Energy Innovator Awards 2019

40 Corporate Vision - Energy Innovator Awards 2019 , Finding the right oil and gas land can be tricky in its own right, but getting the best possible deal for that land and acquiring it can be evenmore so. Headquartered in downtown Tulsa, Oklahoma, with offices strategically located across Texas and the Rockies, Paladin Land Group are the brokerage firm that energy companies need. We discover more about their award-winning success in a profile the firm. Best Oil & Gas Land Brokerage - Texas interest, mineral acquisitions, and geographic information system mapping, to ensure that everything that can be learned about an area, is learned. Specialising in both static and interactive GIS mapping, PLG can produce activity and geological maps to help keep clients fully in the know about what is happening with their land. Unique to the firm, “Land Grab” operates as a fully customisable and interactive web viewer which allows clients to view their GIS maps as they are integrated into their existing acquisition and development tracking process. A truly helpful and powerful tool, “Land Grab” enables clients to see their position evolve on a daily basis, along with up-to-date well and production data, geological data, and almost anything else. Employing only the finest, most experienced, and highly-capable personnel, PLG makes sure that its workers have a superior work A full-spectrum energy land services company, PLG is a powerhouse that services both the upstream and mid-stream sectors of the industry, delivering success to its clients since 2013. The firm is made up of a group of highly-experienced and professional gas and oil landmen who operate with extremely high levels of expertise, intelligence, and due diligence in ensuring that land is acquired safely, securely and at competitive rates. Fully-staffed, highly experienced, and well-equipped to deal with any issues that come their way, the team at PLG are the best at what they do. Able to work in almost any basin in the continental United States, the firm can support clients with title, acquisitions, due diligence, regulatory, and legal services issues, helping them find the best solutions. As well as the wealth of existing title and abstracting services that the firm offer, it specialises in leasehold, working Paladin Land Group LLC: Sep19574 ethic and proven ability in everything they do. The entire team at the firm is made up of field, title, and regulatory landmen, lease buyers, right-of-way agents, land technicians, imagers, and title and commission attorneys to handle regulatory filing and title opinions. Bringing them all together into one firm presents clients with everything they need to ensure that their oil and gas land is compliant and safe. In order to ensure that all geological data is completely accurate and delivered correctly, the firm has an expert team of geologists, geophysicists, and engineers on retainer. This crack team of professionals within their respective fields are on hand to help PLG with the delivery of their upstream land and strategy consulting services, ensuring that no-one misses a trick and everything goes smoothly. More than just offering excellent services within an existing industry, PLG are innovating the ways that those services are offered. Bringing together a vast breadth of talent across a myriad of sectors and industries to ensure that the client gets the very best service possible, the team at Paladin are shining a light on the extraordinary possibility of innovative collaboration in securing oil and gas land. Company: Paladin Land Group LLC Contact: J.M. Bradshaw Website: