Energy Innovator Awards 2019

Corporate Vision - Energy Innovator Awards 2019 47 , With the global focus squarely on the energymarkets and how the world can be more sustainable and renewable, companies are looking for ways to become more “green”. Offering those sustainable and “green” solutions to the oilfield, agriculture and industrial sectors of energy, Ener-Corr Solutions is a consulting firm, created in April 2010. Now approaching its tenth year of operation, we uncover the secrets behind their award-winning success. Best Oil & Gas Green Energy Consultancy 2019 - USA for clients to take advantage of, the planet is crying out for more companies to utilise the work being done by this firm. In order to ensure that its solutions are at the forefront of industry development and truly benefitting the environments they are implemented in, Ener-Corr actively work hand- in-hand with scientists and agronomists across the United States. This collaborative effort has seen the development of quality, value-added products for the agriculture industry, as well as commitments to provide cost-effective solutions for oilfields, farms, ranches and other establishments within the industry. The solutions that Ener-Corr have developed alongside some of the nation’s top scientists and agronomists put the care at the heart of the environmental work it offers. Where deep well injection disposal methods may be cripplingly expensive, the firm have worked hard to develop cost-effective alternatives that abide by compliance legislation and regulations. No company or individuals likes paying fines, so why take the risk? Instead, Ener-Corr’s initiatives help clients avoid those nasty, unwanted surprises. More than simply offering solutions however, Ener-Corr know that some businesses may require convincing of the benefits, or Protecting the planet is long past being necessary. It has become mandatory for every person to do their bit in helping save the planet. Now is the time to do something in helping preserve the environments of Earth, and Ener-Corr is doing everything it can to help energy companies join in the fight against climate change. Supplying the best innovative technologies and green energy consultancy across North America, the firm are focused on remedying contaminated soil and water across many industries. Employing truly environment-centric innovation, the firm believe it is its duty – and that of everyone else living in the world today – to clean up the Earth’s natural resources and leave the planet in a suitable state for generations to come. Ener-Corr’s innovative technology and consultancy work are helping ensure that oil fields and more are as clean and safe as they can possibly be. Just a handful of the many environmental engineering solutions that Ener-Corr offer include agricultural and municipal wastewater treatment, hazardous materials management, advanced oil recovery methods, and oilfield- produced brine water disposal and recycling. With so many more solutions and offerings Ener-Corr Solutions: Oct19586 a consultant to help navigate the maze of new industry jargon. That’s why the firm ensure that its technology teams help remediate contaminated soil and water, whilst also always being available to answer any questions and offer complimentary consultations about existing contamination levels at all manner of facilities. Looking to keep protecting the future as much as it possibly can, Ener-Corr have a number of exciting projects lined up for 2020 and beyond that are directly related to resolving many of the environmental issues surrounding contaminated soil and water. Alongside expansion of its existing services, the firm is also focused on remediating coal ash, as well as working on a number of solutions to algae-based issues that plague the United States’ rivers, creeks, ponds, lakes, streams and ocean beaches. Beyond any doubt, now is the time to step up the fight against climate change and ensure that every environment is well and truly protected to the best of the world’s collective ability. Bringing together some of the finest scientific minds involved in agriculture and clean energy, Ener-Corr is spearheading the charge to ensure that soil and water are contaminant-free and contributing towards a healthier world. Company: Ener-Corr Solutions Contact: Ardie Rah Website: