Energy Innovator Awards 2019

Corporate Vision - Energy Innovator Awards 2019 43 , Offering the complete package to the customer, Holliday Process Solutions are simply the ones to watchwhen it comes to complete systems integration. Having been around for 14 years, we profiled their company to find out more about their honed expertise and leading services. Best Energy Industry Systems Integrator - USA contacts. There are three stages of quality control to ensure a well-functioning system and the excellent vendor relationships earned over 14 years of trading mean that competitive pricing and on-time shipments can be passed to the customer. The result of this process is hopefully the most efficient package, based on location, keeping in mind the customer needs and comfort level. Applying a combination of customer-centric and issue-centric philosophy’s to challenges allows HPS to get into the mindset of the client and consider what solution will solve a problem in the most efficient way. Inspiring a culture that is dependent on working as a team to achieve goals allows the customer to trust in the work of the company. The future of HPS, currently, can be defined by growth. Ultimately, new and larger opportunities are arising from a loyal customer base, while new customers discover what HPS has to offer and utilize their services too. Moving forward, HPS is looking towards more complex automation, Located in Houston, Texas, Holliday Process Solutions integrates systems for various industries that include Remote Natural Gas Metering Stations, Chemical & Petrochemical facilities, Water Waste Water, Food Processing and Refineries. They pride themselves on being able to provide a service of higher quality than other companies, with engineers and field technicians appreciating the fact they can trust HPS to deliver a solution that is reliable and safe. The process of making the finest systems begins in the lab. Before anything is sent out into the field, a simulated load ensures that once fitted, it won’t fail. HPS prides itself on getting things right first time. Many of the systems they provide are in remote areas of North America and failure in those areas would be very expensive to repair if failure occurs. Equally, the systems can take on a number of different appearances, as each is designed to solve a specific application. Providing solar, wind and fuel-cell based technology, the utilisation of this turnkey solution is a decision based on the process that HPS goes through with the customer. HPS takes its customers through the whole process from design to finished product. This care and attention to detail really allows the customer to retain ownership of a project. Through every stage, highly skilled people from each division offer advice, guidance and input with excellent transitions between them so that knowledge isn’t dropped between Holliday Process Solutions, LLC: Oct19020 with new technology opportunities and green opportunities. This latter is a recent development and have required developing new partnerships to support and help solve energy needs that customers require. This complimentary way of working goes back to the birth of the company. Vendor relationships that have been built up mean that HPS remains plugged-in to the state of integration technology. The main aim is to staff the company to support these changes and challenges as and when they occur. The future looks bright for Holliday Process Solutions, with their dedication to high-quality installations and equipment paying them back with loyal, repeat customers. Their forward-thinking approach means that they can’t be shocked by future developments, actively anticipating needs and looking for the best solution for their customers. Contact: Scott Holliday Company: Holliday Process Solutions, LLC Email: [email protected]