Energy Innovator Awards 2019

44 Corporate Vision - Energy Innovator Awards 2019 , As the provision of renewable solutions becomes more urgent, companies offering solutions to the growing demand have become more commonplace. With proven experience of providing solar plant technology over a long period of time, Rooftop Energy are giving businesses a sustainable solutionwithout the need for investment on their part. To find out more about this innovative way of approaching renewable solutions, we took a closer look at this award-winning company. Best Bespoke Solar PV Installations Company - Netherlands businesses and has led to many high-profile organisations, such as Akzo Nobel and the Municipality of The Hague, working with Rooftop Energy to provide a sustainable solution. The length of these projects can vary immensely, with long-term relations with clients being the norm. Some extend up to fifteen years, to ensure the quality of what has been installed is maintained. This level of commitment from a company means that a high-quality of customer service must be maintained for future relations. Rooftop Energy’s ambition is not to provide the lowest costs, but the highest value for money for its customers. This is why even though roof solar panelling is the most popular option, depending on the sustainable energy assets available, heat pumps or windmills could also be utilised. An example of this high-value approach is the use of parking space canopies, which, once panelled, can provide energy, comfort and e-charging, to name but a few benefits. Operating out of the Netherlands, Rooftop Energy provides a special solution to businesses that want to respond to the present climate crisis. Proving the option to install solar panels on the roofs of businesses, with no need for investment and the guarantee of a trusted solar plant installer, Rooftop Energy has created a solution that satisfies any firm that their installation is in the best hands. With over 175 customers, Rooftop Energy has grown year on year. The benefits of fitting solar panels are incredibly low-risk for businesses. Provided with a 3000m² roof space, Rooftop Energy will design, finance, install and maintain their high- quality solar panels. For the business, the result is lower operating costs, as Rooftop Energy pay roof rent for the solar panels. The business also receives promotional returns as solar panelling visibly shows a company’s commitment to fighting climate change. Achieving, promotional, financial and social returns is a great incentive for Rooftop Energy: Oct19366 As the market expands, it also means that Rooftop Energy must expand too. Doubling in size year on year has proven to be the best sort of challenge. The organisation is constantly in flux, reinventing its organisational skills while maintaining those high-quality service levels. This hard work has been rewarded by the certification of Rooftop Energy with the ISO 9001 qualification, providing a stamp of authenticity to its endeavours. Growing at such a rate has meant a rise to 25 specialists in the area of solar management, setting the company up for even more projects. An advantage to the operations of Rooftop Energy is its fully integrated systems. Stretching across the construction and asset management processes, one IT backbone provides the whole organisation with consistent information. It’s clear that the cost of renewable energy has dropped dramatically in the past few years, and Rooftop Energy is at the front of the global energy wave about to sweep the Netherlands. As the costs drop, and the demand rises, Rooftop Energy will be able to engage with unprecedented growth in the market. Having already achieved so much in the industry of renewable energy sources, we can’t wait to see what they come up with next. Contact: Leendert Florusse Company: Rooftop Energy Web Address: Telephone: 0031103613110