Energy Innovator Awards 2019

34 Corporate Vision - Energy Innovator Awards 2019 , When it comes tomaking an impact on an oil or gas operation, it pays to invest in the best. SHEAR BITS offer drilling operators something a little different to the norm, with patented and bespoke products that stand apart from the growing industry trend for standardization. Wanting to see what this innovative company had to offer, we profiled them to find out more. Best Independent Oil & Gas Technology Innovators - Canada in the business. With a long history of successes around the world, members of the product development team have expertise in the development of innovative solutions to some of the most challenging applications around the world. It is this in-depth knowledge that allows SHEAR BITS to provide value to their customers. As designs often have to be created quickly, drill bits evolve from project to project, gaining new features and improved performance. The capacity to change and improve gradually is what sets SHEAR BITS apart from other companies. This places them as true innovators in the industry. It isn’t just in design that SHEAR BITS excel, with the company developing new manufacturing techniques that builds on the advantages of old traditions. Fixed cutter drill bit bodies would traditionally be built from “matrix” or steel. Each brings advantages and disadvantages. The team at SHEAR BITS bring customers the strength and accuracy of a steel body design with superior wear resistance material able to withstand the most challenging conditions. This new technology represents a clear innovation in bit design, outperforming Dedicated to creating new technologies to deliver value to the oil and gas industry, SHEAR BITS™ face a changing industry that is moving towards the cost-effective approach of standardization. Working against this changing tide, SHEAR BITS work on the development of application- specific solutions, which does take more time and effort, but also allows for the creation of exceptional results. The SHEAR BITS approach is incredibly straightforward, with every product designed with a specific application in mind. Each detail and variable is considered during development to ensure that these bespoke solutions have as much adaptability as possible. The reason for this specificity is that at SHEAR BITS, the team recognize the most successful drill bit designs are those targeted at very specific challenges. This is why the processes at SHEAR BITS are optimized to produce a customized product in an incredibly short timeframe. Behind every decision at SHEAR BITS is a team of experts with extensive experience SHEAR BITS: Oct19442 both with relative ease. Additionally, SHEAR BITS has developed technology that has created a unique hybrid cutting structure known as PEXUS™. Through a family series of patents, SHEAR BITS employs the PEXUS technology into various products such as PDC drill bits, hole opening reamers and plug mills. The PEXUS hybrid technology has proven to expand these PDC products into more challenging applications. SHEAR BITS PDC bits are carefully designed with a multi-tiered approach to hydraulic optimization with computational fluid dynamics, and the team uses contoured waterways and junk slots to minimize dead spots in the flow field. All nozzles are interchangeable, with most designs including multiple nozzle per blade layouts. It’s an ingenious combination of concepts that creates an excellent hydraulic design. The result is excellent flexibility to the total flow area, as well as excellent cleaning and cooling performance. The product line is configured to maximize the performance of various applications including vertical, horizontal, directional drilling. It’s clear that SHEAR BITS offer customers the drill bit that they need when they need it. Using their considerable experience in the field of drilling, the team can provide genuine innovation that builds on the work that has gone before. Able to provide something suitable for any application that a customer can think of, and the preferred choice for several suppliers, it’s hard to work out any reason not to choose SHEAR BITS for your drill bit needs. Contact: Carl Hoffmaster Company: SHEAR BITS Web Address: Telephone: 001 713 389 5446