Energy Innovator Awards 2019

Corporate Vision - Energy Innovator Awards 2019 41 , Progressive Energy Partners Limited (PEP) is a specialist oil and gas consultancy firm, providing advice and hands on support to operators in the upstreamoil and gas industry. Recognised as one of the best oil and gas management consultancies in the UK for 2019, we discoveredmore about the firmwhenwe spoke toManaging Director, Charles Bensonwho revealed the secrets behind PEP’s exceptional success. Best Oil & Gas Management Consultancy 2019 - UK timing remains on target against the specific objectives set.” Over the years, PEP’s primary unique selling point has been the calibre of its people and the cost to value ratio they are able to deliver. When discussing the factors which enable the firm to stand out amongst their competitors, Charles is keen to highlight how the team are able to work as efficiently as possible to exceed expectations. “Given we operate as an association, the company does not carry the full cost on its payroll, to do so with individuals like we have would quite simply be cost prohibitive. No company exists that we are aware of that works this way in our sector, and those that might claim to offer something similar, do so with talent that has a fraction of the experience and industry seniority compared to the talent we offer.” Ultimately, the future for PEP remains positive. Remaining hungry for growth, the team at PEP continue to have a strong desire to deliver a personalised service for each client. Signing off, Charles reflects on how Since their inception, PEP’s core business has centred around well technology, flow assurance, separation, integrity and water management; from reservoir to refinery, inside the pipe. Today, the firm has a diverse range of services, but their main offerings include point in time audit of a clients’ operation, primarily related to production chemistry, in addition to providing management of the PC function through remote follow up, performance reporting and hands on in-field service. The firm also performs threat assessments for new field developments or acquisitions ahead of final investment decisions. More than anything, PEP remain focused on their goal to, always, add value to their clients’ business by working with intelligence, impartiality and the highest ethics and code of conduct to go above and beyond for those they serve. The firm are able to achieve this level of service by taking great care around who may join the association; they must be like minded, where there is no room for second best, something PEP never compromise on. Going into further detail, Charles begins by informing us of the firm’s approach to working with clients, and how the team are able to ensure that they deliver on the promises they set. “To PEP, client service means always delivering on our promise and endeavouring to exceed every expectation. Reputation is hard fought and takes years to build but can be lost in a moment. To maintain these standards, we ensure that the team all share the same values and have the skills to deliver. All work is managed centrally and reviewed at each stage to ensure the Progressive Energy Partners Limited: Oct19292 the firm’s initial beliefs have stayed with the company, and how the team at PEP continue to build on the countless accomplishments they have achieved so far, as well as where they hope to be in the future. “From the outset we said we would never sell product. This might change moving forward, but never for a product that falls within the boundaries of our core advisory service, namely chemicals, that would simply not fit with one of our core values; impartiality. “As we are finding to maximise value there is a need to perform ever more in-field analyses. However, some of the facilities are not adequate for this need, thus we are working closely with key partners to bring mobile laboratories to our clients in order to facilitate the process. As a result, this could represent a new line in our offering on a rent or buy basis.” Contact: Charles W. Benson Company: Progressive Energy Partners Limited Telephone: +44 (20) 32396901 Web Address: