected enough to act as an active reference in terms of sustainability material in the professional and consumer sectors. Every company wants to succeed when it comes to being eco-friendly, but very few manage to achieve it as successfully