Energy Innovator Awards 2019

46 Corporate Vision - Energy Innovator Awards 2019 , With the world’s attention pulled inmany different directions regarding environmental protection, it can often be hard to remember the need for a responsible waste management solution. Founded in 2007, Responsible Energy Inc. (REInc) is a Canadian Corporation that is seeking to bring tomarket a better way of disposing non-recyclables. We take a closer look at the firm to learnmore about its remarkable innovation and continued success. Most Innovative Waste Destruction Solution 2019 liquid waste. The only thing left to do was ensure scalability and consistency in levels of production for the high-energy syngas. Similar to plasma torch gasification, REInc’s muti-patented technology uses incredibly hot temperatures. That is where the similarities end however. With the FRG™ system, all the generated heat and energy is focused on the conversion of waste into a high-energy syngas that is rich in hydrogen. The FRG™ system boasts several unique advantages over its competition, including the fact that it meets any and all environmental regulations across any jurisdiction in the world. With a modular design, any site can benefit from the implementation of REInc’s innovative waste conversion system. Able to be up and running at maximum capacity within just nine months, there is no reason to wait. What’s more is that the FRG™ system is able to produce more energy than is required to operate it, meaning the excess can be converted into electricity or renewable natural gas and sold back to the grid or network for profit. REInc’s FRG™ technology now offers exciting innovation to an industry that still does not have a viable, widespread, long-term solution for climate protection. Taking waste and converting it into valuable energy sources such as electricity or renewable natural gas can competitively protect the environment at the same time. Waste destruction remains as dangerous to the planet as ever, but this firm’s offering replaces the most hazardous methods of waste disposal known to man. For non-recyclable waste, there are only a few ways of disposal that are friendly to the environment and protective of the planet. Burning, burying and inground injecting are simply not viable solutions to what is a massive global problem. That was the conclusion reached by founder, President and CEO of REInc, Gordon Fraser. His deep-rooted belief that there had to be a better way to manage waste led to him founding the firm over twelve years ago. Now, REInc is becoming a beacon to the world that there is a better way of handling non-recyclable waste, and more sectors should be involved. A global problem often requires a global solution. In the first few years of REInc’s operation, the team focused on analysing waste destruction technologies from across the world. During the study and analysis, gasification stood out as a key performer in regard to the environment. Whilst it proved to be an encouraging start, it failed to come close to being economical. A number of the processes required waste to be sorted before undergoing a dedicated, intensive energy enrichment stage that would produce a usable synthesis gas, or syngas. Taking this knowledge, Gordon and his team at REInc began to develop a sustainable solution. Drawing on everything that the team had researched, it rapidly evolved to become what is today known as REInc’s Free Radical Gasification (FRG™) modular system. The earliest prototypes of the FRG™ system reactor were able to successfully create a high-energy syngas from both solid and Responsible Energy Inc. (REInc): Oct19142 In offering a solution that is not just effective environmentally, but socially and financially too, REInc truly has created ‘The Ultimate Waste Destruction Solution’. With FRG™ systems ready to go and able to demonstrate their worth to the global economy, Gordon and his team have created a product that is a pioneer in the advanced thermal waste to energy industry. Long-term climate protection solutions can be a rarity within the waste management industry, but REInc has brought it to the forefront in outstanding fashion. Where standard methods have been proven to be devastating for the environment and the planet as a whole, the energy innovation on offer with the FRG™ system is nothing short of spectacular and a beacon for what innovation should look like. Company: Responsible Energy Inc. (REInc) Contact: Gordon Fraser Website: