Energy Innovator Awards 2019

Corporate Vision - Energy Innovator Awards 2019 35 , Solar energy has grown to be amajor player in the market of energy production. As such, being able to ensure that the solar modules that are part of a solar panel are of a high standard can be a challenge. Rising to the challenge, BT Imaging offers solutions that are used to design almost every solar module in the world. Recently, we profiled this company to discover more about their exciting work. Best Photovoltaic Inspection Equipment Specialists 2019 to match the research put into each aspect of the product. With a willingness to take on customer feedback and to try and solve any problems that arise, customers can achieve a wonderful experience with BT Imaging. From their headquarters in Sydney Australia, the world’s top country for solar radiation resources, BT Imaging operates internationally, with offices in key markets including China as well as strong distributing networks across the rest of the world. While being so far removed from Sydney has created a bit challenges in following up with industry changes in China, BT Imaging’s sales and services team, strong partnership, agency, distributing networks and recently established WFOE(wholly foreign owned entity) in China competently bridged the gap. The Sydney headquarter allows BT Imaging to best utilise resources available to step up efforts in innovating and creating value, with clear government support and loud calls for clean energy and low carbon emissions at an all-time high. Despite the entry of several new competitors into the market, it doesn’t concern the people behind BT Imaging too much as many of these developments are in the application of photoluminescence in A spinoff of the UNSW School of Photovoltaic and Renewable Energy Engineering, BT Imaging is now the leader in PV material and device inspection solutions. With 70 patents globally, this company has taken the market by storm worldwide. You can find a BT Imaging product in virtually every major photovoltaics research lab and manufacturer in the world, making them ubiquitous with solar energy researchers. This success is undoubtably the result of continuous dedicated R&D over the years, which has made BT Imaging world experts in the inspection of silicon semiconductor materials and devices, as well as advanced the technology of photovoltaic inspection. The firm achieves this through their industry- leading photoluminescence technology and enables client companies to maximise their cell/module efficiencies, thereby reducing cost and maximising profit margins. BT Imaging has involved other manufacturers and R&D centres to upgrade and customise their services to suit different areas. The solar cell and module industry is a major part of the photovoltaic industry, but photovoltaic energy is used widely in the commercial, agricultural and industrial sector. Despite the high cost of installation, storage and relatively low efficiency of a photovoltaic module, it has allowed BT Imaging to provide their clients with inspection solutions to increase efficiencies. With the interests of photovoltaics manufacturers at heart, BT Imaging is committed to advancing inspection technologies in order to reduce costs and enable growth for customers. With dedicated sales, technical and service teams globally, these customers are treated with quick responses and incredibly high standards, Oct19440 photovoltaic industry, which BT Imaging have been developing and constantly upgrading for over 10 years. In other words, the technology developed by BT Imaging is a lot more mature than their competitors in the PV industry and is not easily affected by macro energy market trends like the deployment of microgrids or increasing demand for energy storage. A specific demand in the area of photoluminescence is that the samples become larger as the solar cell manufacturing process changes, altering the design and shape of the cell. This has kept BT Imaging on their toes when it comes to keeping their equipment compatible with the evolving scale. Looking forward, BT Imaging intends to continue its upgrade of existing technology and search for new approaches in order to adapt to market demands. Already a high-flyer in a successful field, the people of BT Imaging have worked hard to ensure their position at the top and will not let their spot go without a fight. Company: BT Imaging Pty Ltd Contact: Dr Chao Shen Telephone: +61 433 666 505 Email: [email protected] Web Address: